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GOP Rep says "militant Left is out of control" as millions worry recent assassination attempts on congressmen only the beginning (

Massive Russian collusion, but not by Trump (

InfoWars LEAK of Megyn Kelly audio reveals how mainstream media propagandists LIE to guests then TWIST the facts to smear people like Alex Jones (

Some advertisers REFUSING to abandon disgusting Shakespeare in the Park "murder" of President Trump look-alike (

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, spoke alongside terrorist tied to London Bridge attacks (

NVIDIA goes Big Brother with AI video monitoring technology that will be sold to governments to SPY on everyone (

Comcast accused of submitting anti-net neutrality names and comments to the FCC without permission; is your name on the list? (

Science illiterate Arnold Schwarzenegger calls for "revolution" after Trump exits Paris climate fraud (

Bogus "Trump-Russia collusion" story nothing but a political hatchet job cooked up by Obama loyalist John Brennan (

Portland mayor wants to label all opinions he doesn't agree with "hate speech" and ban them (

In the age of Trump, innuendo and allegations are enough to land you in jail (

Will Trump wind up like Kennedy? Ron Paul warns the Deep State could see that history repeats itself if the president remains defiant (

Stinking D.C. swamp: Do these former House IT workers have dirt on congressional Democrats? (

DA forced to return $100,000 in cash to legal marijuana business 15 months after NO ONE was charged with a crime (

Deep State and Alt-Left have successfully thwarted Trump's agenda, meaning your health care will collapse, taxes will go up and job prospects dim (

Sweden outlaws coercive mandatory vaccines laws, citing violations of the Swedish Constitution (

"New normal" violence by the insane Marxist Left prove THEY are the merchants of hate and intolerance (

Survival preparations: People who think they can rely on the federal government for total support during a crisis, are either terrifyingly stupid or bewilderingly insane (

Google rewrites algorithm to manually crush independent media because mainstream media's lies can't compete with the truth on a level playing field (

The Myth of the Rule of Law (

Monsanto funneled money to front groups to attack anti-GMO activists like the Health Ranger, court documents reveal (

The dirty little secret about border walls and secure fences: They WORK (

Here's how Trump can deal with the Paris Climate Accords the RIGHT way (

$1 trillion budget deal confirms America's horrifying swamptopian future, hopelessly beyond the zenith of reform or reason (

WARNING SIGNS: Code words in latest executive order indicate Trump may be getting sucked into the GMO / pesticide swamp (

Big Pharma conspired to destroy supply of life-saving cancer drugs by putting profit before people (

Researchers find only second parchment copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence known to exist - in ENGLAND (

Trump: it is in "vital national security interest of the US" to prevent the use of chemical (

Farmers are now forced to hack into their own tractors to bypass draconian manufacturer controls (

How come when Hillary Clinton was compromising top secret intelligence, Democrats didn't care? (

Connecticut considering weaponizing drones (

Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals EPA bureacrats being bribed by Monsanto to hide scientific evidence of glyphosate causing cancer (

What's at stake in Obamacare repeal? Massive reductions in premiums, for starters (

Trump to take "SWAT team" approach to dismantling massive federal bureaucracy (

Trump assures Americans: "Do not worry" about health care repeal, it will get done (

Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas BANS jurors from reading the U.S. Constitution (

Smelling bad in Vegas may get you a $1000 ticket (

US border patrol agents now searching cell phones (

James Comey's criminal affiliations with the Clinton cartel unveiled (

From nuisance to threat: The high cost of truth (

Are 200,000 U.S. acres going to be returned to Mexico in border line mistake? (

Homeschoolers under attack by officials conducting unannounced visits (

Obamacare REPEAL? It's more like health care system COLLAPSE! (

Federal agency wonders why auto lenders are using GPS tracking (

BREAKING: CDC confirms Natural News 100% CORRECT on report of African Green Monkey kidney cells used in vaccines (

Is Obama trying to overthrow the Government? (

Vault 7 bombshell just vindicated every conspiracy theorist: The CIA can spy on anyone through TVs, iPhones, smart phones and Windows PCs (

Trump to ditch the White House correspondents' dinner in his latest slap at a dying, disgraced establishment media (

CDC study accidentally finds that Thimerosal (mercury) remains in the body far longer than previously believed (

EPA has pushed America into a "toxic legacy" with fraudulent science that covered up "crimes" of biosludge, warns new documentary (

