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Confirmed AGAIN: Sodium nitrite preservative in processed meat causes breast cancer (Health) - 6 Hours Ago

Cancer for Christmas: All those tech gadgets raise your (and your child’s) risk of cancer, according to health officials (Health) - 8 Hours Ago

Sickle cell disease can be naturally remedied with bleeding-heart herb (Health) - 9 Hours Ago

Black seed honey treats wound infections caused by MRSA (Health) - 10 Hours Ago

Adjuvants found in vaccines have led to an increase of autoimmune disease (Health) - 16 Hours Ago

Homeopathic remedies for sciatic nerve pain (Health) - 25 Hours Ago

Vitamin E may be useful in maintaining bone quality (Health) - 25 Hours Ago

New hope for spinal cord injuries: Silk from moths can be used to stabilize the injury and promote repair, according to experts (Health) - 26 Hours Ago

Better outcomes for knee surgery: Topical application of natural compounds from soybeans found to stimulate collagen, reducing adhesion in the knee (Health) - 33 Hours Ago

New study reveals the vital role vitamin K2 plays in heart health (Health) - 35 Hours Ago

Adolescents who consume a high-fat diet are at an increased risk of PTSD when they're older (Health) - 45 Hours Ago

Recipe: How to make a natural, allergy-busting smoothie (Health) - 59 Hours Ago

Study shows children are still being prescribed opioid pain relievers despite federal warnings against the practice (Health) - 69 Hours Ago

SCIENTISTS: A compound found in this Chinese herbal medicine can be used to treat skin cancer (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Horseradish treats a variety of health conditions, from asthma to toothache to gout pain (Health) - 89 Hours Ago

A traditional herbal medicine may help alleviate arthritis symptoms (Health)

Studying the potential of the Arjun tree in managing blood sugar and cholesterol levels (Health)

Replacing rice and potatoes with lentils can decrease your risk of cancer by up to 50% (Health)

Are your dental fillings making you sick? The mercury in them could be destroying your gut (Health)

Turmeric OUTPERFORMS conventional chemotherapy drugs in treating all forms of cancer (Health)

The fruit of this local Pakistani plant significantly reduces oxidative stress in the body (Health)

The research is out: Probiotics are essential for healthy aging and disease prevention (Health)

Probiotics help body survive harmful effects of chemo better than antibiotics (Health)

Fermented cheese whey can reduce symptoms of atherosclerosis (Health)

You can prevent cancer by eating more fermented wheat germ extract (Health)

Meta-analysis confirms that vitamin D has a protective effect against colds and flu (Health) - 6 Hours Ago

Good for the lungs, too: Resveratrol found to reduce pulmonary toxicity (Health) - 8 Hours Ago

A popular anti-inflammatory plant in Korean medicine proven to be effective in alleviating atopic dermatitis (Health) - 9 Hours Ago

Amla can help prevent obesity (Health) - 10 Hours Ago

The true meaning of the 7 most DECEPTIVE marketing phrases used by Big Food and Big Pharma (Health) - 16 Hours Ago

Exercising too hard? Prevent heart damage with ginseng and red sage (Health) - 25 Hours Ago

Have you heard of the MIND diet? Learn how to boost your mental health with this new healthy eating plan (Health) - 26 Hours Ago

The common nettle can alleviate certain symptoms of IBD (Health) - 27 Hours Ago

Medicinal plants for skin disorders: Healers in rural areas of South Africa that don’t have modern healthcare effectively use plants without side effects (Health) - 33 Hours Ago

Roughly translated as "the tea of immortality", kombucha is a health drink you should be drinking more of (Health) - 35 Hours Ago

Neem oil found to be effective at fighting sleeping sickness (Health) - 45 Hours Ago

How mindfulness-based practices can help you lose weight (Health) - 59 Hours Ago

Noise pollution is bad for your heart: Living near constant noise increases incidence of cardiovascular disease (Health) - 69 Hours Ago

Camel's milk found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease from hypertension (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

TRUTH: Cannabis is in your DNA – watch at (Health) - 89 Hours Ago

Eat more chocolate and drink more green tea: Polyphenols found to help prevent obesity (Health)

Many people who think they caught the "flu" actually have SALMONELLA or E. coli poisoning (Health)

The cassia seed prevents acute lung injury, according to study (Health)

Umeboshi is a natural immune system booster: Just eating 2 plums a week can result in DRAMATIC changes to your health (Health)

New report finds that WiFi radiation is damaging the environment and wildlife (Health)

Treating hyperuricemia with the hairy-leafed apitong (Health)

12-year-old girl becomes paralyzed after being injected with Gardasil... doctors say it's all in her mind (Health)

Athletes who eat bee bread while training have higher running endurance (Health)

Compounds in human breast milk found to protect infants from Giardia infection (Health)

Not a smoker? Doesn't matter, because the SAME DEADLY CHEMICALS in cigarettes are also found in conventional food, medicine, and personal care products (Health)

