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Climate change propagandists turn to FAKE SCIENCE VIDEO that falsely claims Manhattan will be under water in 60 years http://newstarget.com/2017-06-21-climate-change-propagandists-turn-to-fake-science-video-that-falsely-claims-manhattan-will-be-under-water-in-60-years.html Voters shun Hollywood Left and Democrats once again after they spent RECORD amount in Georgia House race http://newstarget.com/2017-06-21-voters-shun-hollywood-left-democrats-once-again-after-they-spent-record-amount-in-georg (Newstarget.com)

Scary, infectious SUPERBUG just spread to five more U.S. states, including some in the Midwest (Naturalnews.com)

Health Ranger posts heavy metals test results for 364 more water samples from across America: Lead, Copper, Arsenic and Aluminum numbers (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change propagandists admit that "facts" don't add up with the public, so they're working on more influential language strategies to convince people who are "confused" by the lack of evidence (Naturalnews.com)

Detroit science officials charged with manslaughter over lead poisoning of Flint water supply (Naturalnews.com)

The war on CARBON is a war on natural medicine, since all medicinal molecules are made from CO2 (Naturalnews.com)

Elon Musk, CLIMATE HYPOCRITE: He flies around on a fuel-guzzling private jet while claiming fossil fuels will destroy the Earth (Naturalnews.com)

SHOCK finding as only 7% of Americans found to understand how water arrives at the tap? many think it works by "magic" (Naturalnews.com)

LIGHT POLLUTION is killing trees because artificial light throws off their sleep cycles (Naturalnews.com)

If you believe in "climate change," you are part of an anti-life CULT that's seeking the genocide of plants, forests and ecosystems across our planet (Naturalnews.com)

Ten alarming, REAL threats to the environment that are widely ignored by "climate change" advocates (Naturalnews.com)

What you're not being told about the Paris climate agreement (Naturalnews.com)

Dilbert creator Scott Adams causes liberal heads to explode with comic that hilariously exposes climate change "forecasting" (Naturalnews.com)

Bee-friendly plants sold at garden centers found to be heavily contaminated with deadly pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

The Lost Pines of Central Texas reveal why DROUGHTS are caused by cutting down forests (Health Ranger Science VIDEO) (Naturalnews.com)

Mass bird die-off observed off Florida Coast, sick birds found bleeding from the mouth (Naturalnews.com)

Study confirms toxic environments cause cancer, not merely genetics (Naturalnews.com)

10 Survival trees EVERYONE should plant on their property (Naturalnews.com)

Incompetent California government kills 72,000 baby Salmon due to a "faulty wire" (Naturalnews.com)

Microwave dinners made with horrifying ingredients: Human hair, meat glue, processed sugars and more (Naturalnews.com)

Leonardo DiCaprio's war on carbon is actually a war against all plants, rainforests and ecosystems on the entire planet, warns new video (Naturalnews.com)

90 percent of the world's fisheries either overfished or fully exploited, new report finds (Naturalnews.com)

The world's first cold-weather body decomposition farm to be built at Northern Michigan University (Naturalnews.com)

College dorms found to have high levels of toxic flame retardants in dust (Naturalnews.com)

Apple vows to stop using rare earth minerals to build its electronic devices? did it have a choice? (Naturalnews.com)

Fukushima wildfire revives worries over airborne radiation from "difficult-to-return zone" (Naturalnews.com)

Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one (Naturalnews.com)

Sunscreen is KILLING people by blocking vitamin D production which prevents cancer, diabetes, kidney disorders and more (Naturalnews.com)

Environmental journalist suggests domestic terrorism to blow up oil and gas wells is justifiable (Newstarget.com)

6 Supplements you MUST take if you follow a plant-based diet (Naturalnews.com)

Finally, an alternative to your energy-wasting dryer is on the horizon (Naturalnews.com)

Hemp food products surged 44% to $129 million in sales despite insane regulations (Naturalnews.com)

MIT Climate Scientist Dr. Richard Lindzen explains: Believing that CO2 controls the climate "is pretty close to believing in magic" (Naturalnews.com)

10 babies were infected with a superbug? and the hospital CONCEALED it from the parents and the public (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change app terrorizes youth with wildly exaggerated sea level projections (Naturalnews.com)

Here's one thing you should know about Earth Day: its co-founder Ira Einhorn killed his girlfriend and "recycled" her into compost (Naturalnews.com)

