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Witness at Charlottesville: Townsfolk upset at BOTH Left and Right groups, warns this will destroy country if it gets out of hand\ ( - 9 Hours Ago

Mainstream media now attacking vegan documentary "What the Health" because it tells the truth about processed meat and disease (

CENSORSHIP ALERT: Mozilla planning "kill shot" for entire independent media by blocking all non-approved news in the FireFox browser (

The real goal of the intolerant Left is the outright extermination of conservative White culture (and elimination of the First Amendment) (

Amazon goes all-in for communist China censorship to suppress freedom of Chinese citizens (

Natural News targeted by sophisticated DDOS attack; Health Ranger suspects CDC behind "expensive" effort to silence debate on vaccine safety (

Facebook blocks all Natural News article posts to 2.2M fans after site posts White House petition citing immunization dangers (

"Inequality" DEBUNKED by the Health Ranger (

SCIENCE FOR SALE: Shocking emails reveal editor of food science journal was secretly on Monsanto's payroll at $400 per hour (

SCIENCE IS BROKEN: Shocking study reveals doctors reach "consensus" on anti-seizure medications despite a complete lack of evidence to support their decisions (

Amazon may allow software developers to read your private Alexa transcripts (

Mainstream media finally starting to cover stories about FOOD CURES working better than prescription drugs (

More fake news: White House DENIES Trump had 2nd "meeting with Putin," as media continues to push bogus "collusion" narrative (

Statin drugs exposed as a MEDICAL SHAM as new research finds "no evidence" of improved survival (

Pulitzer Prize-winning CNN journalist busted for fabricating fake news, resigns from CNN (

"Cold civil war" now exists in America: Is a HOT civil war on the horizon? (

Another way CNN constantly lies about everything: Selective editing (

Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients? without their consent (

NY Times FAIL: New attempt to resurrect the phony "Trump-Russia" narrative goes down in flames as prez lawyers cite DEMOCRAT collusion (

Greenwald: CNN has become a "creepy, bullying" propaganda network seeking vengeance against its critics (

Associated Press caught fabricating cabinet meeting that never happened in order to publish fake news (

Associated Press caught in fake news, retracts false claim that 17 intelligence agencies agree on Russian "interference" (

Journo-terrorist organization CNN now resorting to BLACKMAIL to silence people who criticize the network (

Writer for Bill Nye's transgender-pushing Netflix show celebrates shooting deaths of "old ass conservative white men" (

Health Ranger blasts "crybully" CNN for outrageous double standards, gross hypocrisy and very fake news (

Crybully Californians issue death threats to lawmakers after they shelve "universal health care" plan that would have bankrupted the state (

The REAL terrorists: "Mainstream" media continues to incite violence against Trump with its hate-filled rhetoric (

Canada just criminalized using the wrong gender pronouns in latest Orwellian "hate speech" insanity dreamed up by Leftists (

Neil deGrasse Tyson becomes the voice of EVIL, narrating new propaganda film "Food Evolution" produced by Monsanto shills and pesticide pushers (

Malware threat proves U.S. power grid much more vulnerable than previously believed (

Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods to create a dangerous monopoly on health products that are frequently contaminated with heavy metals, warns the Health Ranger (

Samsung takes spying to a whole new level as smartphone becomes ultimate big brother tool (

Brazen Baltimore shootout illustrates why you are not safe in the streets of America (

Deranged Bernie Sanders supporter attempts mass political executions of Republicans at softball game? has civil war begun? (

As expected, the disgusting fake news media is ignoring the most damning of all revelations made by James Comey (

CIA suffered MASSIVE loss of China intelligence assets during Obama administration, including deaths of operatives (

The Atlantic is complicit in the Vaccine Holocaust by blatantly covering up truth about vaccine adverse events (

ISIS borrows tactic from the vaccine industry by testing chemical weapons on human guinea pigs (

Twitter takes big step backward in new privacy policy rollout (

Boston Herald's call for mass murder of vaccine skeptics reveals underlying philosophy of VIOLENCE and DEATH underpinning the entire vaccine industry (

Science-based GMO website filters out corporate propaganda (

New York Times doesn't appear to require actual documented proof anymore when it comes to reporting on Trump (

Feds paid $900K to gain access to a single iPhone belonging to terror suspects, senator reveals (

Nearly all "hate crimes" turn out to be HOAXES perpetrated by liberals to stir up hatred against conservatives (

DNC bombshell: Murdered staffer Seth Rich sent THOUSANDS of emails to WikiLeaks, undermining entire bogus story that Russia "hacked" election (

California just purchased a slew of facial recognition cameras to SPY on all citizens, 24 hours a day (

Australia goes full big brother by dumping paper passports in favor of facial recognition (

