Robots News

Fully automated rail network hailed as the world's "largest robot" launches in Australia (Robots) - 93 Hours Ago

MIT's cyborg houseplant robot blurs the line between robotics and nature (Robots)

Japanese researchers create a more expressive android child face (Robots)

MIT researchers develop new method that makes it possible to mass produce tiny robots no bigger than a cell (Robots)

New modular robotic arms being attached to submarines to give deep-sea researchers better dexterity (Robots)

Improved technology allows bipedal robots to maintain human-like balance (Robots)

Walmart unveils fleet of floor-mopping robots to replace human workers who keep complaining about wages (Robots)

Creepy "patient simulator" dolls look just like humans and can even bleed, urinate, and SCREAM (Robots)

No respect for the robot: Policing droid in San Francisco used to shoo away homeless people has been vandalized, incapacitated (Robots)

Surgical robot BOTCHES surgery, kills man on operating table while doctors sipped lattes (Robots)

Engineers develop metal tags that you can attach to common objects and turn them into "smart" devices (Robots)

"Demon" drone is a new unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a grenade launcher (Robots)

New project aims to improve human-robot interaction by developing a child-like android capable of speech (Robots)

Walt Disney wants to create humanoid "stuntbots" to replace actors in high-flying stunts (Robots)

British scientists design robotic fruit pickers to address worker shortage (Robots)

AI robot attends college, including a course about love (Robots)

DANGEROUS FUTURE: Artificial intelligence found to take on the mind of its creator (Robots)

Say hello to CIMON, the first AI robot to ever fly to space (Robots)

MIT engineers design new artificial synapse for "brain-on-a-chip" hardware solution for AI (Robots)

The modern-day bloodhound – a robot that can rapidly detect odors on the ground (Robots)

IBM Research debuts an experimental conversational AI that argues with you (Robots)

A.I. will cause more inequality in wealth and employment across the world - study (Robots)

AI robot can draw what you're thinking by reading your brain impulses (Robots)

Machine learning may already be expanding out of control, beyond the ability of humans to stop it, warn computer scientists (Robots)

Scientists create an electronic nose that can smell potential hazards such as spoiled food (Robots)

RoboWaiter will replace human waiters with automation... and it doesn't complain about wages or work conditions (Robots)

Edible robots being tested to deliver drugs into the stomach (Robots)

First wireless insect-size robot takes flight (Robots)

WasteShark, a garbage-eating drone, now deployed in Dubai after successful tests in the Netherlands (Robots)

Japanese researchers develop a prototype humanoid robot aimed at eventually replacing human laborers (Robots)

The world's most advanced sweet pepper harvesting robot has been developed (Robots)

Researchers develop an autonomous bat-like robot that uses echolocation to move through the environment (Robots)

Scientists are testing a "cyborg cockroach" for use in search-and-rescue missions (Robots)

Tomorrow's homes to be built by robots that will be maintained by human workers (Robots)

Coming soon: Mini robot grocery stores (Robots)

The future is now: Some Lowe's employees are wearing exoskeletons to work (Robots)

Future robots to be powered by POPCORN (Robots)

Meet Centauro, a small four-legged robot that researchers say will change disaster relief efforts (Robots)

New search-and-rescue robot able to climb over rough terrain and squeeze through tight spaces (Robots)

Two start-ups get Pentagon funding to build the first self-flying taxis (Robots)

Soft robot developed by Harvard researchers uses kirigami paper craft techniques to move, inspired by snakeskin (Robots)

Dangerous new identity precedents being set by AI; soon we won't know the difference between who's real or who's fake (Robots)

Meet DRAGON, a shape-shifting flying robot that moves like a snake and can squeeze through tight spaces (Robots)

Experts in soft robotics field create low-cost robots able to lift 200 times their weight and heal themselves (Robots)

Digital assistants could serve as your alter ego in 20 years’ time, say Microsoft execs in new book about A.I. (Robots)

Conversing with Fido? Scientists claim that AI may one day allow us to communicate with dogs via a “pet translator” (Robots)

Two-legged robot able to move over rugged terrain, just like the AT-AT walker in Star Wars (Robots)

Robot surgery putting patients at risk due to lack of training for doctors (Robots)

Innovative technology will allow dementia patients to live independently in their own homes (Robots)