Insane geoengineering experiment could block out the sun and cause global mass starvation as food crops fail (Naturalnews.com)

Hit the dirt: An ultra-clean house may be bad for your child (Naturalnews.com)

USDA scrubs plan to test foods for dangerous levels of Monsanto's glyphosate (Naturalnews.com)

82% of households are now purchasing organic items (Naturalnews.com)

Mysterious magnetized waves ripple across the Earth and the Sun, influencing Earth weather (Naturalnews.com)

Hudson River polluted by 100,000 gallons of raw sewage, baby wipes float down the river (Naturalnews.com)

5 Earth-friendly hacks for starting your garden this spring (Naturalnews.com)

COLLAPSE: Hundreds of millions of Pacific salmon presumed dead as fish food sources collapse (Naturalnews.com)

Will the e-waste Apple is generating poison the world for generations to come? (Naturalnews.com)

Indoctrination: Canadian schools are teaching children that GMOs are safe (Naturalnews.com)

EPA faked biosludge safety data just like it faked global warming temperature data ? Shocking truths unveiled in upcoming documentary "Biosludged" (Newstarget.com)

Robots keep "dying" from radiation in Fukushima, making the nuclear fallout investigation impossible (Naturalnews.com)

Children mysteriously disappearing in Oregon state parks (Newstarget.com)

Disturbing aerial photos reveal how bad the Oroville Dam really is (Naturalnews.com)

Progressives STUNNED to learn that all medicinal nutrients in herbs and plants are made out of carbon dioxide (Naturalnews.com)

The REAL goal of climate change alarmism is to achieve global food scarcity, mass human poverty and depopulation (Naturalnews.com)

Breathing nanoparticles from combustion engines causes Alzheimer's disease? is this why so many city dwellers are losing their minds? (Naturalnews.com)

BRAINWASHED: Climate change activists have been convinced to support the very thing that will murder Mother Nature and collapse our world: Reductions in carbon dioxide (Naturalnews.com)

The climate change agenda exposed: Lowering CO2 will lead to mass starvation, planet-wide food scarcity and the rise of government tyranny (Naturalnews.com)

Woman sues France for failing to protect her from air pollution (Naturalnews.com)

Monsanto and other biotech chemical giants just OUTLAWED seed exchanges in Africa ? Seed colonization is nearly complete (Naturalnews.com)

Nevada just legalized cultivation of industrial hemp; feds still consider hemp agriculture a felony crime (Naturalnews.com)

Al Gore confuses TIDES with global warming ocean rise apocalypse, claims fish are "swimming in the streets" of Miami due to climate change (Naturalnews.com)

Health Ranger vindication: New study finds pesticides are much more neurotoxic than previously reported (Naturalnews.com)

Newly-evolved microbes may be consuming plastic waste in the ocean (Naturalnews.com)

The REAL SCIENCE behind carbon dioxide: Plants use CO2 to create CBD, THC, curcumin and all medicinal molecules (Newstarget.com)

NYC ready to dump millions of gallons of toxic chlorine into the city's sewer system (Naturalnews.com)

America's silent crisis: Drinking water may become too expensive for millions of households in the future (Naturalnews.com)

Why WATER is the new GOLD (Health Ranger Science video) (Naturalnews.com)

Plants in the wild compete and excel based on "market competition" principles, scientists discover (because "equality" leads to extinction) (Naturalnews.com)

Plastic BAN List highlights the 9 top sources of plastic pollution (Naturalnews.com)

Shanghai goes green: District with towering vertical farms may become a reality in the near future (Naturalnews.com)

"Environmentalists" have been fooled: The very molecule they've declared war on is the same molecule necessary to re-green the entire planet (Naturalnews.com)

Democratic candidate says if you don't believe in climate change, you should kill yourself with car exhaust (Naturalnews.com)

Latest global warming journo-terrorism scare story: Melting ice will unleash deadly microbes that will wipe out humanity like in a horror movie (Naturalnews.com)

Mass die-off in the Pacific as hundreds of sharks wash up on the shores of San Francisco (Naturalnews.com)

Alarming report reveals 27 million Americans are drinking dirty tap water that violates government safety standards (Naturalnews.com)

Is 2017 the year of the Tick? Scientists predict a surge in Lyme disease cases (Naturalnews.com)

Man-made ocean pollution has severely affected the immune systems of wild dolphins, researchers claim (Naturalnews.com)

