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So corrupt: Clinton lawyers, DoJ, made deal to block the FBI’s access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says (Trump) - 37 Hours Ago

President Trump confirms he will VETO anti-gun bills and protect the Second Amendment (Trump)

Networks: 2,202 Minutes on Russia Scandal, Zero for No Collusion Report (Trump)

House Democrats propose OPEN BORDERS in 2019 homeland security budget (Trump)

ANALYSIS: How AOC's Green New Deal would unleash a catastrophic food collapse and Venezuela-style mass starvation across America (Trump)

If Trump goes down, all hell will break loose across America – must-see interview (Trump)

BREAKING: Surveillance video captures FBI directing CNN camera man at Roger Stone raid; it's all THEATER (Trump)

Media utterly humiliated again by 'MAGA' hate hoaxes - Trump derangement syndrome has destroyed the Liberal media complex (Trump)

It's time for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to either show her face or RESIGN from the Supreme Court (Trump)

With the armed police-state raid on Roger Stone, the corrupt FBI has become Robert Mueller's private mercenary army that terrorizes political targets (Trump)

Gestapo-style armed raid on Roger Stone proves "rank and file" FBI agents are jack-booted thugs willing to go along with tyranny (Trump)

With staged arrest of Roger Stone, justice is DEAD in America (Trump)

Any remaining shred of credibility across the establishment media is now SHOT TO PIECES after fake news hoax targets Catholic school students (Trump)

Saul Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' are now full-bore in play: These rules explain everything the Democrats are doing to destroy America (Trump)

Roger Stone: Deep State plans to remove POTUS Trump, VP Pence, to install Pelosi and Hillary in COUP (Trump)

America hater Nancy Pelosi now trying to CENSOR President Trump and prevent him from giving a State of the Union address (Trump)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg "will retire from the U.S. Supreme Court in January, 2019" says same news source that accurately reported her cancer (Trump)

The goal in government "is to do nothing," say federal workers who are crying crocodile tears over a single missed paycheck (Trump)

I'm a senior Trump official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance (Trump)

Trump effect: Now that POTUS wants to end wars, Democrats suddenly support them (Trump)

Same media that went ballistic over migrant child dying at the border says NOTHING about American children killed by vaccines (Trump)

Oath Keepers: Illegal immigration is a military INVASION of America, and the U.S. military must be deployed to stop it (Trump)

It’s 2019 and the storm is almost here – Can it be stopped? (Trump)

IQ-challenged Democrat Ocasio-Cortez says FACTS don't matter, only whatever narratives make Leftists feel good (Trump)

It's time: Trump should declare a national emergency, build the border wall, activate the military police and arrest the deep state traitors (Trump)

Arkansas reinstates Hillary’s revoked law license; setting stage for Clinton as attorney general or Supreme Court (Trump) - 61 Hours Ago

The entire Cohen hearings in Congress were just another staged theatrical production with zero substance, sort of like the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax (Trump)

New AG William Barr MUST act against Deep State treason by McCabe and co-conspirators to save our republic (Trump)

It's time for the American people to declare our own national emergency and remove destructive Dems from power (Trump)

With tens of thousands of illegals discovered to be registered to vote across multiple states, we now know the 2018 mid-term elections were a FRAUD (Trump)

The Democrat Party’s descent into full-throated fascism is now complete (Trump)

Why Trump's war on socialism is more necessary than ever (Trump)

Democrat frontrunner Kamala Harris promised to SHUT DOWN all private health insurance nationwide... then walked it back after the insanity of the plan emerged (Trump)

The "Russia collusion" debacle was REAL, and it was run by Democrats (Trump)

A state of emergency was just declared over a measles outbreak; why won't Trump declare an emergency over the invasion of America by illegals? (Trump)

ANALYSIS: To save America, Trump must declare a "New American Revolution" (Trump)

Roger Stone following his arrest: Robert Mueller a "rogue prosecutor" using Gestapo tactics against political enemies (Trump)

Twitter allows death threat tweets that demand children to be 'shot on sight' as MSM & leftist lunatics push America closer to breaking point and civil war (Trump)

Fake news smears against Covington Catholic School students prove how left-wing media is deliberately inciting mob violence against whites (Trump)

William Barr would be a dangerous Attorney General who supports lawless confiscation of firearms from private citizens without due process (Trump)

President Trump has a constitutional MANDATE to use the military to protect our southern border - Richard Sacks (Trump)

Criminal chaos in Brazil sheds light on likely future for America when Trump starts arresting the criminal traitors of the deep state (Trump)

Counterthink: Government has been weaponized against humanity to achieve "efficient extermination" of humanity - full show (Trump)

Hillary supporting professor who drove Trump-Russia bank hoax to spy on Trump campaign received multi-million dollar grant from Obama (Trump)

Trump promises citizenship path for skilled workers from outside U.S. (Trump)

POTUS Trump now heavily leaning towards national emergency declaration after Dems keep jerking him around over wall funding (Trump)

Message to Trump: Hold firm and defend America... no funding for government without funding for a wall (Trump)

'Danger dyslexia': Toy guns are dangerous, open borders are not (Trump)

“Embarassed liberal” whose son died from a drug overdose has message for Trump: “Build the wall” (Trump)

Donald Trump Is Going To Have To Shut Down The Government For At Least A Month If He Really Wants Border Wall Funding (Trump)

Trump may designate Mexican cartels as “terrorist” organizations: Will “sanctuary cities” in the U.S. be aiding and abetting terrorism? (Trump) - 74 Hours Ago

