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College Leftists now claim the New Zealand attack means NOBODY can ever criticize Muslims ever again, including Chelsea Clinton (NewsTarget) - 3 Hours Ago

What are they trying to hide? Out of all the violent videos on the 'net, possessing the NZ mosque shooting video can now get you 10 years in prison (NewsTarget) - 3 Hours Ago

How the media distorts the New Zealand shooting to protect radical Muslim jihadis while demonizing white people (NewsTarget) - 11 Hours Ago

Shotgun myths that a lot of preppers still believe (but can get you killed) (NewsTarget) - 26 Hours Ago

California parents demand that radiation-emitting cell phone tower be removed from elementary school property after four students, three teachers develop cancer (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

So corrupt: Clinton lawyers, DoJ, made deal to block the FBI’s access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

People are now getting high off of medications prescribed to their pets (NewsTarget) - 39 Hours Ago

Conservative? Hardly. New Zealand mass shooter is a far-Left "eco-fascist" who praised communist China (NewsTarget) - 60 Hours Ago

Parents of non-vaccinated children denied the right to attend school as left-wing judge orders them to stay home during outbreak carried by VACCINATED children (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

Dangerous malware discovered that could bring down the power grid (NewsTarget) - 71 Hours Ago

Hollywood elitist college entrance scam proves everything the Left touches, it destroys: How much longer will our country survive? (NewsTarget) - 74 Hours Ago

Prepping 101: Tips for building an emergency food supply (NewsTarget) - 78 Hours Ago

Study: Curcumin, a polyphenol in turmeric, can selectively target cancer stem cells (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Beyond eviscerating the entire transportation industry and collapsing agriculture, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now wants to shut down BANKS, too (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Fully automated rail network hailed as the world's "largest robot" launches in Australia (NewsTarget) - 93 Hours Ago

Medical fascism: Leftist publishers urging doctors to push gun control onto patients (NewsTarget)

RoboWaiter will replace human waiters with automation... and it doesn't complain about wages or work conditions (NewsTarget)

Medical TYRANNY: Cops raid cancer patient's hospital room because he was using cannabis oil to successfully treat cancer symptoms (NewsTarget)

Don't drink the water: The dark side of water fluoridation (NewsTarget)

Home remedies for toothaches (NewsTarget)

Left-wing elite privilege? FBI arrests dozens of elitists, including Hollywood actresses, in college admissions scandal (NewsTarget)

Not all survival foods are equally good: Here are foods you should consider for when it all hits the fan (NewsTarget)

Game theory can significantly improve human-robot interaction, say researchers (NewsTarget)

Leftist logic: Russia shouldn’t interfere in our elections, but let's let all illegal immigrants vote (NewsTarget)

What's UHVDC? It's the future of power, that's what (NewsTarget)

Devin Nunes says “criminal referrals” coming at appropriate time “for many crimes” surrounding Spygate coup attempt against POTUS Trump (NewsTarget) - 3 Hours Ago

Spooky Google Home now recognizes your specific voice from unique voice patterns, enabling it to track which person is talking to it (NewsTarget) - 8 Hours Ago

Are Planned Parenthood aborted babies being used to make chicken pox vaccines? (NewsTarget) - 14 Hours Ago

Prepping tips and tricks: How to make a bug-out bag on a budget (NewsTarget) - 26 Hours Ago

Anti-gun nuts would rather see the New Zealand massacre DOUBLED in size, than watch a would-be victim defend the innocent with a handgun (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

Tips on how to not stand out once SHTF (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

Cranberries improve oral health, study concludes (NewsTarget) - 39 Hours Ago

Global warming a total "hoax and scam" run by corrupt scientists, warns Greenpeace co-founder (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

PROOF that gun control whackos espouse gun violence against Americans: Threat to mass murder lawmakers, NRA members caught on camera (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

Twitter hosted violent hate rants and photos of New Zealand mass shooter who live-streamed the killing of Muslim churchgoers (NewsTarget) - 73 Hours Ago

The wicked, demonic assault on one Christian baker has been halted, but the next wave of anti-Christian left-wing demons is about to be unleashed (NewsTarget) - 74 Hours Ago

Homesteading done right: Chicken droppings composting guide (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

Democrats finally reveal their true agenda: Giving illegals the “right” to vote proves the party cares more about them than you (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Weaker in space: Long-duration spaceflight linked to smaller spinal muscles in astronauts, warns study (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Researchers say twisted light can be used to carry large amounts of data (NewsTarget)

Judicial Watch says new evidence exposes “shady deal” offered between FBI, State Department to protect Hillary from email scandal (NewsTarget)

Why sprouts are the ultimate prepper food for cost-effective nutrition (NewsTarget)

Autistic teen shot by cops; good cop who refused to cover it up now threatened by the city of Chicago (NewsTarget)

Engineers develop revolutionary technology that uses solar energy to turn seawater into potable water (NewsTarget)

In two decades half of all jobs predicted to be lost to automation (NewsTarget)

Vatican approves use of chemical castration drug in latest sign that Pope Francis is an agent for Lucifer (NewsTarget)

Greenpeace co-founder echoes Health Ranger warning: AOC's Green New Deal is deadly, "Half the population will die" (NewsTarget)

Scientists develop a self-cleaning spacesuit that can get rid of hyper-abrasive space dust (NewsTarget)

WSJ Editorial Board has some bad news for Nadler and his hunt for "obstruction" (NewsTarget)

How to make a healing essential oil remedy for minor cuts and scrapes (NewsTarget)

