Government News

FBI sought secret FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign officials (

Communist China throws nine villagers in jail for protesting the government (

In just 10 days, the radical left will attempt to overthrow the U.S. government? Here's why they will fail (

The Obama administration dropped 26,171 bombs in 2016 alone (

FDA admits cybersecurity vulnerabilities in pacemakers, insulin pumps and MRI systems (

DEA lashes out at states' rights for defending cannabis consumers against federal intervention (

Everyone BUT the EPA has to pay for polluting the environment (

Groups warn Obama administration may bring 'midnight litigation' against American business interests (

FDA suggests new limit on lead used in lipstick? are you painting your face with toxic heavy metals? (

Activists call to end the criminally run Bureau of Land Management (

Hoax or legit? CIA document claims to have studied humans with superhuman abilities (

Indian government now confiscating private jewelry, gold during home raids (

Interim DNC chair Brazile appears to contradict Obama's hacking comments (

The empire strikes back: DEA quietly announces "Schedule I" status for CBD extracts to comply with United Nations demands? CBD Prohibition? Hemp industry disputes (

Obamacare: 1 in 4 children do not get the health care they need (

If U.S. intelligence wants the trust of President Trump it will have to earn it (

USDA putting millions of Americans' health at risk by allowing unapproved meat imported from China (

FDA approves clinical trial of ecstasy for possible treatment of PTSD (

New UK spy law allows government to collect data from, spy on all citizens (

Beverage companies plan to lower sugar content 50% to avoid government sugar tax (

'Truth in news' citizen offers $10,000 reward for names of PropOrNot news hoaxers behind the WashPo Russian conspiracy fabrication (

Study finds 'stand your ground' laws in states increase death rates - but isn't that because they are working as planned? (

Obama just added 527 pages of federal regulations in one day - what is he up to? (

False flag warning for Chicago: Is this how democrats plan to stay in power? (

Why Natural News supports California leaving the United States: Self-governance! (

Obamacare collapsing as rates double, exchanges implode: nowhere for Americans to turn (

Is the fix in? Talk show giant Michael Savage predicts Obama will 'poison pill' the nation before he leaves office (

A dozen CDC senior scientists have blown the whistle on the CDC's shady practices (

CDC proving to be just as criminal and 'above the law' as Hillary Clinton (

FBI FOLDS: Comey announces no criminal charges against the most malicious criminal to ever seek the White House... the tyranny in Washington may now be unstoppable (

The FBI is going to bring down the DOJ... and America will cheer the agency's heroes as the Clinton crime regime is finally toppled (

Pesticides found in majority of drinking water tested; EPA warns consumers need water upgrades (

FDA to withdraw 2 generic ADHD drugs after determining they have no therapeutic effects (

CIA whistleblower breaks silence on climate engineering, vaccine damage (

Corruption: Justice Dept. won't prosecute EPA worker over Gold King mine spill (

Invasion: Germans flee as refugees take over Germany (

Obama handed over the Internet to a global monopoly that could be intercepted by terrorists (

FBI documents reveal that Hillary Clinton was protected from prosecution by 'Shadow Government' (

Two men facing charges for alleged roles in breaching the CIA, FBI and DHS hacks (

Turkey blocks major filesharing websites in attempt to control email leaks (

How the federal government is systematically DESTROYING your wealth, income and savings (

Obama staging last-minute invasion of USA with Syrian refugees - 12,000+ to be deposited across America (

Con: ObamaCare was designed to fail ON PURPOSE to usher in 'single payer' system (

What you need to know about the government's war on cannabis and kratom (

Is the EPA finally going to speak out about Monsanto's cancer-causing glyphosate? (

Coming soon: Medical FEMA camps for anti-vax and political dissidents (

Texas independence: state urges an 'exit' to the federal refugee program over terror concerns (