Boston Herald calls for government-run execution squads to MASS MURDER naturopaths, scientists and journalists who oppose mercury in immunizations (

Health Ranger interview with SGT Report reveals independent media's pushback against Google censorship and YouTube demonetization (

International tribunal finds Monsanto guilty of crimes against humanity (

Leftists legitimize Antifa violence, claiming "self-defense" against free speech ( - 9 Hours Ago

Health Ranger denounces Alt-Right, Alt-Left, violence, censorship, totalitarianism, intolerance, racism and stupidity (

Google insiders warn "outright censorship" of the internet is Google's top priority? and everyone has been intimidated into silence (

YouTube videos to be censored by groups that don't see Left-Wing terrorism as a form of hatred or violence (

Editor of science journal that forced retraction of Seralini GMO study entered a promotional contract with Monsanto right before smearing the research (

Google a cesspool of anti-conservative hatred, bigotry and intolerance? employees speak out ( exposed as Monsanto propaganda rag in newly released court emails (

Discredited says self-reliant homesteaders are "delusional" and "mooching" off "civil society" (

U.S. employees agree to be microchipped for "convenience" ? media pushes RFID tracking as a benefit to workers (

Physician-assisted suicide now legal in Washington D.C. (

Why black pastors are suing Coca-Cola: More brothers killed by "sweets" than "the streets" (

Is it legal to covertly record your doctor? Make sure you understand the law before attempting it (

States quietly giving judges the power to confiscate guns without due process (

CNN labeled "a disgrace to all journalism" for producing endless stream of very fake news (

CNN's rating go down the drain as viewers overwhelmingly reject FAKE news network (

Big Food starts anti-coconut oil campaign again, despite studies showing its great for your health (

EU government cover-up under way to hide UFO files (

Join the Natural News effort to ask President Trump to pardon Amish man Sam Girod, thrown in prison for selling an herbal salve (

CNN is for losers; disgraced network uses Sesame Street puppets to attack Trump's travel ban (

Vaccine-pushing mainstream media now pretending that chicken pox is a deadly medical emergency (it used to be considered no big deal) (

CNN blackmails Reddit user who created Trump meme, threatens ID retaliation: Did network have help from parent Time-Warner? (

Ted Cruz just came up with the perfect health care reform: Real consumer CHOICE and FREEDOM (

Intolerance wars: Chicago "Dyke March" won't allow Jewish star on gay flags because it makes people feel "unsafe" (

Merkel warns: "In 20 years' time, we will need a special permit to drive a car ourselves." (

Thanks to fake news from CNN, NYT and WashPost, journalism is now officially DEAD across the establishment media (

CNN's ongoing PSYOP against America: Seditious network little more than Marxist Left propaganda machine and should be investigated (

CIA discovered to be routinely hacking home Wi-Fi routers made by Linksys, DLink and Belkin to monitor all your internet traffic (

Forbes pushes anti-gun agenda by putting children in the crosshairs (

How Alex Jones made Megyn Kelly look like a complete FOOL (

FAKEBOOK: Facebook caught sponsoring hoax advertisements? again (

High-rise building with 27 floors goes up in flames, yet doesn't uniformly collapse like WTC 7? ever wonder why? (

Mandatory vaccinations are assaults with a deadly weapon (

JOURNO-TERRORISM: New York Times now openly sponsoring a public depiction of the assassination of President Trump (

DERANGED: Violent left-wing public performance of "Shakespeare in the Park" features a mass stabbing of President Trump (

Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance interviewed by the Health Ranger (

Finally: U.S. contractor arrested, charged with sending classified NSA intelligence to a news outlet (

Raw milk on trial in Ontario, court could permanently shut down sales (

Al Gore is a genocidal depopulation cultist who won't stop until all humanity is destroyed, warns new science video (

Exclusive - Adam Carolla and Dennis Prager Talk Smashing the Left's Safe Spaces: "When You Confront the Cowards, They Flee" (

Obstruction of justice? Wasserman Schulz appears to threaten DC police chief with "consequences" for investigating her IT staff's alleged crimes (

Washington Post exposed as a CIA front propaganda rag working to overthrow the Trump administration and install political puppets (

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg says "Global superstructure" needed to advance humanity under totalitarian control (

Google "smart cities" could lead to violations of privacy rights and the infringement of your liberty (

MSM buries biggest story of the year of murdered DNC staffer's connection to Wikileaks, with yet another fake news story (

Boston Herald says vaccine skeptics should be HANGED by the medical establishment for daring to say mercury is dangerous to children (

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson now says he wants to run for President? Idiocracy is almost here (

Former Facebook executive: Zuckerberg is LYING about exploiting emotional vulnerabilities of its users to reap ad profits (

