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President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place (

Hysterical left-wingers go insane over President Trump feeding koi fish in Japan? because Democrat journalists are stupid (

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter confirms: Russians didn't steal the election (

Hate-filled Frederica Wilson proves that democrats don't care how many soldiers DIE, as long as they can exploit the casualties to smear Trump (

Champion of supplements decides he will not seek re-election, leaving dangerous void in Congress (

Trump keeps key campaign pledge to protect religious freedom and liberties (

When Michelle Obama read "Dr. Seuss" to school kids it was okay, but when Melania Trump does, its "racist" (

Former EPA scientist calls on Trump to end the "fake science" bureaucracy that has taken over the federal government (

NO means NO: White House pushes back against reports claiming Trump wants to remain in Paris "climate" accords (

These three things got Trump elected but will get Republicans thrown out of office if they don't help him pass them (

As Trump prepares to end Obama's unconstitutional DACA program, "mainstream" media refusing to tell the OTHER side of the story (

White House petition calling for Antifa to be designated a terrorist organization reaches 100K signatures (

Trump Justice Department ends "Operation Choke Point," a program the Obama White House used to shut down gun shops (

A total eclipse of SANITY: America under the spell of mass hysteria engineered by a dangerous, globalist-controlled media (

Fired National Security Council aide says Deep State, Marxist Left targeting Trump in "unprecedented" campaign to remove him from office (

Trump Justice Dept. to follow through on threat to withhold funding from "sanctuary cities" as immigration crackdown continues (

Cannabis remains outlawed in the UK to protect the profits of Big Pharma (

Pharmaceutical industry panics; experts admit prescription drugs don't work for dementia and they probably never will (

Finally, GOP ready to go on OFFENSE to protect Trump from Deep State attacks in calling for new probes into Comey, Lynch (

Tired of the illegal leaking, Trump's new communications director says he's ready to take "dramatic action" - are prosecutions coming? (

Western diet of processed foods found to cause chronic liver inflammation (

Top 6 Executive decisions President Trump could make that would finally transform the health of Americans (

Trump's huge mistake: Taking credit for the recent stock market rise also means Trump will be blamed for the coming crash (

Does it even matter whether Donald Trump Jr. met with someone purporting to be a "Russian government lawyer?" Not at all (

California already "seceding" from America by issuing government travel bans to eight states where Leftist lunacy doesn't dominate (

Trump lawyer Sekulow asks the obvious: Why isn't there a special counsel investigating President Obama over "Russia" allegations? (

F-35 fighter jet project a total BUST? planes don't work, nearly a trillion dollars flushed down a dark hole (

Must-see documentary on Netflix: Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower (

How the Government conditions citizens to obey (

Trump vindication? New study shows MILLIONS of "non-citizens" have been voting in U.S. elections (

Campbell: Trump should break up Google's media monopoly (

Bitcoin now being heavily manipulated by the communist China regime which can cause huge price swings at will (

SOURCES: Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted under RICO Act, may face prison time for selling influence (

Trump claims "vindication" after Comey's testimony as his lawyer plans to file complaint about leaked memo (

How did a radical, Trump-hating Leftist get a top secret security clearance so she could leak top secret intel to the media? (

University professors now abusing ADHD drugs just like their students (

State sues drug makers over opioid epidemic (

By firing Jihadi murder advocate Kathy Griffin, CNN avoids being labeled an ISIS sympathizer (

WaPo screws up again, publishes fake news involving Trump son-in-law: Kushner DIDN'T request back channel to Russia (

Trump's biggest victories are not being reported, like getting rid of big, expansive, all-controlling government (

Trump sign triggers insane freakout by lunatic leftist on University campus (

Expert says fiscal collapse is inevitable if Congress, Trump don't stop national debt from ballooning (

Under Thai law, Facebook "likes" count as criminal conspiracy (

RACKET: Government grants 3 million dollars to GMO propaganda (

RED ALERT: Attempted political coup now taking place in D.C. with effort to impeach Trump for fabricated "obstruction of justice" (

Survival preparations: People who think they can rely on the federal government for total support during a crisis, are either terrifyingly stupid or bewilderingly insane (

Former FBI director James Comey argues that the First Amendment only protects you if the government agrees with your speech (

Trump is purging the Deep State (

BIG BROTHER: Top Soros Henchman Calls for Government-Run Social Media in Order to Stop InfoWars, Breitbart and Daily Caller (

Baltimore to be turned into a police state battleground as murder spirals out of control (

Trump nominates Big Pharma executive to run HHS, proving government has been hopelessly corrupted by the drug industry (

Socialized health care system COLLAPSES in Venezuela? no more hospital beds, no matter how sick you are (