Fake News alert: Trump lawyer Sekulow says NO, prez is NOT under investigation for obstruction (

Prediction: Special counsel Mueller will investigate Team Trump until SOME "crime" is either found or manufactured (

All those times when far-Left celebrities wished for violence against Trump and Republicans (

Would-be political assassin a Bernie supporter: Will Democrats NOW take responsibility for fomenting so much hate and violence? (

All the times James Comey cleared President Trump and his administration during his Senate testimony - while admitting to potential crimes (

Trump getting slammed for calling his "travel ban" what it is, but the law makes clear that's exactly what it is (

Report: Justice Dept. monitoring reporters to find leaks as second source says Trump will fire three White House holdovers from Obama administration (

As Trump struggles to control leaks to media, majority of Americans say publishing classified info is treason (

Mainstream media won't cover the failing socialist nightmare in Venezuela because it exposes the faults of socialism (

Americans have more to fear from Trump Derangement Syndrome than terrorism in the foreseeable future (

Activists attempt to ESCAPE Ecuador after suffering shocking ordeal (

Why we need a special prosecutor for criminal leaks (

Historic Trump speech to 50 nations in Saudi Arabia seeks unity in fight against Islamic extremism, not U.S. "lecturing" and dominance (

Appointment of special prosecutor 4 MONTHS into Trump presidency part of pre-election strategy to impeach him (

As promised, Trump empanels White House commission to examine extent of voter fraud (

MSNBC host thinks the next presidential election is in 2018? and Chris Matthews agrees? HUH? (

Trump vows to eradicate violent MS-13 gang while blaming Democrats for failing to fund a border wall to protect Americans (

Rep. Trey Gowdy makes the most sense as the next director of the FBI (

Trump fires FBI Director Comey as part of his ongoing effort to "drain the swamp" (

Greg Gutfeld shreds Bill Nye and the delusional "March for Science" in Fox interview (

The big breakup: Residents in a half-dozen states talking secession? we are no longer a unified nation (

As health care costs explode, hospitals are now trying to force patients to PRE-PAY for treatment (

Cell phones definitely cause brain tumors, Italian court rules (

Sri Lanka's massive garbage piles now collapsing in deadly avalanches like a scene ripped right out of Idiocracy (

Vaccine industry goes "nuclear" in push for new law that would deny you YOUR JOB if you aren't vaccinated (

Trump looking at breaking up Left-wing 9th Circuit Court that liberals cherry-pick to oppose his agenda (

Trump's first 100 days: Already achieved massive cuts in federal regulations (

Deep State scores another big win: Devin Nunes steps down from Russiagate witch-hunt (

The insane vaccine industry now wants you FIRED from your job if you aren't vaccinated (

America has collapsed into a PHARMA STATE run by government-protected drug cartels (

The corrupted DEA seized $3.2 billion in cash from people never under criminal investigation (

Trump meets with victims of opioid addiction: this is a total "epidemic" (

Smart Meters could be overbilling you by a whopping 582% (

FACT CHECK: Yes, the CDC and FDA both confirm African Green Monkey kidney cells are put in vaccines used across the U.S. (

The top 5 biggest Obamacare fails and why Republicans and Trump should try again to repeal and replace (

Trump supporters lay blame for Obamacare repeal failure at feet of Paul Ryan, GOP lawmakers (

US border patrol agents now searching cell phones (

UK Terrorist was a British born extremist who was investigated in the past by police, MI5 (

Comey confirmed the essence of Trump's tweeted allegations about Obama "wire tapping" (

Criminal justice advocates speak out as New Jersey dumps bail hearings in favor of an algorithm (

CDC: Mumps outbreak can still occur in highly VACCINATED communities (

The BAD logic behind BIG government (

Government trying to tax Kombucha as alcohol (

BREAKING: CDC confirms Natural News 100% CORRECT on report of African Green Monkey kidney cells used in vaccines (

White House logs show Obama talked to the Russians and Iranian regime advocates? no outcry from the media for 8 years (

Government report: Islamists building 'parallel society' in Sweden aided by PC culture of silence (

CDC document bombshell reveals list of all vaccine excipients, including "African Green Monkey Kidney Cells" and fibroblast cells from aborted human fetuses ? see the complete list (

Mike Adams, Alex Jones attacked? is it a prelude to a false flag event targeting Trump? (

Obama is building a 30,000 person army of "lynch mob" agitators to start riots, civil war across America (

