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Kabul Bombing Kills at Least 80 in High-Traffic Area (Video) (

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Scientists Confirmed That High Amounts of Exercise Combat Aging (Video) (

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Health Concerns: Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain (Video) (

Correct Sleeping Positions Relieve Pain: Fix Your Problems Using Science (Video) (

Islam and Terrorism - "Those Who Tolerate This Intolerance Do So at Their Own Peril" (Video) (

ISIS Takes Credit for Manchester Massacre (Video) (

Meet an American HERO: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Video) (

Which Political Party Has Been More Supportive of Racial Equality and Civil Rights? (Video) (

Maxine Waters Goes On Insane Rant: Trump is a Direct Russian Agent of Putin (Video) (

A 22-Year-Old Has Raised $30 Million to Fund a New Ocean Clean-up Plan (Video) (

10 Alien Like Technologies on Earth (Video) (

Monsanto's Dangerous GMOs Still Contaminate Many of Our Foods Today (Video) (

Why Today's 'Liberals' are the REAL Extremists (Video) (

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Help Save Azure Organic Farms! (Video) (

The Majority of People Are Going Broke Because of This Mistake (Video) (

The Health Ranger deconstructs the REAL economics of health care reform (and why you have to reform Big Pharma first) (

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Bitcoin Enters PONZI Scheme Stage (Video) (

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers: The Worst Crash In Our Lifetime is Coming Soon (Video) (

President Trump Delivers Statement After Virginia Shooting (Video) (

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin Is Mania, Not a Store of Value (Video) (

31,487 Scientists Signed "The Global Warming Petition Project" Proving There Is NO Climate Change Alarm (Video) (

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Climate Change Is MASS HYPNOSIS of Obedient Sheeple (Video) (

Government Hearing Concludes Mercury in Vaccines Has Never Been Tested For Safety (Video) (

Boston Herald Calls for Mass Executions of Anti-Vaxxers (Video) (

End of the Empire: Fake News, Censorship and the Coming Collapse (Video) (

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BitRAPED - How Bitcoin Is Not a Magical Source of Wealth Creation (Video) (

Campus Insanity: Angry Student Mob Calls for A "Day Without White People" (Video) (

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Zika Virus Vaccine Genetically Re-Engineers Your DNA (Video) (

The Rothschild Family: One Family to Rule Them All? (Video) (

Hexavalent Chromium (Chromium-6) Was Just Found in 75% of Drinking Water (Video) (

Whoops! CRISPR DNA Editing Could Cause Hundreds of Mutations (Video) (

Why the Health Care System Will End up as SINGLE PAYER (Socialized Medicine) (

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US Govt. Releases Vaccine Injury Payout Figures (Video) (

Anonymous - Message to President Donald Trump (Video) (

Space Junk May Soon Prohibit Future Space Travel, Weather and GPS Satellites (Video) (

James Comey LIED to America over Criminal Investigation of Hillary Clinton (Video) (

Comey Admits He Leaked Info to Media About Trump (Video) (

Education: Your Children Are Being Turned Into Social Justice Warriors (Video) (

Fall of the Age of Reason (Video) (

Professor/Climatologist Quits over Climate "Craziness" and Conformity Theories (Video) (

FAKE NEWS: CNN Caught Staging a Peace Protest Group (Video) (

Climatologist Exposes Global Warming Groupthink: Scientists Politically Pressured to Conform to the Consensus (Video) (

Putin and Megyn Kelly Discuss the Russian Hacking "Conspiracy" (Video) (

LONDON Terror Attacks Will Continue! (Video) (

This Is Why You Must Stop Watching TV (Video) (

Why The Paris Climate Agreement is a Scam (Video) (

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Venezuela Tyranny Proves Why the Second Amendment Matters (Video) (

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Keep Your Gut Healthy With Turmeric (Video) (

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