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Measles being spread by VACCINATED children, research confirms (Science) - 86 Hours Ago

High glycemic load linked to cerebral small vessel diseases (Science) - 92 Hours Ago

Researchers say twisted light can be used to carry large amounts of data (Science)

Bring down high cholesterol levels naturally (Science)

Engineers develop revolutionary technology that uses solar energy to turn seawater into potable water (Science)

"Sounds" like home: Baby coral choose their home using acoustics and low-frequency sound (Science)

Study suggests that eating peanuts instead of junk food can lead to better eating habits (Science)

Cranberries can reduce gingival inflammation (Science)

Game theory can significantly improve human-robot interaction, say researchers (Science)

What's UHVDC? It's the future of power, that's what (Science)

Are walnuts the key to increasing male fertility? (Science)

Athletes who want to boost their game are recommended to try beetroot (Science)

Researchers have developed a "medicated skin patch" that burns fat to treat metabolic disorders (Science)

Omega-3s found to help those suffering from PTSD (Science)

Good news for diabetics: Bishop's weed has beneficial effects on diabetic renal injury (Science)

Martian salad: Researchers conduct experiments to give astronauts access to fresh vegetables (Science)

FDA-approved specialty baby formulas don't work; previous studies were faulty or had conflicts of interest according to recent research (Science)

Omega-3s can improve depressive symptoms in older adults (Science)

Researchers have developed a safer alternative MRI contrast agent that clears more quickly, is less toxic than standard agents (Science)

Supplementing with resveratrol improves blood glucose level in people with Type 2 diabetes (Science)

Red sage protects against severe cerebrovascular disease (Science)

New non-destructive method helps experts measure salt content in concrete structures and prevent damage (Science)

Researchers develop a better device for measuring electromagnetic radiation (Science)

Genetic sequencing science breakthrough just proved that measles "outbreaks" are caused by the measles vaccine (Science)

Scientists discover immune-boosting LIGHT cytokine reduces colon cancer tumors (Science)

Total corruption: Government regulators relied on industry-funded herbicide studies to declare glyphosate safe (Science) - 86 Hours Ago

Obesity, diabetes, and liver health: Scientists explain the relationship that leads to insulin resistance (Science) - 93 Hours Ago

Skip the risky vaccines: New study shows prebiotics fight rotovirus (Science)

Reduce oxidative stress with regular astaxanthin intake (Science)

Oat extract can protect against alcohol-induced liver damage (Science)

In two decades half of all jobs predicted to be lost to automation (Science)

A species of hawthorn has been found to control abnormally high blood sugar levels (Science)

Roasted walnuts found to reduce the risk of colon cancer (Science)

Scientists develop a self-cleaning spacesuit that can get rid of hyper-abrasive space dust (Science)

Red ginseng is a natural cure for acne (Science)

Compounds in coffee found to fight off Parkinson's and Lewy body dementia (Science)

Study confirms the antifungal potential of a Brazilian plant species (Science)

Eating carotenoid-rich fruits and vegetables found to reduce symptoms of systemic inflammation (Science)

PHARMA CON JOB: Doctors are using Big Pharma-created "quiz" to diagnose people with mental illnesses (and put them on high-profit psych drugs) (Science)

Your hospitals dirty little secret may be found on their floors, where superbugs flourish (Science)

Just because a planet has oxygen, doesn't mean it has signs of life (Science)

Restoring soil biodiversity: Researchers find that letting the land rest between seasons increases microorganism activity, increases carbon uptake into the soil (Science)

Major vulnerabilities discovered in high-performance computer chips could lead to widespread failures (Science)

Understanding innate fears: Scientists study why snakes and spiders evoke a stress response, even in babies (Science)

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons denounces mandatory vaccines, citing "no rigorous safety studies" (Science)

Polyphenols contain powerful antimicrobial substances that prevent periodontal disease (Science)

Science FAIL: Scientists plan to use Alzheimer's neurological drugs to treat people with tooth decay (Science)

Rush for profits: Vaginal mesh devices were barely tested and doctors were NOT told how dangerous they could be (Science)

HPV vaccine narrative UNRAVELS in Japan as it's revealed the shot causes long-term pain – but Big Pharma says it's just "psychosomatic" (Science)

Drones can take birdwatching to the next level (Science)