Why Obama should be arrested for treason (article by James Bailey) (

Trump surrogate Gingrich: Mueller "should recuse himself" from "sick" obstruction of justice investigation of prez (

Thanks to Amazon merger, shopping at Whole Foods now means you hate America and support an evil globalist who publishes fake news (

Why did Sanders supporter want to assassinate REPUBLICANS when DEMOCRATIC rigging and corruption is why he lost his party's nomination? (

Yes, the economy is definitely doing better under Trump, and it's thanks to HIM, not Obama (

Trump backs proposal to build border wall using solar panels (

America has turned into a handout nation, record 236 million people collecting some form of assistance from the Government (

Trump White House assembling "war room" to strike back against fake news media (

The Alt-Left's latest cultural target: Destroying respect for the institution of the presidency (

Trump pulls U.S. out of "non-binding" Paris Climate Accord - Here's why he was right to do it (

This is why Trump will have so much trouble draining the swamp - and why he must expend every effort to do so (

Report: Trump to fire several staffers for leaks of classified information to the media; prosecutions may follow (

Descendants of Tuskegee government-run medical experiments on black men still seeking justice? yet the medical tyranny continues today (

Trump orders nationwide preparation against power grid collapse initiated by cyber warfare (

The DNC is involved in a major class-action fraud suit brought by Sanders backers - where is the media? (

Has Trump already been indicted? Civil war could follow if Deep State takes out duly elected president (

The #NeverTrump Deep State and the far Left are putting every American at risk with their incessant attacks on the president (

This is what happens when government cyber weapons get loose (

Federal government releases financial settlement figures for vaccine injuries, shattering media's false claim that vaccines never harm anyone (

Trump will continue to shape the federal judiciary for decades to come with slate of constitutionalists for federal courts (

President Obama used the NSA to spy on thousands of Americans during the 2016 presidential campaign (

The Left has turned "science" into lunacy, discrediting all science with the eventual goal of dominating the planet and enslaving the people (

State finally releases kidnapped homeschool children after months in captivity (

Just like the Soviet Union, Venezuela is now on course to disintegrate into a morass of suffering - and violence (

Assessing Trump's first 100 days: He DID get a lot accomplished? now if he could only get Congress on board (

Death by Big Government: Ecuador is on the brink of collapse, says ex-pat who lived there for years (

Trump border enforcement efforts lead to astounding 90 percent DROP in some sectors (

Trump tells "Dreamers" not to worry about deportation as illegal immigration enforcement will focus on criminals, gang members (

SHOCK: Workers are willfully getting microchip implants (

The corrupt vaccine industry has the means and motive to stage a massive false flag "outbreak" to demand nationwide vaccine mandates (

Over 50 percent of people in this city claim their government is corrupt (

Shocking letter from dead EPA scientist reveals 14 biochemical mechanisms by which glyphosate (Roundup) causes cancer ? All were suppressed by the EPA (Shocking letter from dead epa scientist reveals 14 biochemical mechanisms by which glyphosate (roundup) causes cancer ? all were suppressed by the epa)

How vaccine mandates violate WOMEN ? the government vs. your human rights (

Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt pledges "originalism" for an agency over-politicized by the Obama administration (

Your smart phone and computer are probably on the list of consumer electronics targeted by the CIA (

How many African Green Monkeys are infected, euthanized and then organ harvested each year to make FDA-approved vaccines? (

How the CIA Plants News Stories in the Media (Video) (

Detroit Regional Workforce Fund: 47% of people in Detroit can't read (

Smelling bad in Vegas may get you a $1000 ticket (

Hospital hazard: Rookie doctors can now be forced to work 24 hour shifts (

EPA under pressure to dump fluoride from water supply (

INSANITY: Hawaii launches homeless bill that could allow doctors to "prescribe" homes as "treatment" (

Draining the swamp: AG Sessions asks all 46 remaining Obama-era U.S. attorneys to leave Justice Department (

The ultimate abortion is SELF-abortion: New realization could see "progressives" terminating their own lives in celebration of women's rights (

Sen. Rand Paul on Paul Ryan's Obamacare Lite: Speaker 'Trying to Pull the Wool Over the Eyes of the President' (

When Democrats meet with Russians, the globalist Deep State and establishment media don't get hysterical (

7 Baltimore officers indicted on Federal racketeering charges, robbing citizens (

EPA and FDA give go ahead for 3 types of GMO potatoes? planting begins this year (