Mindless intolerance of climate change debate on full display as NYT columnist is blasted for suggesting people listen to BOTH sides of the argument (Naturalnews.com)

Lawsuit claims deadly horse meat is to blame for outbreak that sickened several dogs this year, killing at least one (Naturalnews.com)

Alert: 55 tons of frozen chicken nugget meals recalled over Salmonella concerns (Naturalnews.com)

MIT climate scientist: Believing that CO2 controls the climate is like "believing in magic" (Naturalnews.com)

NYT Columnist being attacked by the Left after writing about the ridiculousness of "blindly" supporting climate change narratives (Naturalnews.com)

Geoengineering, long denounced as a conspiracy theory, now openly advocated by Harvard scientists to alter the climate (Naturalnews.com)

Fake science TV personality Bill Nye goes berserk when REAL scientist schools him on carbon dioxide (Naturalnews.com)

100% of honeybee colony food found to be heavily contaminated with toxic pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

10 DEADLY chemicals cigarette manufacturers don't want you to know about (Naturalnews.com)

California cities are among the most polluted in America (Naturalnews.com)

Hybrid, heirloom, or GMO? Do you really know your vegetables? (Naturalnews.com)

Latest global warming scare: CO2 said to set "record" even as latest data show NO warming taking place (Naturalnews.com)

Super bedbugs now emerging everywhere thanks to global travelers who carry the pests at the speed of jet travel (Naturalnews.com)

Gizmodo "science" writer Matt Novak exposed as journo-moron working for Monsanto front group that keeps trying to discredit the Health Ranger and Doctor Oz (Naturalnews.com)

Charity saves 50 dogs from meat farm in South Korea (Naturalnews.com)

Is Monsanto responsible for a 90 percent drop in the bumblebee population? (Naturalnews.com)

New bill would allow farmers to sue Monsanto if GMO crops invade their property (Newstarget.com)

Scientists shocked to discover how many people are dying from Volkswagen's toxic emissions every year (Naturalnews.com)

Cheerios "Save the bees" campaign backfires after company gives out seeds that are invasive, banned in some states (Naturalnews.com)

Whole Food's promise to label everything with GMOs by 2018 is quickly approaching (Naturalnews.com)

Secret Russian weapon could wipe out NYC, Boston and D.C. in minutes with a massive radioactive tidal wave (Naturalnews.com)

AlterNet doesn't want mercury to poison the environment, but they love mercury poisoning your children (Newstarget.com)

Canadian residents freaked out as "bright pink" water gushes from taps (Naturalnews.com)

Gross: Water test shows just how much pee is in public swimming pools (Naturalnews.com)

Criminals are dumping cooking oil in local ponds, destroying ecosystems (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change propagandists turn to FAKE SCIENCE VIDEO that falsely claims Manhattan will be under water in 60 years (Naturalnews.com)

Weather Channel founder tells CNN "climate change is a hoax" ? 31,000 scientists agree (Naturalnews.com)

President Trump to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, finally ending America's delusional worship of climate change junk science (Newstarget.com)

Microplastic pollution is the REAL threat to our oceans, warn scientists (Naturalnews.com)

Climate buffoon Al Gore said on national TV that rising ocean levels are already causing fish to be seen "swimming in the streets" of Miami (Naturalnews.com)

Global LEAD pollution only appeared on our planet following the industrial revolution: It's definitely caused by human activity (Naturalnews.com)

Magic mushrooms are safest recreational drug, according to new study (Naturalnews.com)

Great Barrier Reef being destroyed by CHEMICALS, not global warming: Scientists pinpoint the synthetic toxins responsible (Naturalnews.com)

France is "decriminalizing" cannabis nationwide (Naturalnews.com)

When PC science and madness meet: Now scientists researching a mental "vaccine" to treat "climate change denial" (Naturalnews.com)

Global warming "hockey stick" data founded on FRAUD? computer models "hacked" to produce warming trend from any data set (Naturalnews.com)

The REAL SCIENCE behind carbon dioxide: Plants use CO2 to create CBD, THC, curcumin and all medicinal molecules (Naturalnews.com)

The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE against plants, forests and all life on our planet (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists confirm that slight global warming is GREENING the Antarctic Peninsula with new life, dramatically boosting ecology (Naturalnews.com)