Protein Anxiety - Do YOU have it? (

Gold Star family releases audio of Trump phone call that totally DESTROYS another Left-wing lie (

Petition calls on Trump administration to free Amish farmer from prison who was SET UP by the FDA over false pretenses (

Busted: Librarian Who Rejected Melania's 'Blackface' Dr. Seuss Gift Outed as Total Hypocrite (

Left-wing media now blaming Trump for Puerto Rico hurricane damage? is EVERYTHING his fault? (

GOP's latest effort to dismantle Obamacare is once again thwarted by #NeverTrumper John McCain (and a few other RINOs) (

Socialist Bernie Sanders now pushing full-on government health care he once said would "bankrupt the nation" (

Supreme Court smacks down Left-wing 9th Circuit (again) and upholds Trump's travel ban restrictions (

Court ruling now means the NYT can lie about anyone with impunity? "fake news" was just rubber stamped by the courts (

Taxpayers set to take it on the chin AGAIN as lone insurers swoop into "bare" Obamacare counties to charge higher rates (

House conservatives planning reboot of Obamacare repeal and replace - and it just might work (

Trump schools dishonest establishment media as he doubles down on initial claim that "both sides" share blame for Charlottesville violence (

Canada's single-payer healthcare system is imploding due to skyrocketing costs (

Google employees decry left-wing cult of oppression and intolerance? "witch hunts" target non-conformists to push social justice narratives (

Trump threatens to end the "sweet deal" lawmakers are getting for Obamacare subsidies after GOP hypocrites fail to vote for repeal (

169 dead sheep who threw themselves over a cliff perfectly demonstrate how government uses FEAR to control the masses (

Is Trump set to fire AG Sessions AND Chief of Staff Preibus? Prez wants fighters as Deep State turns up the heat (

Trump presidency "failing?" Actually, president is doing exactly what he promised: making America great again (

Has Nancy Pelosi's brain been destroyed by prescription drugs? (

Just another day in Venezuela where attempted public lynchings and bombings become the norm (

The REAL swamp: Democrat corruption and foreign collusion under Obama, Hillary, pales in comparison to Trump (

CNN as the media Mafia: Network threatens to blackmail Reddit user who mocked it with Trump wrestling video (

Watergate reporter drops mysterious hints that Deep State may be planning a soft coup against Trump's "malignant presidency" (

Voter fraud investigation: Trump criticizes Left-wing states over failure to comply with voter commission's information requests (

Will Trump sue the "horrible human beings" at fake news central CNN? Prez considers it (

The truth about Operation Highjump in 5 minutes (

CNN, the collapse of bulls##t and how Trump can de-fund the entire establishment media with the single stroke of a pen (

GOP Rep says "militant Left is out of control" as millions worry recent assassination attempts on congressmen only the beginning (

Massive Russian collusion, but not by Trump (

InfoWars LEAK of Megyn Kelly audio reveals how mainstream media propagandists LIE to guests then TWIST the facts to smear people like Alex Jones (

Some advertisers REFUSING to abandon disgusting Shakespeare in the Park "murder" of President Trump look-alike (

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, spoke alongside terrorist tied to London Bridge attacks (

NVIDIA goes Big Brother with AI video monitoring technology that will be sold to governments to SPY on everyone (

Comcast accused of submitting anti-net neutrality names and comments to the FCC without permission; is your name on the list? (

Science illiterate Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for "revolution" after Trump exits Paris climate fraud (

Bogus "Trump-Russia collusion" story nothing but a political hatchet job cooked up by Obama loyalist John Brennan (

Portland mayor wants to label all opinions he doesn't agree with "hate speech" and ban them (

In the age of Trump, innuendo and allegations are enough to land you in jail (

Will Trump wind up like Kennedy? Ron Paul warns the Deep State could see that history repeats itself if the president remains defiant (

Stinking D.C. swamp: Do these former House IT workers have dirt on congressional Democrats? (

DA forced to return $100,000 in cash to legal marijuana business 15 months after NO ONE was charged with a crime (

Deep State and Alt-Left have successfully thwarted Trump's agenda, meaning your health care will collapse, taxes will go up and job prospects dim (

Sweden outlaws coercive mandatory vaccines laws, citing violations of the Swedish Constitution (

"New normal" violence by the insane Marxist Left prove THEY are the merchants of hate and intolerance (

Survival preparations: People who think they can rely on the federal government for total support during a crisis, are either terrifyingly stupid or bewilderingly insane (

Google rewrites algorithm to manually crush independent media because mainstream media's lies can't compete with the truth on a level playing field (

The Myth of the Rule of Law (

Monsanto funneled money to front groups to attack anti-GMO activists like the Health Ranger, court documents reveal (