Weaker in space: Long-duration spaceflight linked to smaller spinal muscles in astronauts, warns study (Science) - 86 Hours Ago

Food allergies or toxic buildup? Study finds that despite a recent increase in reported food allergies, no corresponding change in antibody levels have been found (Science) - 93 Hours Ago

We're STILL haunted by DDT – new study says it causes autism (Science)

Why the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is strongly opposed to mandatory vaccines (Science)

Understanding the role of vitamin E in age-related disorders of skeletal muscles (Science)

Could thyroid medication be the reason why more women are getting breast cancer? (Science)

Top 10 ways to naturally fight bronchitis (Science)

Greenpeace co-founder echoes Health Ranger warning: AOC's Green New Deal is deadly, "Half the population will die" (Science)

Scientists now understand why OMEGA-3s are good for your heart: They protect against DNA damage in the cells that line your blood vessels (Science)

Gua Sha therapy is highly beneficial for people with chronic lower back pain (Science)

The science is in: Acupuncture can help address treatment-resistant depression (Science)

Scientific review proves that coconut palm is the most naturally widespread medicinal fruit plant (Science)

Here's what Big Pharma and the CDC acknowledge about the HARMFUL side effects of vaccines (Science)

Science confirms: Aluminum in vaccines causes autism; U.S. media tries to memory-hole the science (Science)

Researchers develop method to reverse Alzheimer's disease in mouse models (Science)

Omega-3 supplementation can improve psychophysiological symptoms of PTSD (Science)

After the rain – mosquitoes: Epidemics of mosquito-borne illness occur about three weeks after a major rain event (Science)

U.S. doctor illegally harvested children's organs for personal "research prospects," charges lawsuit (Science)

Scientists study the effects of stress on social competence, finding that those with less stress are better able to handle social situations (Science)

GMO scientist admits to worrying about the negative side effects of GM potatoes (Science)

Increased risk of heart failure in diabetics explained: Scientists have discovered how excess fat disrupts the energy system in heart cells (Science)

Every WiFi router can now be hacked with "Krack" attack ... No passwords are safe (Science)

Dietary fiber dramatically reduces the risk of ovarian cancer (Science)

Plastic pollution at its WORST: Research finds that sea scallops can ingest BILLIONS of microplastics particles in just 6 hours (Science)

TCM validated to reduce certain symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (Science)

Acupuncture found as effective as nicotine replacement therapy for helping people quit smoking (Science) - 92 Hours Ago

Research shows that insulin resistance may be detrimental to brain health (Science) - 93 Hours Ago

Reduce neck pain naturally with qigong (Science)

Don't drink the water: The dark side of water fluoridation (Science)

Traditional Pacific Island medicine, kava kava, found to alleviate anxiety (Science)

Microplastics are invading our farm lands, and researchers say the problem is even bigger than they first believed (Science)

Introducing a plane that flies with NO moving parts at all, by generating its own ionic wind (Science)

Why the vaccine industry REFUSES to conduct clinical trials using a genuine placebo control group (Science)

Does cosmic rain explain climate change? Cosmic rays “rain down” through the atmosphere, influencing the weather (Science)

Healthy at home: These everyday natural painkillers may already be in your pantry (Science)

Scientists discover unique metabolic pathway of fiber digestion by using 'metagenomic screening' on the small intestine (Science)

Sunscreens may be harming fish embryos (Science)

Study reveals that pesticides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease (Science)

Cancer patients found to benefit from cannabis; scientific study analyzed outcomes of 2,970 cancer patients to confirm results (Science)

Breakthrough waste treatment process generates electricity from urine (Science)

Consumption of quercetin protects erythrocytes from oxidative damage after exercise (Science)

New research finds that the brains of fruit flies work similarly to advanced computer algorithms (Science)

Aggressive mildew: Resistant varieties of grape help reduce the use of fungicides (Science)

Making better solar panels with graphene (Science)

We are now a step closer to harnessing nuclear fusion (Science)

Correcting arthritis in the knee: Non-invasive bone growth stimulators such as magnetic or ultrasound treatments found to improve pain, quality of life (Science)

Science explains why we need silence for better health (Science)

Systematic review concludes omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial for older adults with mild to moderate depression (Science)

Cannabis is an effective alternative option for palliative treatment of cancer patients (Science)

Can drinking coffee prevent age-related muscle loss? (Science)