It won't matter who wins the White House, a collapse is coming (

Controversy Erupts Over Ban Of Hot New Drug (

James Comey, FBI Head, Handing out Immunity Protection "Like Candy" to Ensure No Clinton Crooks Go to Prison ( to receive billions in government food stamp payouts as Obama opens SNAP purchases to online retailers (

CDC scientists apparently lost a box of deadly and highly-regulated influenza specimens (

Water crisis: Obama's EPA to approve dramatic increase in limits on radiation exposure allowable in public drinking water (

FBI quietly releases 300 pages of Hillary Clinton investigation records (

EPA admits to Gold King Mine disaster but refuses to pay claims to Native Americans (

Another embarrassment: NYT issues an awkward confession after caught flip-flopping (

ARS Technica: White House fails to make case that Russian hacking tampered with election (

Feds plan on raking in $213,300,000,000 in income taxes for just the first two months of 2017 (

Top 10 stupidest new laws in California for 2017 (

CDC corruption: Scientists on the inside slam the agency for selling out to corporate interests (

New EPA head appointed by Trump may finally begin dismantling the EPA's overbearing, totalitarian 'authority' (

Three years ago, Obama signed a law allowing the federal government to take over the entire media (

Interim DNC chair Brazile appears to contradict Obama's hacking comments (

The greatest examples of fake news are Obama's Iran deal lies and the fraudulent Obamacare promises (

Obama moving to undermine Trump victory with fake 'Russian hacking' narrative (

The cashless society is Big Government's end game for absolute control over everyone (

New EPA rules will cost Americans $3,080 each (

EPA just approved another toxic herbicide linked to infertility, birth defects and lung cancer in both humans and animals (

Drugs for your dogs? Big Pharma just won FDA approval for canine anxiety meds (

Cherokee Nation files breach of trust lawsuit against federal government (

President-elect Trump threatens to end thaw between US and Cuba (

The Corporations Control the Government (

Flashback: The CIA finally admitted to covering up the JFK assassination last year (

Nourishing CBD-infused hemp milk set to hit stores soon (

EPA warns that draining the swamp will cause an environmental catastrophe near Washington D.C. (Satire) (

Beekeepers: EPA is hiding pesticide files (

Are you ready? Reality strikes: Healthcare stock crumbles under the pressure of Obamacare (

FDA: Testosterone supplements can cause heart failure, stroke, depression, liver toxicity, insomnia and more (

As Obama gets set to leave office, it's important to review the life lessons he's taught his daughters (

FBI couldn't investigate Abedin laptop due to immunity deals, limited agreements ...but that didn't stop the NYPD (

TED Talks yet again revealed as 'intellectual totalitarianism' to CENSOR the best ideas worth sharing (

Obama creating a Big Brother "community snitch" network to criminalize those who resist the regime (

Coal catches a break after a federal judge finally accuses Obama's EPA of being a job-killer (

The DEA is accepting public opinions and stories on the benefits of kratom (

The American public can no longer deal with the limitless corruption of their government (

Government hiding unprecedented TB infection rates among relocated refugees (

Obamacare premiums skyrocket by double-digits as economically traumatized Americans scream ENOUGH! (

Clinton's rally agitator, Robert Creamer, visited the white house 342 times (

EPA blamed for declining coal industry... proposes even more regulations (

Big Pharma's patents expose real reason why corrupt DEA wanted to ban Kratom (

Obama handed over U.S. control of the internet to international non-profit (

When will Congress finally address the autism epidemic in America? (

Police state: Congress to expand TSA to buses, trains (

Bolivia ended their war on drugs by kicking the DEA out of their country (

United Nations just gave their troops the go ahead to 'use force' on U.S. citizens (

Police state descends upon America as woman ordered at gunpoint to STOP PRAYING in her own home (

Americans may soon experience nationwide martial law as divisive tensions rise (

5 times the US has helped ISIS (

DNC 'pay to play' scheme: the higher the donation, the higher your office (

U.S. government now allowing the FBI to impersonate the media (

US reclassifies CBD as schedule 1 drug as UK reclassifies it as medicine (

The CDC wishes you weren't aware of these four polio facts (

Obama leaving as many political landmines as possible throughout the U.S. and world to trip up Trump administration (