The 'adpocalypse': War on independent media rages on - as censorship escalates, Indy media and their supporters fight back with a vengeance (

Why isn't there a medical Edward Snowden? (

American Democracy: A Dead Man Walking (

InfoWars teams with Diamond and Silk in lawsuit against Google for discrimination and censorship (

Americans are being manipulated into hating one another so that the Left can usher in an authoritarian government - don't fall for it (

Google joins Monsanto among the most evil corporations in the world by announcing ban on anything it considers a "conspiracy theory" (

Nationwide #MarchOnGoogle announced for Saturday, August 19th, across 9 U.S. cities (

Facebook declares WAR on CHILDREN: Censors independent science that tries to protect infants from medical harm (

Natural News targeted in massive, well-funded, multi-nation DDoS attack to silence debate on vaccines (

YouTube just announced new rigging scheme that will allow it to censor videos about vaccines or statin drugs (

BIG BROTHER ROBOTS: Roomba pursuing plan to share 3D maps of your private home with Google, Apple and Amazon (

FAKE NEWS ALERT: CNN falsely claims "transgender man" gave birth to a baby boy (

Zoo covered up massive "penguin massacre" to avoid freaking out visitors (

Top 5 associations and organizations that invest in the destruction of the health of Americans (

Doctors are prescribing DEADLY fentanyl for cash and lavish dinners, reveals report (

The Biotech industry is taking over the regulation of GMOs from the inside. (

Guidestar non-profit ratings organization withdraws left-wing "hate" labels after realizing the SPLC is itself a hate group (

NHS bureaucrats secretly hid truth about contaminated blood being used in transfusions (

Health Ranger calls out Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Dan Bongino for "free market" mistake that pushes pharma monopoly (

Citizens of Italy unleash mass protests against mandatory vaccination law (

Did the Deep State plan it's bogus "Russia narrative" to discredit Trump because they believed all along he would BEAT Hillary Clinton? (

CNN goes "full retard" into fake news by airing a totally fake National Enquirer as if it were real (

How CNN poisoned the minds of Americans (and destroyed media credibility for the next decade) (

New York Times caught in yet more fake news, forced to retract lie that "17 intelligence agencies" concluded Russians hacked U.S. elections (

Associated Press caught in fake news, retracts false claim that 17 intelligence agencies agree on Russian "interference" (

For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma's failed medical monopoly (

BUSTED: Another undercover media sting exposes CNN producer who says American voters "stupid as s**t" (

BOMBSHELL: FBI agent indicted for LYING about Robert LaVoy Finicum shooting during 2016 Oregon wildlife refuge standoff (

After running fake news to destroy Trump, CNN host now declares it all "needs to stop" right now (

Amazon patents technology to CENSOR your mobile device from checking competing prices while browsing Whole Foods stores? the monopoly steamroller continues (

WINNING: Fluoride Action Network has forced U.S. courts to review fluoride toxicity in drinking water (

Food Evolution film created by Monsanto shills and propaganda front groups like the ACSH, run by a convicted felon (

Advertisers now expertly manipulating gullible liberals to promote global corporate brands (

Megyn Kelly blows it with Alex Jones hit piece (

A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering (

Attempted mass shooting of Republicans at softball game reminds us we must REJECT the hatred and violence of the deranged Left (

Yahoo selling out to Verizon, the NSA surveillance front-end that spies on everyone (

If you believe in liberty, you should be using the BRAVE browser (not chrome)? here's why (

CONFIRMED: Under the direction of James Comey, the FBI masterminded terrorist acts and actively recruited terrorists to attack America (

A list of 100 things that liberals hate about America (

Damning legislation would give corporations the power to forcibly vaccinate you and collect your DNA records (

The New American is the latest publication to get punished by Google's "fake news" algorithm (

$142 million dollars has been paid out to families from the secret vaccine injury fund so far in 2017 (

FASCIST Hollywood cancels Tim Allen's show because he dared expose the Nazi-style Leftist regime that runs the town (

Peer-reviewed science journal gets HOAXED by fake science paper that claims PENISES cause climate change (

Mainstream media conspiring with Google to rig all search results and silence dissenting views? Google becomes "fake search" (

Did Trump tape conversations he had with former FBI Director James Comey to protect himself? ( publishes emails from Boston Herald's hate-filled VACCINE MURDER advocate Rachelle Cohen (

William Shatner eviscerates transgender activist on Twitter over "misandry" issue (

Student data being sold to the highest bidder as privacy rights have gone down the drain (

40-year investigation reveals who really killed Martin Luther King, Jr. (and it's not what you've been told from official sources) (

There has been a substantial rise in "fake law" as activist federal judges seek to resist Trump (

Shameful VA denies Pearl Harbor survivor a hearing aid because they can't find his paperwork (

