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Six reasons why the Hillary Clinton nomination was completely rigged and illegitimate (Newstarget.com)

NFL Hall of Famer Jim Brown: Trump won 'fair and square' - 'I'm going to support him as president' (Newstarget.com)

McCain playing dirty - admits he handed in document outlining claims of Kremlin blackmail to FBI (Newstarget.com)

Nicole Kidman: It's time to accept, support Trump (Newstarget.com)

Fact check: These 4 mainstream outlets falsely BLAMED Trump supporters for arson attack (Newstarget.com)

Hollywood's favorite Clinton-supporter Meryl Streep goes on self-righteous rant about Trump at the Golden Globes (Newstarget.com)

How George Soros Destroyed The Democratic Party (Newstarget.com)

NY judge forcing Trump to sit for multi-hour deposition for dispute with disgruntled celebrity chef (Newstarget.com)

Thank you for a revolutionary year throughout 2016? Here's why 2017 may be the most astonishing (and dangerous) year of our lives (Newstarget.com)

If Democrats ran the Olympics, losers would all get gold medals, and winners would be accused of working for the Russians (Naturalnews.com)

Media wildly exaggerates "weapons" of student busted entering Trump Tower (Newstarget.com)

Trump secures victory in Electoral College, as bid to flip electors flops (Newstarget.com)

Woman claiming to be attacked by three 'anti-Muslim' Trump supporters was just charged for filing fake report (Newstarget.com)

Michael Moore: 'Donald Trump is gonna get us killed' (Newstarget.com)

Kanye West meets with Donald Trump at Trump Tower (Newstarget.com)

BuzzFeed claims that white people are a 'plague' to the planet (Newstarget.com)

CNN accused of racist discrimination against black employees, after labeling Trump a 'racist' (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing media morons praise Fidel Castro as a "reformer" rather than the mass murderer he really was (Newstarget.com)

Trump team shaping up to include strong anti-trust leaders who may challenge monopolies like Google, Facebook and Amazon (Naturalnews.com)

Media falsely spinning Trump climate comments (Naturalnews.com)

President Trump's Attorney General May Crackdown on Tech Companies and Encryption (Newstarget.com)

Trump hasn't even taken office yet and he's already saving and creating jobs (Biggovernment.news)

Jeff Bridges isn't just rooting for Trump, he's fascinated by America's potential cabinet (Newstarget.com)

Recount demand shows Team Hillary and Democrats are complete hypocrites when they lose (Freedom.news)

Jill Stein has become a national disgrace... shady recount effort nothing but a moneymaking scam to entice depressed liberals with false hope (Naturalnews.com)

Leftist media tries to push gun control agenda using OSU knife attack? where no gun was used (Newstarget.com)

Moving to Canada Now That Trump Won? Here Is Your Guide 'Where to Go' (Video) (Talknetwork.com)

Jill Stein is the Clinton machine's 'recount puppet'... bilking liberal donors for millions in a last-ditch effort to steal the election for Hillary (Naturalnews.com)

Grudgingly, the establishment press is having to admit that life under Trump won't be so bad after all (Freedom.news)

The Democratic Party makes the greatest case for secession - and traditional America should let them go (Freedom.news)

Election triumph: Natural News honors the leaders of truth who achieved this great victory for America (Naturalnews.com)

84 percent of Americans say they accept Donald Trump as their president, including three fourths of Hillary supporters (Naturalnews.com)

Stress expert claims the media is to blame for post-Trump unrest (Naturalnews.com)

Majority of anti-Trump protestors arrested didn't even vote (Newstarget.com)

Rows of buses caught on tape PROVE anti-Trump protests are orchestrated and funded (Newstarget.com)

EXCLUSIVE: Leftist forces planning takeover of U.S. Capitol Building on Inauguration Day to thwart Trump presidency (Naturalnews.com)

Chelsea Clinton to run for Congress in NYC's 17th district after incumbent retires (Newstarget.com)

Dave Chappelle: "I'm wishing Donald Trump luck and I'm going to give him a chance" (Newstarget.com)

Immigration, healthcare and jobs are going to be President Trump's first priorities (Newstarget.com)

Notice how social media sites like Twitter aren't banning accounts of Leftists calling for the assassination of Donald Trump? (Naturalnews.com)

Get ready for violence and war in the streets as Leftists pledge 'people must die' following Trump victory (Bugout.news)

CIVIL WAR: Violent Leftists openly call for death of Trump supporters (Naturalnews.com)

There's a strong possibility that Huma Abedin is a Saudi spy working to overthrow the U.S. with the Clintons (Newstarget.com)

Election of Donald Trump proves that the power of the people can overcome corruption and a 'rigged' system (Naturalnews.com)

Leaked emailed evidence alleges 'charity' foundation PAID for Chelsea Clinton's wedding (Newstarget.com)

