Pollution News

New study finds that 100 PERCENT of sea turtles have plastics in their bellies (Pollution) - 61 Hours Ago

We're STILL haunted by DDT – new study says it causes autism (Pollution)

Study reveals that pesticides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease (Pollution)

Are organized clean-ups really saving the world's beaches? (Pollution)

EPA giving oil companies the OK to dump fracking chemicals into Gulf of Mexico (Pollution)

Novel chemistry method paves the way for large-scale production of bioplastic bottles (Pollution)

Biologists: Pesticide regulations designed to protect bees are failing (Pollution)

It takes just 6 hours for billions of nanoplastics to accumulate in marine organisms (Pollution)

Fracking found to worsen air pollution, increasing respiratory disease (Pollution)

Did you know? Cows are the ultimate food recyclers and can help curb herbicide use (Pollution)

New material made from recycled plastic bottles could help reduce water pollution (Pollution)

Glyphosate exposure found to hike non-Hodgkin lymphoma risk by 41% ... and this deadly weed killer chemical inundates our food supply (Pollution)

Have researchers found a new way to clean contaminated water through an electrochemical process? (Pollution)

Solar panels made with the heavy metal lead may soon be able to use "green" element BISMUTH instead (Pollution)

"Determined" French farmer who became disabled following exposure to Monsanto's "Lasso" weedkiller now suing chemical giant (Pollution)

InPower Movement is helping everyday folks combat smart meters, "mandatory" vaccination, 5G and more (Pollution)

Freezing pollution before it enters homes removes 99 percent of fumes, scientists say (Pollution)

Air pollution has gone from environmental concern to public health threat; authorities are calling for tighter standards (Pollution)

Purple phototrophic bacteria being studied as a potential means to convert sewage to clean energy (Pollution)

The world's most evil chemical promoters and food POLLUTERS all exposed at one website (Pollution)

BPA replacement chemicals found to disrupt hormones much like BPA (Pollution)

Researchers create wood sponges that can absorb oil from water (Pollution)

Living in polluted cities found to cause DNA damage that leads to shortened life spans (Pollution)

Particle-forming sulfur dioxide is the most damaging pollutant from coal-fired power plants, concludes study (Pollution)

12 reasons why even a low level of glyphosate exposure is unsafe (Pollution)

Study: Air pollution allows bacteria to thrive in the respiratory track (Pollution) - 70 Hours Ago

Don't drink the water: The dark side of water fluoridation (Pollution)

Lead and cadmium can contaminate your beverages from microwave-heated ceramic cups, reveals study (Pollution)

Is there arsenic in your water? Exposure from private wells may be significant (Pollution)

Homes are laden with chemicals that are increasing your risk of CANCER (Pollution)

Deadly link: Cell phone radiation and dental amalgams may be damaging your health (Pollution)

How the environment may be promoting cancer (and how you can reduce these effects) (Pollution)

Researchers build a robotic platform to observe the effects of neonicotinoids on bee behavior (Pollution)

Good for the environment, bad for your health? Underground transit systems offer poor ventilation, increasing concentration of cancer-causing agents in the air (Pollution)

An entire class of agricultural pesticides found to damage the brains of children... IQ scores falling nationwide (Pollution)

Exposure to phthalate plasticizer chemicals found to increase allergies in children (Pollution)

"BPA-free" products are not necessarily safer - what you need to know about these supposed "healthier" alternatives (Pollution)

Sea level data ALTERED by scientists to create false impression of rising oceans (Pollution)

New excuse for bad behavior: Researchers suggest that teens behaving badly could be victims of brain damage due to air pollution (Pollution)

Study finds exposure to air pollution just before or after conception raises the risk of birth defects such as cleft palate or abnormal heart formation (Pollution)

Water filter glyphosate removal lab test results released by Natural News - see the full video here (Pollution)

Outdoor air pollution linked to an increase in emergency room visits for respiratory and cardiovascular diseases (Pollution)

Important facts that you need to know about EMF and electro-sensitivity (Pollution)

More than 10 million Texans are drinking water contaminated with atrazine, a toxic herbicide with gender bender effects (Pollution)

Toxic preservative? Sea salts are not as sterile as previously thought; mold contamination could potentially spoil food (Pollution)

Does sunlight offer a natural way to kill indoor bacteria? (Pollution)

WHO: 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe polluted air (Pollution)

WasteShark, a garbage-eating drone, now deployed in Dubai after successful tests in the Netherlands (Pollution)

Recent study concludes that even low levels of arsenic can cause kidney disease (Pollution)

Next generation of green cement to be made from CARROTS (Pollution)

Protect yourself from big city air pollution by taking these essential vitamins (Pollution) - 79 Hours Ago

Microplastics are invading our farm lands, and researchers say the problem is even bigger than they first believed (Pollution)

Cell phone manufacturers desperately trying to hide deadly radiation risk from consumers (Pollution)