Media invent two fake Trump scandals in first day of Asia trip (first it was Trump supposedly botching Japanese auto manufacturing, then ? Koi-Gate) (

Tax dollars at work: Court rules government must pay for illegal immigrant teen's abortion, setting dangerous precedent (

Check out the "poison papers" website that has collected thousands of documents on U.S. government collusion with the toxic chemical industry (

Trump delivering on his agenda despite CONSTANT pushback from the #nevertrump Congress (

NYT engaged in massive cover up to bury the truth about Harvey Weinstein, but gladly fabricated fake sources to try to destroy Donald Trump with lies (

It's about time: Congress renews focus on Obama officials who improperly unmasked members of Trump campaign (

FEMA flood maps exposed as another government LIE ? 75% of flooded homes in southeast Houston were OUTSIDE FEMA flood zones (

Jeff Sessions is not serving up the justice that Trump and the American people deserve on Comey, Clinton, and others (

Here's how the Trump administration is moving AHEAD with health care reform while Congress refuses to act (

Bannon speaks: Former Trump chief advisor slams GOP establishment in "60 Minutes" interview (

Trump to end Obama-era DACA program as he keeps another campaign promise and creates hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans (

Mooch says "elements" within the Washington Establishment are working to "eject" Trump (

Grassley hits "partisan" lawsuits against Trump, says Hillary should be sued as well (

Venezuela's citizens desperately stockpiling food and water as civil war tipping point draws near (

Trump said to be considering moving Sessions to Homeland Security; will shakeup lead to Mueller firing? (

Here's what Trump can do to boost his polling numbers beyond anything he's seen (

Priebus doesn't trash Trump on the way out, says prez "has been great" and that the decision was mutual (

The smell of pot DOES NOT constitute probable cause for police to search your vehicle rules the Colorado Court of Appeals (

Is Trump set to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions with former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani? (

Rachel Maddow outed as tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist in latest paranoid "NSA document" narrative (

Voters souring on GOP leaders who continually FAIL to enact Trump's agenda (

AG Sessions bypasses normal appeals process, goes straight to SCOTUS for clarification of Trump travel ban after activist judge stalls it - again (

Medical BOMBSHELL: Chemotherapy found to spread cancer (

Elizabeth Warren pushing for government-run health care system to "solve" the problem of government-run health care systems (

Great again: Trump administration's mere enforcement of immigration law has dramatically reduced illegal border jumping (

DHS working to mitigate devastating car bomb attacks in the United States that have killed scores of people in Iraq and Afghanistan (

The new, twisted logic from deranged Democrats: Since health care reform is "killing people," the people should murder Republicans first (

Congressional inaction on Trump agenda costing America 1,000 jobs PER DAY (

Supreme Court backs TRUMP over travel ban, slapping down lower federal courts and dishonest media that claimed he didn't have the authority (

Fake News alert: Trump lawyer Sekulow says NO, prez is NOT under investigation for obstruction (

Prediction: Special counsel Mueller will investigate Team Trump until SOME "crime" is either found or manufactured (

All those times when far-Left celebrities wished for violence against Trump and Republicans (

Would-be political assassin a Bernie supporter: Will Democrats NOW take responsibility for fomenting so much hate and violence? (

All the times James Comey cleared President Trump and his administration during his Senate testimony - while admitting to potential crimes (

Trump getting slammed for calling his "travel ban" what it is, but the law makes clear that's exactly what it is (

Report: Justice Dept. monitoring reporters to find leaks as second source says Trump will fire three White House holdovers from Obama administration (

As Trump struggles to control leaks to media, majority of Americans say publishing classified info is treason (

Mainstream media won't cover the failing socialist nightmare in Venezuela because it exposes the faults of socialism (

Americans have more to fear from Trump Derangement Syndrome than terrorism in the foreseeable future (

Activists attempt to ESCAPE Ecuador after suffering shocking ordeal (

Why we need a special prosecutor for criminal leaks (

Historic Trump speech to 50 nations in Saudi Arabia seeks unity in fight against Islamic extremism, not U.S. "lecturing" and dominance (

Appointment of special prosecutor 4 MONTHS into Trump presidency part of pre-election strategy to impeach him (

As promised, Trump empanels White House commission to examine extent of voter fraud (

MSNBC host thinks the next presidential election is in 2018? and Chris Matthews agrees? HUH? (

Trump vows to eradicate violent MS-13 gang while blaming Democrats for failing to fund a border wall to protect Americans (

Rep. Trey Gowdy makes the most sense as the next director of the FBI (

Trump fires FBI Director Comey as part of his ongoing effort to "drain the swamp" (