The biggest Wikileaks revelations so far on Hillary Clinton (Newstarget.com)

Trump takes lead in ABC/WaPo poll after Hillary had 13 point advantage one week ago (Newstarget.com)

Incredible video demonstrates how election theft mechanism can be used to rig the election (Naturalnews.com)

New undercover video reveals ease of VOTE FRAUD in New York (Naturalnews.com)

Comey's FBI 'clearing' of Hillary Clinton may seal Donald Trump's victory (Newstarget.com)

Here are the Democrats who are skipping Trump's inauguration (Newstarget.com)

The top 10 Trump myths (Naturalnews.com)

Anti-Trump leftists caught on video plotting inauguration terrorist acts, chemical attacks and mass violence? weapons cache discovered with guns and ammo (Naturalnews.com)

Trump's America: Stanley Black & Decker plans to move more manufacturing back to US, bringing hundreds of jobs with it (Newstarget.com)

Bernie Sanders: Trump won because democrats are out of touch (Newstarget.com)

President Trump to bypass the lying mainstream media and report directly to the American voters (Naturalnews.com)

Democrats scramble to convince and prevent their own from joining Trump's team (Newstarget.com)

Mariah Carey's voice box was hacked by the Russians! (satire) (Naturalnews.com)

As terrorism spreads in Europe, Trump seems set to stick to his plan regarding Muslim migration to the U.S. (Freedom.news)

California should be stripped of Electoral College votes due to high number of illegals in the CA census (Naturalnews.com)

Electoral voter death threats backfire: Hillary Clinton loses four, Donald Trump wins in an electoral landslide (Naturalnews.com)

DNC "hacker" identified as Democrat insider, not the Russians? it was a "leak" not a "hack" (Newstarget.com)

We need constitutionally mandated term limits for Congress (Newstarget.com)

Ministry of Truth bill advances in Congress (Newstarget.com)

The Russians did it! Idiot RINOs still blaming Moscow for Trump win (Freedom.news)

Trump is condemned for talking to liberty-loving Taiwan President? but Obama cozied up with dictators (Newstarget.com)

The end of the mainstream media is rapidly approaching (Newstarget.com)

Google had been secretly working to install Hillary Clinton in the White House (Newstarget.com)

Obama urged to pardon NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden (Newstarget.com)

Good call, Trump: It's time America recognized Taiwan as a sovereign nation (and rejected the bullying of communist China) (Naturalnews.com)

President Trump's Attorney General May Crackdown on Tech Companies and Encryption (Newstarget.com)

They'll never learn: House democrats re-elect Nancy Pelosi as leader (Newstarget.com)

Five times the lying mainstream media was caught publishing 'fake news' (Newstarget.com)

Iran won't get the message the U.S. isn't to be messed with until President Trump sends it (Nationalsecurity.news)

ALL-OUT WAR: Pro-Hillary leftists issuing wave of death threats to force Electoral College voters to switch to Clinton (Naturalnews.com)

SHE'S BAAAACK! Ten radical ways the lawless left is planning to put Hillary Clinton back into the White House on January 20 (Naturalnews.com)

The Donald Trump Mainstream Media Won't Show You (Video) (Talknetwork.com)

Trump supporters on reddit are mailing salt to the New York Times (Newstarget.com)

'Draining the swamp' - Trump campaign keeping ALL lobbyists off transition team (Biggovernment.news)

Claim: Violent leftists are planning a "Marxist" coup in America to prevent Trump from taking office (Newstarget.com)

Trump is playing everyone: Of course he's going to prosecute Hillary Clinton... he's just posturing to prevent an Obama pardon (Naturalnews.com)

Tip for Trump: Term limits can only be passed by exempting currently elected officials (Naturalnews.com)

FAKE NEWS: All the networks that reported 'You can keep your doctor' or blamed the DNC email hack on the Russians were knowingly spewing fake news (Naturalnews.com)

Ten mind-blowing, historic events you will likely witness in the next 100 days (Naturalnews.com)

Donald Trump's 7-point healthcare plan (Naturalnews.com)

Trump Acceptance Resistance Disorder is a pattern of pathologically dissociative and psychotic behavior, first observed in the late hours of November 8th (Naturalnews.com)

The left attacks Facebook for being 'unbiased' and not helping Hillary win the election (Newstarget.com)

Was George Soros just exposed as the hand behind the Trump protests? (Newstarget.com)

We just saved the masses from a political cult of propaganda, lies and state-run hypnosis (Newstarget.com)

FAIL: All the major polls were wrong, which should tell you everything you need to know about the corrupt media (Naturalnews.com)

Trump victory for America is also a DEFEAT of the globalists (Newstarget.com)

MEMO to Trump: Do not waver, and do not compromise; We the People got your back (Naturalnews.com)

Hillary Supporters burn American, riot, threaten to kill Trump after losing election (Newstarget.com)