Harmful trace metal emissions from human activity now exceed all natural sources combined, contributing to air pollution, health dangers (Pollution)

Handheld electronic devices found to be a potential source of toxic chemicals (Pollution)

Bisphenol S found to trigger the formation of fat cells in our bodies (Pollution)

Green New STUPID: Liberal U.S. cities now just burning recyclables because no one wants to accept the raw material (Pollution)

Confirmed: BPA alters hormones and increases risk of obesity in children (Pollution)

Insecticide exposure can increase the likelihood of children getting cancer by 50% (Pollution)

Uranium mining has dramatically increased the rates of cardiovascular and metabolic disease among those living close to the mines (Pollution)

Children exposed to air pollution on their way to school have stunted cognitive development and memory problems, study finds (Pollution)

Fracking is responsible for the earthquakes in Oklahoma; they are triggered by the injection of wastewater deep into the ground (Pollution)

Efficient and eco-friendly: Growers are using discarded coffee straw as mulch to great benefit (Pollution)

As global insect population plunges toward total ecological collapse, the corporate-run media still censors the truth about GMOs and pesticides (Pollution)

Recent analysis finds that atrazine is contaminating the drinking water in corn-growing areas of the Midwest and beyond (Pollution)

New research examines the potential damage that crude oil exports will inflict on salmon populations in Canada (Pollution)

Is exposure to lead a risk for arthritis? Study finds correlation between lead in the blood and knee osteoarthritis (Pollution)

Deepwater Horizon oil spill's effects are still being seen: Atlantic stingrays found to have significantly impaired olfactory functions (Pollution)

Plastic trash polluting our oceans is expected to double by 2025…what is being done to stop this global crisis? (Pollution)

Air pollution is so depressing: New study shows high levels of particulates impact mental health (Pollution)

New study shows cities have double the carbon footprint previously thought; one from within their borders, and an equally sized one from supply chains (Pollution)

New study finds that 1/3 of fish in two freshwater estuaries in the UK have ingested plastics (Pollution)

Acute health effects of air pollution in China: Study finds link between carbon monoxide and death from cardiovascular disease (Pollution)

Fish living downstream from wastewater treatment plants struggle to survive exposure to manmade contaminants, medications (Pollution)

Fracking gas wells linked to migraines, fatigue and chronic nasal problems... are people being mass poisoned by airborne chemicals? (Pollution)

Total corruption: Government regulators relied on industry-funded herbicide studies to declare glyphosate safe (Pollution) - 86 Hours Ago

Sunscreens may be harming fish embryos (Pollution)

Effortlessly eco-wash your laundry to save money and the environment (Pollution)

Total hypocrite Ocasio-Cortez outed for relying on combustion engine cars and vans while claiming fossil fuels are destroying the planet (Pollution)

It's time to look at soil health: Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides have taken an enormous toll, with long-term consequences (Pollution)

FAKE SCIENCE: Heat "records" heavily manipulated by dishonest climate change propagandists to try to push global warming lie (Pollution)

Fluoride exposure during pregnancy linked to increasing number of children with ADHD, says study (Pollution)

Ecologists warn that water-dwelling creatures are being inundated with antidepressants from human waste that gets flushed out to waterways (Pollution)

Scientists warn that the world's most unusual sharks and rays are on the "brink of extinction" (Pollution)

Neonicotinoid exposure makes bees less social, causing them to neglect their young… experts say this could stunt the growth of bee colonies (Pollution)

Are your spices safe to eat? Research finds high lead levels in spices bought from China, India and other countries (Pollution)

Toxic herbicides used during the Vietnam War are still causing cancer and reproductive disorders across generations, study finds (Pollution)

Chitosan: A more environmentally friendly food packaging material than plastic (Pollution)

Some of the most popular orange juice brands found to be contaminated with glyphosate weedkiller (Pollution)

ANALYSIS: How AOC's Green New Deal would unleash a catastrophic food collapse and Venezuela-style mass starvation across America (Pollution)

California not only has needles, trash and feces across its cities; the same filth is now appearing across SoCal beaches (Pollution)

China to build "solar roadways" with fully transparent concrete covering solar cells (Pollution)

School-aged children with cognitive dysfunction may have been exposed to air pollution while in the womb, according to new study (Pollution)

Government-funded studies PROVE that cellphone radiation has carcinogenic potential (Pollution)

Mike Adams / CWC Labs announces glyphosate lab testing of popular water filters... see exclusive video here (Pollution)

Children's Health Defense decries water fluoridation as a bad medical "experiment" on humanity that needs to end (Pollution)

Farmers are being lied to about the "amazing benefits" of toxic biosludge (Pollution)

Is "biosludge" responsible for causing more cancer? (Pollution)

Contaminated air in commercial aircraft is poisoning passengers and crew (Pollution)

Water filtration membranes can be made from vegetable oils, researchers find (Pollution)