Studies show that ordinary household dust may be the reason why you're fat and sick (Health) - 6 Hours Ago

The spikenard, a staple in traditional Chinese medicine, is an effective treatment for cardiovascular disease (Health) - 8 Hours Ago

The environmental impact of dying: Current burial practices have a huge carbon footprint - are eco-friendly solutions on the horizon? (Health) - 9 Hours Ago

Reiki is a cost-effective alternative treatment for lower back pain (Health) - 10 Hours Ago

A bad combo: Combining wheat and sugar can lead to inflammation (Health) - 17 Hours Ago

Three natural remedies that treat erectile dysfunction (Health) - 25 Hours Ago

Research suggests fad diets often lead to deficiency in essential nutrients (Health) - 26 Hours Ago

Taking too many gummy vitamins can lead to a plethora of health problems (Health) - 30 Hours Ago

Choose your cleaning products with care: Cleaning chemicals are associated with poor health conditions, from asthma to lung function decline (Health) - 33 Hours Ago

Milk thistle is not only good for your liver – it can protect you from the toxic effects of chemotherapy, too (Health) - 41 Hours Ago

Instead of eating, listen to music - Studies show that listening to tunes helps us cope with difficult emotions (Health) - 45 Hours Ago

Reminder: Organic cookies are still cookies – “organic” on the label isn’t a free pass (Health) - 59 Hours Ago

Hormone-based pregnancy test prescribed by doctors caused horrific birth defects... huge cover-up (Health) - 69 Hours Ago

Trees are good for your emotional health: Study determines living on the edge of a forest is good for your brain (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Ajwa dates preserve liver function in cancer patients (Health)

Treating Porphyromonas gingivalis with selected Sudanese medicinal plants (Health)

9 amazing health benefits of goldenberries (Health)

Natural remedy for colon cancer found in this "warm" TCM herb (Health)

Glutathione holds the key to managing over 100 autoimmune diseases known today (Health)

A Traditional Chinese Medicine herb, HuaJiao, found to be a powerful antioxidant (Health)

Bathing with this Chinese decoction eases symptoms of sclerosis (Health)

Want a younger brain? A polyphenol-rich extract of grape and blueberry found to reduce cognitive decline (Health)

Danshen, a traditional Chinese medicine, can be the key to treating oral cancer (Health)

Preventing renal injury in diabetic patients with a kudzu and shan zha mixture (Health)

The "False Iroko" tree shows promise in treating certain nervous disorders (Health)

New sensor helps prevent skin cancer by changing color when you’ve had too much sun, fits on a thumbnail (Health) - 8 Hours Ago

Music may trump medication for the mind: Scientists explore the ways music engages different brain regions for healing and therapeutic effects (Health) - 9 Hours Ago

Compound found in brown algae and sea cucumber found to inhibit formation of skin cancer and promote cancer cell death (Health) - 9 Hours Ago

The link between physical exercise and preventing depression (Health) - 12 Hours Ago

Natural remedies for dry scalp (Health) - 24 Hours Ago

Benign prostatic hyperplasia can be treated with the extract of Japanese rush root (Health) - 25 Hours Ago

The powerful medicinal potential of four little-known superfoods (Health) - 26 Hours Ago

Buckthorn, known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, found to protect against acute lung injury (Health) - 33 Hours Ago

A prophylactic experiment proves the effectiveness of charcoal tree in treating malaria (Health) - 34 Hours Ago

The research is clear: Acupuncture reduces chronic pain better than drugs (Health) - 41 Hours Ago

Quercetin, a plant pigment, helps neutralize damage from toxic pesticides (Health) - 52 Hours Ago

Research indicates that turmeric may help mitigate the growth of MRSA superbugs (Health) - 64 Hours Ago

Exercise CAN save your life, especially when it comes to brain health (Health) - 69 Hours Ago

Being deficient in magnesium increases your risk of pancreatic cancer by 76% (Health) - 89 Hours Ago

Natural mouthwashes made with mango kernel address halitosis symptoms effectively (Health)

Chaya is a fast-growing shrub that protects your liver (Health)

5 Herbs that are proven to naturally lower your blood pressure (Health)

Oils taken from the lemon-scented gum and the Monterey cypress can be used to treat bacterial infections (Health)

Understanding the medical dictatorship: Medicine has transformed into a business enterprise that is entirely removed from the science of healing (Health)

No wonder it's a superfood! Black seed treats a variety of diseases from arthritis to diabetes (Health)

Mood foods: How what you eat affects how you feel (Health)

Regular sauna bathing reduces your risk of vascular disease and mental health disorders, according to new study (Health)

A small annual herb found in India shows promise in gout treatment (Health)

Has the cure for MRSA been found? A traditional Côte d’Ivoire medicine shows great potential in treating the infection (Health)

Ulcerative colitis can be treated naturally with licorice (Health)