Campus "tolerance" on parade as WHITE or STRAIGHT students banned from LGBTQ "safe space" (

Tesla Model 3 cars come with secret cameras that watch the DRIVER ? Is this vehicle a SPY tool? (

Memo to Merck CEO Ken Frazier: Your company has easily killed 100,000 times the number of those killed in Charlottesville violence (

Diamond and Silk get the axe: Google, Facebook and YouTube on black censorship RAMPAGE to silence all pro-Trump voices by any means possible (

Legal group warns 11 California counties: Clean up your voter registration rolls or face federal lawsuit (

Elon Musk is right to point out that Mark Zuckerberg is a tech moron who knows nothing about the risks of AI (

Disclosed emails prove that SCIENCE has been totally corrupted by Monsanto, and regulators have become prostitutes and shills for GMOs (

New "Monsanto Papers" add to questions of regulatory collusion, scientific mischief (

California voters threaten to kill legislators if they don't bankrupt the state with unlimited health care benefits for all (

Elon Musk totally fabricates absurd claim that he has "verbal approval" to build massive underground transportation infrastructure in five East Coast cities (

STUPID: California sued for not providing free health care to Latinos (

All media coverage of "measles outbreaks" is scripted FAKE NEWS to promote vaccine industry interests (

Patagonia donated over $60K to Planned Parenthood; supported human trafficking and child labor in its supply chain (

Think fake news is bad? Take a look at the even larger problem of fake medical research (

Exposing the truth about painkillers: The warnings and solutions (

Fake news gatekeeper Chuck Todd defends CNN's irresponsible and inaccurate reporting (

Fake news CNN treats its own audience like Sesame Street viewers: ELMO the puppet now used to push pro-refugee "news" (

Join the nationwide call to stop CNN broadcasts across U.S. airports? it's time to blackball fake news (

New York Times caught in yet more fake news, forced to retract lie that "17 intelligence agencies" concluded Russians hacked U.S. elections (

Popular author arrested in Canada for smuggling "hate speech" on his iPad (

Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the list of the world's most EVIL propagandists who push poison in the name of "science" (

CNN retracts conspiracy hit piece after realizing it's such FAKE NEWS that even CNN can't stomach it (

STAND! - American Freedom Event announced for July 15th in Las Vegas, to free the political prisoners in the USA, jailed under the Obama regime (

For America to survive, we must declare independence from Big Pharma's failed medical monopoly (

Every person labeled a "conspiracy theorist" for declaring CNN to be fake news was just completely vindicated (

CNN now fully exposed as fake news central after senior producer calls Trump-Russia narrative "bulls**t" in new undercover video (

CNN credibility collapses under weight of fake news scandal? "no longer a news organization" (

Food Evolution film a cesspool of pesticide industry propaganda, narrated by GMO propagandist Neil deGrasse Tyson (

RUMOR: Jeff Bezos to reverse Whole Foods' promise to label GMOs on everything by 2018 (

New surveillance satellites can now record real time video of ALL car movements in an entire region, allowing governments to build a timeline of your vehicle travel (

Facebook goes all in for Communist China, BANS tribute to Tiananmen Square massacre victims (

Fascist Google could face a slap on the wrist for rigging search results (

Facebook plan uncovered to SPY on users through their own smartphone cameras to analyze their facial expressions (

Coverup? D.C. hospitals refuse to answer Seth Rich murder questions (

EFF sues FBI: Best Buy's Geek Squad informants violate Fourth Amendment rights (

CNN, AP caught staging fake news protest in London to help cover up radical terrorism attack (

Liberal judges are desperately trying to BLOCK undercover Planned Parenthood abortion videos (

Kathy Griffin sums up the deranged, violent, lunatic Left with video of the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump (

"Mainstream" media lives in ALTERNATE universe where Obama never did anything wrong and Seth Rich wasn't murdered for leaking DNC emails to Wikileaks (

FDA to use millions in taxpayer dollars to promote GMO propaganda (

Left-wing media attempting "a coup against our right to govern ourselves" (

Why Believing Fake News CNN May Get You KILLED (Video) (

Texas A&M celebrates a racist, genocidal murder advocate because of the color of his skin (

After disarming its citizens, Venezuelan government now uses armored vehicles as weapons to ram into crowds of protesters (

Massive corporate consolidation of local news underway (

Complexities of a "Post-Truth" Era (

EMERGENCY Action Item: Join us in reporting Boston Herald journo-terrorists to the Boston FBI and Boston Police (

Coca-Cola teams up with grocery giant Albertsons to steal your smartphone information ? invasive "Minority Report" marketing goes mainstream (

How to solve the "healthcare crisis" - let states come up with their OWN plans (

NYT, CNN publish provably FAKE news regarding New England Patriots' visit to the White House (