Police state: 76-Year old woman fined for not shoveling snow fast enough (

Former senior EPA scientist confirms that fluoride lowers the IQ of children (

Obamacare in "death spiral" as entire system unravels (

Campbell: Trump should break up Google's media monopoly (

Bitcoin now being heavily manipulated by the communist China regime which can cause huge price swings at will (

SOURCES: Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted under RICO Act, may face prison time for selling influence (

Trump claims "vindication" after Comey's testimony as his lawyer plans to file complaint about leaked memo (

How did a radical, Trump-hating Leftist get a top secret security clearance so she could leak top secret intel to the media? (

University professors now abusing ADHD drugs just like their students (

State sues drug makers over opioid epidemic (

By firing Jihadi murder advocate Kathy Griffin, CNN avoids being labeled an ISIS sympathizer (

WaPo screws up again, publishes fake news involving Trump son-in-law: Kushner DIDN'T request back channel to Russia (

Trump's biggest victories are not being reported, like getting rid of big, expansive, all-controlling government (

Trump sign triggers insane freakout by lunatic leftist on University campus (

Expert says fiscal collapse is inevitable if Congress, Trump don't stop national debt from ballooning (

Under Thai law, Facebook "likes" count as criminal conspiracy (

RACKET: Government grants 3 million dollars to GMO propaganda (

RED ALERT: Attempted political coup now taking place in D.C. with effort to impeach Trump for fabricated "obstruction of justice" (

Survival preparations: People who think they can rely on the federal government for total support during a crisis, are either terrifyingly stupid or bewilderingly insane (

Former FBI director James Comey argues that the First Amendment only protects you if the government agrees with your speech (

Trump is purging the Deep State (

BIG BROTHER: Top Soros Henchman Calls for Government-Run Social Media in Order to Stop InfoWars, Breitbart and Daily Caller (

Baltimore to be turned into a police state battleground as murder spirals out of control (

Iowa cartoonist fired for daring to make fun of Monsanto profits (

College students despise Obama's policies when they think they're Trump's policies (

SECRECY: Georgia now copyrighting state laws to prevent people from reading all the details (

Trump reverses decades of federal interference in primary education with executive order restoring local control of schools (

Tyrannical Leftists at UC-Berkeley once again cancel Ann Coulter's speech - where's that coward, Gov. Jerry Brown? (

Venezuelan regime confiscated guns from citizens, just like Hillary Clinton would have done in America (

Trump is not Obama: Laying down international law to Assad panned by some supporters but praised by others as "decisive" (

Why the vaccine industry needs Planned Parenthood: A never-ending supply of fetuses for use in vaccines (

NSA prepares to give House Intel committee classified Trump intercepts as establishment media ignores bombshell after bombshell (

Pinkerton: what Trump's "great healthcare plan for the people" might look like (

Nunes "source" on surveillance of President Trump's team was a "whistleblower-type," Paul Ryan alleges (

Here's how Obama made it possible for sensitive information about Team Trump to be leaked (

New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent for Human Experimentation with Vaccines, Meds (Video) (

All Apple devices, including iPhones and Macs, are CIA spy devices embedded with spyware from the factory (

Project Stargate: CIA, DoD had a well-funded secret program aimed at developing psychic abilities (

The "Comey Con": Evidence Surfaces Showing Collusion Between FBI and Democrats (Video) (

Every gun owner should know these important ammo storage tips (

White House says the "Deep State" is real, and it's trying to undermine Trump (

EPA scientist warns that glyphosate (RoundUp) herbicide strips minerals out of food, leaving the body deficient in Zinc and Magnesium (

Best Buy's "Geek Squad" used by FBI to spy on people (

EPA Chief admits that carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming (

The BAD logic behind BIG government (

John Podesta Got $170K to end U.S. sanctions on Russian bank (

Obama Admin set up Jeff Sessions' meeting with Russian ambassador (

Obamagate: List reveals more than a dozen victims of Obama wiretapping (

EPA's "fake science" covered up the massive environmental crime of biosludge ? Health Ranger film "Biosludged" to expose the mass poisoning of America (

1984: San Diego to become model city for America's 'police state' (

8 More Obama Bureaucrats Trump Can Fire or Remove at Homeland Security (

CA congresswoman caught making unbelievable claims during prank call with comedian (

Big Pharma increases life-saving drug's price by 7,000 percent, with help from FDA (