Obama's legacy: 10.7 million more people now use food stamps, a 32% jump since he took office (

President Obama awards himself distinguished public service medal (

Veterans Affairs dentist may have spread diseases Hepatitis B and C, and even AIDS to veterans, then gets rewarded for it (

Merkel backs migrant surge, says Germany fights terrorism with compassion (

9 Common Habits That Can Damage Your Kidneys (

Government considers using software that will disable all phone capabilities in moving cars (

Obama commutes sentences of hundreds of cocaine dealers who targeted kids (

FBI can't agree with politicized CIA's faulty intelligence (

Obama is trying to do to America what EU leaders have done to Europe with 'refugee resettlement' (

Obama leaves Trump a broken economy that's $20 trillion in debt, 95 million out of work (

SOURCE: California legislators plotting with La Raza to seize control and turn CA into a narco-state (

Collusion: DEA bans plant medicines, then Big Pharma patents them for profits (

EPA to require mines to offer cleanup assurances, after the agency polluted Colorado rivers in Gold King Mine spill (

Guess what? There has been NO economic growth under Obama, after all (

Trump could revitalize NASA's space exploration without wasting money (

Standing Rock victory in North Dakota as US Army Corps of Engineers revokes pipeline permits (

Out of their minds: California lawmakers just voted to regulate cattle farts to 'combat global warming' (

Obama advisers warn the US is facing a legitimate threat of bioterrorism (

FDA caught manipulating the media to protect Big Pharma's profits (

FDA approves anxiety drug for your dog ... so he doesn't react to his 'normal' animal instincts (

Faulty FDA guidelines caused women to be injured by Essure birth control (

Black Lives Matter, George Soros SUED for assassinations of Dallas police officers (

As Obama Gets Ready To Leave Office, This: Study Finds Obamacare Premiums To Rise An Average Of 27 Percent (

Media FAIL: The election was NOT about 'Obama's legacy,' but about the people (

WikiLeaks servers under attack after latest DNC leak (

The closing act of the most criminal regime in history: Obama tells illegals to vote WITHOUT repercussions (

Obama Has To Lie About His Signature Healthcare Reform Law To Hide His Incompetence (

Government waste: $700,000 of taxpayers' money was used to correct one letter in quotation (

Number Of Home-Schooled Children In The U.S. Doubles As Parents Recognize Hopeless Failure Of Government-Run Education (

Government wants robot pilots to fly passenger and cargo planes (

No, Obama hasn't made Pentagon purchases more efficient, like he promised (

Obamacare collapse: As usual, Democrats are blaming everything and everyone but themselves for a law THEY wrote and passed (

Get ready for Obama's final insult to the American people: Massive Obamacare hikes (

Over 1 million Americans to become uninsured as Obamacare collapse accelerates (

Ecuador govt claims Assange was 'interfering' with the US election so they silenced him (

FDA clears dangerous blood thinner drug despite faulty clinical trials (

The FBI can't stop terror attacks because it spends too much time PLOTTING them in America (

DEA blocking breakthrough research for safer opioid alternatives (

CDC: Sharp uptick in cases of mysterious polio-like illness paralyzing children (

FDA openly admits it doesn't know what defines 'healthy' in food products containing good fats (

Obamacare is totally imploding just like we warned five years ago at Natural News (

Obama admin wont fix the VA, but will spend tax dollars on transgender surgery for soldiers (

FBI data leaked: over 7,700 terrorist encounters in U.S. during one-year period (

FDA: Viagra-like effect from Stiff Bull Herbal Coffee can pose serious health risks (

Orlando shooter phone call reveals jihadist intentions, censored by feds (

The DEA is worsening the war on drugs by banning kratom, a natural remedy known to treat chronic pain and addiction (

GAO Criticizes HHS Over Security Of Patient Health Records (

USSD confirms fake US embassy in Ghana was issuing fraudulent visas for 10 years (