California's biggest bee heist solved: Central Valley man caught, thousands of beehives recovered (Naturalnews.com)

New science admits the climate underwent a radical, "extreme weather" change over 14 million years before humans ever lived (Naturalnews.com)

Hawaii seeks to ban toxic chemical sunscreens to save the coral reefs from chemical decimation (Naturalnews.com)

Oregon bureaucrats may be backing off forced glyphosate poisoning of 2,000-acre Azure organic farm (Naturalnews.com)

Sherman County, OR, considers making organic farming illegal, wants to FORCIBLY spray "rogue" organic farm with Roundup (Naturalnews.com)

Barack Obama makes bizarre claim that climate change will cause a refugee crisis that's "unprecedented in human history" (Naturalnews.com)

5 Unique ways to use almonds (Naturalnews.com)

HELP NEEDED: Azure Organic Farm in Oregon about to be forcibly mass poisoned with glyphosate by the county government (Naturalnews.com)

Some thoughts on the globalist agenda, vaccines and population control (Naturalnews.com)

Plutonium processing tunnel collapses at Hanford nuclear facility in Washington (Naturalnews.com)

The once-untouched Arctic is now the dumping ground for 300 BILLION pieces of plastic (Naturalnews.com)

Do your part and save the bees with these 10 easy-to-grow flowers (Naturalnews.com)

Carbon Dioxide revealed as the "Miracle Molecule of Life" for re-greening the planet (Naturalnews.com)

Victory: Seed sharing platform disrupting dangerous companies who control more than 60% of the global seed supply (Naturalnews.com)

Check out this new concept store that's "package free" and environmentally conscious (Naturalnews.com)

Avocados may soon be available all-year-round in California (Naturalnews.com)

L.A. residents wiped out 55% of their own urban forest in just one decade (Naturalnews.com)

Al Gore wants $15 trillion dollars (yes, TRILLION) to fight imaginary climate change (Naturalnews.com)

Genetic pollution harms organisms through 14 generations of offspring, stunning scientific study reveals (Naturalnews.com)

Recycled sneakers are Adidas' answer to planet's plastic problem (Naturalnews.com)

Understanding the Orwellian use of words in pet food ingredients (Newstarget.com)

American Airlines pilots being sickened by toxic chemicals in uniforms (Naturalnews.com)

Effortlessly grow these ten plants in the shade with little to no sunlight (Naturalnews.com)

Your cash register receipts are full of dangerous chemicals (Newstarget.com)

16 countries in the EU vote against GM crops as GMO backlash sweeps the globe (Naturalnews.com)

Power companies are waging a secret war against solar (Newstarget.com)

7 Easy alternatives to toxic household cleaning products (Naturalnews.com)

World rapidly running out of rare minerals needed to manufacture cell phones and mobile devices (Newstarget.com)

56 percent of Maryland's bees disappeared in 2016 as pollinator collapse accelerates (Naturalnews.com)

Monsanto caught colluding with EPA in Roundup cancer cover-up (Naturalnews.com)

Nuclear engineer says Fukushima is "as close to hell as I can imagine," contamination will linger for decades (Naturalnews.com)

After years of secrecy, cellphone radiation risks are finally being revealed (Naturalnews.com)

EPA faked biosludge safety data just like it faked global warming temperature data ? Shocking truths unveiled in upcoming documentary "Biosludged" (Naturalnews.com)

Water bills spiraling out of control across the U.S. (Naturalnews.com)

Boom in solar panel construction causing explosion in release of this potent greenhouse gas that's 17,000 times worse than CO2 (Naturalnews.com)

7 "Earthlike" planets just under 40 light years away; could hold life (Newstarget.com)

"Monsanto Mafia" just produced a corporate propaganda film called "Food Evolution" produced by violent psychopath shills who promote GMOs and pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

Mammals have a 12-hour biological clock distinct from the 24-hour circadian rhythm, researchers find (Naturalnews.com)

Pollution is "devastating" China's natural ecosystem and contaminating its food supply (Naturalnews.com)

Ten potent SUPERFOODS you can grow right at home, without spending a fortune (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists discover nearly-extinct ancient tribe that ritually poisons its own food and trashes its ecosystems (but there's a catch) (Naturalnews.com)

Consumers continue to demand clean food as organic market has doubled since 2007 (Naturalnews.com)

The power of trace minerals: How tiny elements can do so much for the human body (Naturalnews.com)