Democrats are waging a financial civil war in America, targeting banks that fund pro-liberty projects that Leftists don't like (NewsTarget) - 3 Hours Ago

CLAIM: Google is aiding the Communist Chinese military in asserting global domination and the defeat of America (NewsTarget) - 11 Hours Ago

The dark history of Monsanto explained (NewsTarget) - 14 Hours Ago

NASA spacecraft finds a 'snowman' in outer space (NewsTarget) - 32 Hours Ago

Fake news media, Democrats lay blame for New Zealand shootings at POTUS Trump's feet but THEY are the ones spreading hate, division (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

Could virtual reality be the new classroom? Researchers are looking at ways the technology could be used for education (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

Brazilian Peppertree found to disarm deadly MRSA bacteria (NewsTarget) - 39 Hours Ago

More proof that vaccines are bad for you: Getting vaccinated makes you MORE likely to infect others (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

Arkansas reinstates Hillary’s revoked law license; setting stage for Clinton as attorney general or Supreme Court (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

How many people will have to DIE for AOC to complete her "Green New Deal?" (NewsTarget) - 73 Hours Ago

Trump may designate Mexican cartels as “terrorist” organizations: Will “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. be aiding and abetting terrorism? (NewsTarget) - 74 Hours Ago

Are endocrine disruptors the reason boys are being feminized? (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

Tylenol may cause neurological damage in children, warn researchers (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Insane Video! Democratic Socialism in AOC’s own words: We don’t want to take over every form of production – we just want to tell every workplace how to operate (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Natural News puts out the call to law firms for a billion dollar class action lawsuit against Twitter - here's the winning legal strategy to end censorship tyranny (NewsTarget)

GOP senator blasts Google over lies about consumer privacy: “There’s NO way to really turn off tracking services” (NewsTarget)

Here's an easy way to make charcoal and biochar for your homestead (NewsTarget)

Why the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is strongly opposed to mandatory vaccines (NewsTarget)

Buy guns while you can: Hawaii Senate calls for repeal of the Second Amendment and the criminalization of private gun ownership (NewsTarget)

CLAIM: Kylie Cosmetics products are a stew of toxic ingredients including artificial colors and synthetic chemicals (NewsTarget)

Trump makes it official, calls out BIG TECH for colluding with Democrats to silence conservatives and steal elections (NewsTarget)

Why the vaccine industry REFUSES to conduct clinical trials using a genuine placebo control group (NewsTarget)

Oral-B Glide dental floss contains TOXIC PFAS chemicals, warn researchers (NewsTarget)

Red Alert: Democrats are trying to undo the American Revolution - 'Big Tech' going all-in to steal 2020 election for Globalists as the left's dark agenda comes in to clear focus (NewsTarget)

Censored media: Image-sharing site Pinterest begins BLOCKING tags about vaccine safety (NewsTarget)

STUPID COPS: French police officers play "gun drawing game" on each other; female officer shot dead by her partner, who apparently had the faster draw (NewsTarget) - 3 Hours Ago

All the religious massacres you didn't hear about over the past year have one thing in common... Christians were killed instead of Muslims (NewsTarget) - 11 Hours Ago

Woman awarded $29 million in Johnson & Johnson baby powder cancer case (NewsTarget) - 14 Hours Ago

Essential oils that deserve a place in your First Aid kit (NewsTarget) - 32 Hours Ago

Pharma concoction goes awry: Man's medication nearly kills woman who gave him oral sex (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

It's time to stop grilling: 7 Health risks of consuming hot dogs (NewsTarget) - 37 Hours Ago

Prepper mindset: The daily habits true preppers follow (NewsTarget) - 56 Hours Ago

Kylie Cosmetics products are made with oxybenzone, a chemical with high reproductive toxicity and immunotoxicity... clueless youth think it makes them look beautiful (NewsTarget) - 61 Hours Ago

Gun suggestions for preppers who don't like firearms (NewsTarget) - 69 Hours Ago

Amazon exposed as an extension of the CIA deep state (NewsTarget) - 74 Hours Ago

The latest 3D printer technology is 10 times faster than commercial counterparts, opening up new possibilities across many industries (NewsTarget) - 78 Hours Ago

Measles being spread by VACCINATED children, research confirms (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Amazon warehouse workers attempt to commit suicide on the job due to atrocious "slave-like" work conditions (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Save money by growing peppers year round inside your house (NewsTarget) - 92 Hours Ago

BOMBSHELL: Did Wise food company just turn over its entire list of emergency food customers to the U.S. government? (NewsTarget)

"Tech neck": What is it and how can you prevent it? (NewsTarget)

Organic, glyphosate-tested Wheat Grass Powder now available at the Health Ranger Store (see the lab video) (NewsTarget)

FACT CHECK: It turns out there are almost certainly half a BILLION firearms in the hands of Americans right now... and Dems want to somehow confiscate them all (NewsTarget)

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Puppet: The brains behind AOC (NewsTarget)

Microplastics are invading our farm lands, and researchers say the problem is even bigger than they first believed (NewsTarget)

Introducing a plane that flies with NO moving parts at all, by generating its own ionic wind (NewsTarget)

Girl Scouts now celebrating young girls who push abortion, oblivious to the fact that HALF of all abortions are baby girls (NewsTarget)

Health Ranger talks food and natural health freedom with NewsmaxTV host Wayne Allen Root (NewsTarget)

Does cosmic rain explain climate change? Cosmic rays “rain down” through the atmosphere, influencing the weather (NewsTarget)

Survival strength: Here's why every prepper needs to be physically fit before SHTF (NewsTarget)