A greener way to deliver: Drones save on transportation energy (Robots)

In two decades half of all jobs predicted to be lost to automation (Robots)

Japanese researchers develop a robotic suit that allows users to lift 30 kg loads with ease (Robots)

Norwegian scientists are working on modifying electric cars so that blind pedestrians can hear them approaching (Robots)

Asia's biggest listed restaurant chain now employing robots as chefs and waiters, with plans to expand overseas (Robots)

"Mochibot" is an omnidirectional robot that moves like an amoeba (Robots)

Next-gen robots inspired by lizards, potentially making them capable of traversing uneven terrain (Robots)

Researchers develop "smart trousers" – pants with artificial muscles for people with mobility problems (Robots)

Coming soon: Robot-piloted international cargo ships (Robots)

Defense robotics company introduces multi-role battlefield robot that can drag wounded soldiers off the field (Robots)

Robotic pets will soon have a new market – assisting seniors (Robots)

We no longer need your services: Three new LG robots go on the market THIS year to replace humans in jobs at airports, hotels, supermarkets (Robots)

New "smart" skin gives robots more sensitive tactile feeling than humans (Robots)

Chinese startup creates a robot plant holder that adjusts to its host's needs (Robots)

Future weapons: DARPA seeking innovative designs for insect-sized robots to compete in a series of tactical competitions (Robots)

Kroger plans on offering a same-day grocery delivery service that uses an autonomous vehicle (Robots)

Robot strawberry pickers better than humans? (Robots)

MIT researchers create a "blind" robot that can climb stairs and step over obstacles (Robots)

Startup company opens first restaurant that uses a transparent robot to serve the "world's freshest cheeseburger" (Robots)

Experts: Hackers can find out your personal info from your smartphone battery (Robots)

The rise of robot automation will DESTROY jobs among citizens and immigrants alike (Robots)

Japanese researchers develop robots that can "sweat" and perform human exercises (Robots)

New paddling submarine needs no engine or power supply (Robots)

Scary magnetic control system moves DNA-based robots in less than a second (Robots)

Engineers introduce an actuating material that radically changes the concept of motor-driven robots (Robots)

The rise of Terminator-like machines: Biohybrid robot made with muscles grown from hydrogel sheets (Robots)

AI expert warns that military robots could go off the rails and wipe out the very people they are supposed to protect (Robots)

Scientists develop an electronic glove that give robots a human-like sense of touch (Robots)

Modular robots that can perceive their surroundings make decisions for the first time (Robots)

Engineers develop small flying robots that can move objects 40x their weight (Robots)

Scary new AI can edit your face to accurately match dubbed voices (Robots)

Amazon warehouse robot pepper sprays 24 employees, sends them all to the hospital, one in critical condition (Robots)

New electronic skin gives robot the same tactile ability as humans (Robots)

Human-level intelligence to be matched by AI by the year 2029 (Robots)

Scientists create an autonomous robot that can hunt for lionfish that threaten coral reefs (Robots)

Looking into the future of robotics in the field of medical rehabilitation (Robots)

New fabrication process creates millimeter-sized soft robot that looks like a spider (Robots)

First-ever indoor autonomous surveillance drone revealed (Robots)

Study: Your torso is more intuitive and precise than a joystick for piloting drones (Robots)

Security threat? China is developing large unmanned submarines that can roam the world's oceans (Robots)

Former Google bigwig launches AI "church" that positions technology as GOD (Robots)

Study claims that we interact differently with various robots based on their physical characteristics (Robots)

Inspired by beavers: Researchers create an autonomous robot that can overcome uneven terrain (Robots)

They're taking over sports, too? New AI robot can shoot better than professional basketball players (Robots)

Futurist suggests merging our brains with AI to keep pace with their IQ growth, otherwise we may not survive (Robots)

Engineers create a type of e-skin that restores the sense of touch for amputees using prosthetics (Robots)

Industry experts express concern for the lack of ethics rules in place to protect privacy, free will as brain enhancement technology grows (Robots)

Computer scientists develop software that can look a few minutes into the future (Robots)

Researchers develop a blood drawing robot that provides rapid test results (Robots)

Two-wheeled car being tested in China is a mashup of a motorcycle, electric car, and space capsule (Robots)

Robot expert predicts the rise of a human-bot hybrid species in the next 100 years (Robots)