Greg Gutfeld shreds Bill Nye and the delusional "March for Science" in Fox interview (

The big breakup: Residents in a half-dozen states talking secession? we are no longer a unified nation (

Hysterical left-wingers go insane over President Trump feeding koi fish in Japan? because Democrat journalists are stupid (

There is a 94.7% chance you have this mineral deficiency - here's what you can do about it (

Former Green Beret's post blasting leftists for politicizing Niger goes viral (

Former Trump chief strategist Bannon: President only has "30 percent chance" of finishing his term (

After GOP liars failed to repeal Obamacare, Trump will gut the law with executive orders (

California groups sue the FDA for information on Nestle's sweetheart water deals (

Trump unloads on NFL, says owners should tell "son-of-a-b**ch" protestors to LEAVE the field (

Government agencies fabricate science data all the time, warns science whistleblower (

Still haven't quit smoking? Time to go for a run, according to new study (

ANOTHER mainstream media Trump-Russia collusion "bombshell" just fell apart (

Another day, another round of ALT-LEFT violence in Berkeley? against OTHER Left-wingers (

Newt sounds alarm over Trump's increasing isolation, says his presidency is at risk without "serious changes" (

This Obama-era legislation could help Trump advance his agenda of smaller, more accountable and efficient government (

Making America great: Trump administration begins renegotiation of NAFTA trade agreement (

How JK Rowling deliberately LIED about Trump's encounter with a boy in a wheelchair (

Trump vindication: New report says tens of THOUSANDS voted illegally in 2016 election (

Why President Trump must sooner or later fire Mueller and end the destructive witch hunt (

Memo from WE THE PEOPLE to Congress: Get rid of Obamacare and pass tax reform or lose your seats in 2018 (

Google's sister company releasing 20 million mosquitoes infected with fertility-destroying bacteria? DEPOPULATION experiment? (

Venezuela descends into complete chaos as police helicopter drops grenade on Supreme Court building (

Same journalists ridiculously claiming that Trump puts them in danger REFUSE to cover the American journalist who was imprisoned under Obama (

CNN took just 24 hours to find the identity of the Trump vs. CNN video creator, but still can't dig up the truth about Benghazi (

Legal expert: No "crime" committed by Donald Trump Jr. in talking with a foreign source about NOTHING (

Making the VA great again: Trump administration has fired more than 500 Veterans Administration workers since January (

2018 Prediction: CNN collapses and goes bankrupt after Trump's FDA bans prescription drug TV commercials (

Trump trolls CNN with tweet showing him "wrestling" and beating down the network, as the Left once again predictably freaks out (

Anatomy of CNN's fake news scandal: They knew Russian conspiracy hit piece was fake all along, but ran the story anyway (

How the extreme Left became a domestic terrorism organization rooted in hatred and violence (

Trump must break up the Google media monopoly for the good of America (

Trump surrogate Gingrich: Mueller "should recuse himself" from "sick" obstruction of justice investigation of prez (

Thanks to Amazon merger, shopping at Whole Foods now means you hate America and support an evil globalist who publishes fake news (

Why did Sanders supporter want to assassinate REPUBLICANS when DEMOCRATIC rigging and corruption is why he lost his party's nomination? (

Yes, the economy is definitely doing better under Trump, and it's thanks to HIM, not Obama (

Trump backs proposal to build border wall using solar panels (

America has turned into a handout nation, record 236 million people collecting some form of assistance from the Government (

Trump White House assembling "war room" to strike back against fake news media (

The Alt-Left's latest cultural target: Destroying respect for the institution of the presidency (

Trump pulls U.S. out of "non-binding" Paris Climate Accord - Here's why he was right to do it (

This is why Trump will have so much trouble draining the swamp - and why he must expend every effort to do so (

Report: Trump to fire several staffers for leaks of classified information to the media; prosecutions may follow (

Descendants of Tuskegee government-run medical experiments on black men still seeking justice? yet the medical tyranny continues today (

Trump orders nationwide preparation against power grid collapse initiated by cyber warfare (

The DNC is involved in a major class-action fraud suit brought by Sanders backers - where is the media? (

Has Trump already been indicted? Civil war could follow if Deep State takes out duly elected president (

The #NeverTrump Deep State and the far Left are putting every American at risk with their incessant attacks on the president (

This is what happens when government cyber weapons get loose (

Federal government releases financial settlement figures for vaccine injuries, shattering media's false claim that vaccines never harm anyone (

Trump will continue to shape the federal judiciary for decades to come with slate of constitutionalists for federal courts (

President Obama used the NSA to spy on thousands of Americans during the 2016 presidential campaign (

The Left has turned "science" into lunacy, discrediting all science with the eventual goal of dominating the planet and enslaving the people (