Fake Food: GMO crops have been a massive failure on every level (Naturalnews.com)

Despite links to cancer, the EU proposes a 10-year license renewal for key ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup (Naturalnews.com)

Global warming "hockey stick" data founded on FRAUD? computer models "hacked" to produce warming trend from any data set (Newstarget.com)

Health Ranger featured in "The Sacred Plant" documentary series airing June 7th (Naturalnews.com)

Superbug apocalypse rapidly approaching as nearly one-quarter of infections now UNTREATABLE with first line antibiotics (Naturalnews.com)

Repel mosquitos naturally with these 10 powerful plants (Naturalnews.com)

Scented candles fill the air of homes with dust and spores, warn researchers (Naturalnews.com)

Plant grower develops a weapons-grade chili pepper that's so hot it could kill you (Naturalnews.com)

If you oppose carbon dioxide, then you hate rainforests, ecosystems, trees and all life on our planet (Naturalnews.com)

Cabin air on commercial flights can be filled with a vast array of toxic chemicals that cause seizures and nausea (Naturalnews.com)

NRDC backs up Health Ranger's lab findings of contaminated water across America: All 50 states have serious EPA violations (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists under fire for irresponsibly testing genetically engineered microalgae in open ponds (Naturalnews.com)

California city to stop using synthetic herbicides in favor or organic pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

Oregon government demands organic farm be POISONED with RoundUp (glyphosate), essentially at gunpoint (Naturalnews.com)

EGO FOOTPRINT: To get to a climate speech, Obama flies in a fuel-guzzling private jet, then motorcades with 14 vehicles (Naturalnews.com)

Fort Smith residents shocked to discover their recyclables were being dumped with regular trash (Naturalnews.com)

Organic farming explodes 13%? Biggest growth since 2008 (Naturalnews.com)

New Jersey Town dumps Wells Fargo for destroying community (Newstarget.com)

Hanford nuclear site tunnel collapse leads to mass evacuation, "radiological contamination" and FAA air space ban (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change cultists are now taking over your local weather forecast (Naturalnews.com)

Human civilization has already been wiped out by a mini Ice Age, and recent archaeological evidence proves Graham Hancock was right all along (Newstarget.com)

Futuristic roads now mixing recycled plastic with asphalt making them last 10x longer (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change proponents ridiculously believe the Earth was a calm, peaceful planet until humans started burning fossil fuels (Naturalnews.com)

GLOBAL COOLING is coming, and we're all DOOMED, warned NYT, WashPost, TIME, Cal Tech and the entire MSM throughout the 1970 (Naturalnews.com)

Obedient public so brainwashed by climate change propaganda that they now call weather forecasters after every rain storm to demand answers (Naturalnews.com)

BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill found to have caused over $17 billion in environmental damage (Naturalnews.com)

Carbon dioxide "pollutant" myth totally DEBUNKED in must-see science video (Naturalnews.com)

Mass die-offs accelerate across the planet, by 2020 two-thirds of wild animals will be wiped out (Naturalnews.com)

PETITION: Help pressure the USDA to test food for deadly glyphosate herbicide (Naturalnews.com)

Britain celebrates first "coal-free day" since beginning of the Industrial Revolution (Naturalnews.com)

6 spring vegetables you can start planting now (Naturalnews.com)

Advertising company faces lawsuits for promoting Monsanto's Roundup (glyphosate) weed killer as safe (Naturalnews.com)

Warning: Global shortage of laptop and cell phone materials on the horizon (Newstarget.com)

7 Easy alternatives to toxic household cleaning products (Naturalnews.com)

8 ways to make healthy organic soil for your garden (Naturalnews.com)

Have you tried the new eco-friendly Health Ranger Dishwasher Detergent? (Newstarget.com)

Massive ocean DIE OFF foreshadows the era of global human population collapse (Naturalnews.com)

How to find water in the city after a collapse (Naturalnews.com)

Barcelona to ban cars over 20 years old in effort to fight air pollution (Naturalnews.com)

AlterNet doesn't want mercury to poison the environment, but they love mercury poisoning your children (Naturalnews.com)

Contaminated seafood from China is flooding the United States, are you safe? (Naturalnews.com)

Monsanto on trial: Former EPA official to testify about covering up link between Roundup, cancer (Naturalnews.com)

Trans-species? Woman claims she is actually a cat (Naturalnews.com)