Cohen flipped on Trump because Robert Mueller threatened to imprison his wife for 30 years over financial records, says source (Trump)

McCabe confirms the existence of a rogue deep state; no apology from the controlled media for mocking those who warned about true conspiracy (Trump)

Former U.S. intelligence experts blow apart Deep State claim that DNC computers were hacked by Russians (Trump)

The Democratic Party needs to be destroyed before it destroys the country (Trump)

The complete list: 19 different fraudulent and unfounded reasons for starting the Trump-Russia investigation …(and counting) (Trump)

POTUS Trump ‘unified’ Americans by unmaking party-first Democrats during SOTU Address (Trump)

CONFIRMED: Former FBI Director James Comey LIED to Congress... where is the armed assault team to raid Comey's home at 5 am? (Trump)

Trump predicted it in 2016 debates: Democrats would push the mass murder of human babies... the media MOCKED him (Trump)

Just as Adams warned, Leftists judges are now ordering the prison TORTURE of political opponents in America (Trump)

Russia sends 400 armed mercenaries to try to defeat Venezuela's uprising against the tyranny of socialist Maduro (Trump)

If border walls are immoral like Nancy Pelosi says, are all of these countries immoral too? (Trump)

Lunatic left-wing twitter users are about to go to JAIL over making "terroristic threats" against Catholic school students... and it's about damn time (Trump)

"Bombshell" BuzzFeed story asserting Trump-Russia collusion turns out to be yet more fake news from the desperate Left (Trump)

Deep State planning to arrest Alex Jones under cover of false accusations, then depose President Trump and Mike Pence (Trump)

Where’s the investigation into Senator Feinstein’s Chinese spy? (Trump)

The New York Times smears the president (Trump)

Why isn't left-wing LinkedIn co-founder who bankrolled Russia hoax election meddling being ARRESTED for the very same crimes Mueller claims the Russians committed? (Trump)

Blatant TREASON: FBI’s probe of President Trump after he fired crooked James Comey was an obvious COUP attempt (Trump)

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton ran weapons into Libya for the Obama administration, while Michael Flynn was targeted because he knew the details (Trump)

Democrat introduces bill to eliminate the Electoral College so his party can steal power and rule forever (Trump)

President Trump lays groundwork for national emergency declaration; cites humanitarian crisis of illegal migrants and human traffickers (Trump)

It begins: President Trump likely to declare national emergency at 9pm today (Trump)

Exposed: “Russian bots” used to “meddle” in the 2016 election were actually part of a #NeverTrump alliance of neocons, Democrats (Trump)

Same IQ-challenged Democrat who said Guam might "tip over" if too many people move to one side now says Trump supporters are racists (Trump)

Democrats search for a crime to punish Trump and all the Americans who voted for him (Trump)

It's time for a NATIONAL EMERGENCY conversation about fake news media constantly spreading "hate crime" hoaxes like the phony Jussie Smollett "lynching" (Trump)

John Whitehead: It's time to fight for America and take it back from the corporate tyrants, the lobbyists and the deep state traitors (Trump)

Trump demands Calif. Gov. Newsom gives back $3.5 billion to American taxpayers after canceling overpriced, over-budget high speed rail project (Trump)

Dem governors pull National Guard from border, opening America to a wave of new invasions by illegals... this is WAR against America (Trump)

BREAKING: See the deadly weapons used by the FBI Gestapo to conduct theatrical armed raid on Roger Stone (Trump)

In a win for POTUS Trump, trade deficit narrows far more than expected ahead of talks with China (Trump)

Why are Democrats NEVER indicted? "Justice" has become a twisted contradiction of truth (Trump)

To attack border security, Native Americans are now pretending like their ancestors never committed acts of murder, rape or violence in their entire history... UNREAL (Trump)

If lying to Congress is an enforceable crime, we're gonna need more jails... (Trump)

Trump agrees to three-week funding measure to reopen government but says he’ll invoke emergency powers if he doesn’t get wall money (Trump)

What a FARCE! Roger Stone arrested, charged with "process crimes" - NO collusion - while CNN tipped off to capture the theatrics on video (Trump)

The same FBI attempting to carry out a political coup against President Trump also engineered Martin Luther King Jr.'s “suicide" (Trump)

NYT hit piece on Trump PROOF that the media is 100% controlled by the deep state, and its mission is to overthrow democracy (Trump)

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world... the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter (Trump)

Michael Cohen’s claims about rigging online polls for Trump pale in comparison to Google’s CRIMINAL vote-stealing for Democrats (Trump)

Trump Derangement Syndrome fueled by these FOUR POISONS: Mass media propaganda, vaccines, fluoridated water, and rapeseed oil (Trump)

Extended shutdown exposes the pathetic laziness and entitled attitudes of 80% of federal workers, says administration insider (Trump)

Democrats claim compassion for illegal immigrant children ravaged by sexual predators but do NOTHING to protect American children from vaccine predators (Trump)

Left-wing media tries to "fact check" Trump speech, ends up confirming he's RIGHT (Trump)

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom predicts: “Criminals who run Deep State will be exposed” in 2019 (Trump)

Government shutdowns are deliberately weaponized to harm the People, even as the ruling class remain unaffected (Trump)

CHEATING Dems push new law to REPEAL voter ID laws nationwide, allowing illegals to dominate the future of U.S. elections (Trump)

Trump Not Messing Around, May Declare National Emergency To Get Wall Built (Trump)

There WAS a "Russia collusion" conspiracy that altered the outcome of a U.S. election... and it caused the defeat of a conservative (Trump)