Obama has placed more land and water under federal control than any other president in history (

Obama issues an executive order sanctioning Russian officials over unproven speculation, NOT proof (

Obama signs massive land grab in Nevada and Utah near Bundy ranch, setting up another potential clash as he leaves office (

George Washington rolls in his grave as university named after him stops requiring U.S. history course (

Tour de FARCE: US Intel report on Russian "interference" a hilarious parade of paranoia politics? zero evidence? just rehashed delusional conspiracy theories (

Online map of San Francisco tracks human feces so pedestrians can avoid the increasing human waste problem (

Top 10 ways the Obama administration sabotaged the healthy food and natural medicine industries (

REAL forensic investigation determines Barack Obama's birth certificate really was a Photoshop fake (

Trump's cabinet 'not opposed to responsible oil and gas development' - saving jobs, cutting taxes (

FBI can't agree with politicized CIA's faulty intelligence (

EPA and Obama administration finally admit fracking can affect our drinking water (

Here's another reason why Trump and the GOP need to keep their promise and blow up Obamacare (

Globalist Renzi loses referendum in Italy; will step down as country's prime minister (

Collusion: DEA bans plant medicines, then Big Pharma patents them for profits (

The CDC and media have hidden the vaccine injury court to downplay vaccine damage (

Finally: GOP sees a REAL chance under Trump to cut the size of the federal bureaucracy (

German government's fear of 'hate speech' leading to full-throttle censorship on Facebook (

New petition to Obama calls attention to harmful wireless radiation that causes DNA breakage (

CIA director: Agents dictate fake news to manipulate Americans (

Texas: Is medical freedom in jeopardy? (

Medicaid enrollment under Obamacare exploded; 110 percent higher than projected (

Oath Keepers rolling out nationwide intelligence effort to halt a leftist attempt at overthrowing the government (

More Parting Gifts: King Obama Admin Issues Hundreds Of Regulations In ONE Day (

Not Out Of The Woods: Congress Pressing Forward With Clinton Email Investigations (

President Irrelevant: Senior Border Patrol supervisors may start ignoring Obama immigration directives to stem expected rush (

The FALL of Hillary Clinton and the demise of the DNC (

Have you read how Donald Trump wants to actually SHRINK the federal government? You should? (

Lawless Obama openly calls for illegal aliens to VOTE... says they won't be deported even if caught (

Putin collecting US allies - could signal the end of the American Empire (

BREAKING: Racketeering indictment of Hillary Clinton now 'likely' as FOIA for Datto backup device reveals FBI possesses ALL the incriminating emails (

NSA whistleblower: DNC hack was US intelligence and Hillary's deleted emails are accesible (

Bundy Ranch occupiers acquitted on all counts after challenging the corrupt Bureau of Land Management (

Obama admin continues to escalate war with Russia (

Nice try, BLM and Obama: Respect for police in America at an all-time high (

Federal government accused of editing video evidence to protect bureau corruption (

Wikileaks proves Hillary behind long list of negative scandals pushed about Obama (

EPA: Toxic sediment under Lake Erie spreading towards Cleveland's intake water plant (

Obama admin may have skirted taxpayer privacy laws to attack political opponents (

American healthcare the most expensive on earth, yet failing at an unprecedented pace (

U.S. government spent $500 million for fake terrorist propaganda videos (

Citizens against vaccination will be among the first groups targeted by FEMA camps in America (

$7 billion in farmer subsidies puts the economic insanity of government farm policy on display (

Police departments sued by sexual assault victims; rape kits going untested for years (

5 devastating Obamacare facts every American should know (

Scientists and users furious over DEA ban on Kratom (

FDA: Viagra-like effect from Stiff Bull Herbal Coffee can pose serious health risks (

Controversy Erupts Over Ban Of Hot New Drug (

GAO criticizes HHS over security of patient health records (

CDC investigating multi-state ground beef E. coli outbreak (