VA governor grants 60k felons voting rights, could swing state to Clinton (Newstarget.com)

This is what Anonymous wanted you to know about Hillary Clinton's leaked emails (Newstarget.com)

Have you read how Donald Trump wants to actually SHRINK the federal government? You should? (Newstarget.com)

America's ruling elite has failed and deserves to be fired (Naturalnews.com)

Any election without nationwide mandatory voter ID is a farce... Democrats hate democracy (Naturalnews.com)

Comey's FBI 'clearing' of Hillary Clinton may seal Donald Trump's victory (Newstarget.com)

Donald Trump already doing more to hammer pharmaceuticals and vaccines than Hillary Clinton could have ever dreamed (Newstarget.com)

The truth about Trump: CIA completely discredited after caught peddling BuzzFeed false smears as facts (Naturalnews.com)

Anti-Trump leftists caught on video plotting inauguration terrorist acts, chemical attacks and mass violence? weapons cache discovered with guns and ammo (Newstarget.com)

PLEASE, Hollywood, shut down completely while Trump makes America great again (Naturalnews.com)

Has Trump's wall idea caught on with our soon-to-be ex-president? (Freedom.news)

The stats are in: Democrats are fading out nationwide (Newstarget.com)

Democrats see a rich future for US under Trump, now attempting to block him from profiting from it (Newstarget.com)

Coward assails Ivanka Trump and her children on a flight, proving once again that Leftists are the true bullies (Freedom.news)

Leftist "tolerance" on display as unhinged liberals call for genocide against whites and attacks on conservative "cripples" (Newstarget.com)

How many foreign elections has the USA interfered with over the last 50 years? (Naturalnews.com)

Death threats from unhinged Leftists did nothing to sway Electoral College outcome; electors ignored the idiots and did their duty (Naturalnews.com)

The Atlantic to hire discredited writer who suggested Donald Trump is having sex with his own daughter (Newstarget.com)

Incoming Trump administration should investigate elector death threats and make arrests (Freedom.news)

Radical Left launches website to raise money for assassinating Donald Trump (Newstarget.com)

Education: The Left's Long Game of Social Change (Propaganda.news)

The leftist mainstream media loves China and Cuba but hates Taiwan and America (Newstarget.com)

PC police now working to ban literature they don't like ? 'To Kill a Mockingbird' on censorship list (Newstarget.com)

Trump named TIME's person of the year for 2016 (Newstarget.com)

Has the drop in parents spanking their kids contributed to the rise of whining liberals? (Newstarget.com)

Liberal university indoctrinating students to believe the Founding Fathers were terrorists (Newstarget.com)

Ron Paul lashes out at WaPo's witch hunt: "Expect such attacks to continue" (Newstarget.com)

George Soros should be arrested for sedition and put on trial (Freedom.news)

Why Jill Stein's voter recount is preposterous, won't change anything for Hillary (Newstarget.com)

Trump: CNN is a "network of liars" (Newstarget.com)

Obama is handing out medals to obedient supporters that donated big money to democrats (Newstarget.com)

Trey Gowdy's Fierce Warning to Obama About Threatening the Constitution (Video) (Talknetwork.com)

Don't let the conniving mainstream media convince you that Trump isn't the man you voted for - he IS (Freedom.news)

US citizenship is ending: The plot to breakup America is underway (Newstarget.com)

Hate crimes proven false are still being blamed on Trump supporters by the media (Newstarget.com)

Jon Stewart calls out 'hypocrisy' of the Left for falsely branding Trump voters as racist (Newstarget.com)

Ron Paul reveals hit list of alleged "fake news" journalists (Newstarget.com)

Ten surprising facts you didn't know about Donald Trump and the Health Ranger: Marrying immigrants, fighting for truth and expressing deep compassion for fellow human beings (Naturalnews.com)

Anti-Trump protesters block ambulance resulting in death of 4-year-old girl's father (Newstarget.com)

Are globalists trying to deny Brexit though voters clearly want out of the EU? (Newstarget.com)

Liberal media push fake Trump hate crime information - even after it is proven to be a hoax (Newstarget.com)

Swedish chef violently assaulted by 'Muslim men' because he 'looks like Trump' (Newstarget.com)

Is the TPP dead? Congress ensures that it will NOT be passed under Trump (Naturalnews.com)

Sanders: Democrats lost elections because they focused on 'Liberal Elite,' not working class (Newstarget.com)

Just want to fight: Anti-Trump rioters destroy city before brawling each other (caught on video) (Newstarget.com)

Whining, sore-loser leftist women now claiming ALL humans with a vagina should have voted for Hillary... just 'cuz (Naturalnews.com)

Hillary to be permanently silenced by the globalists (Newstarget.com)

WOW: Huffington Post's 98% prediction of Hillary victory makes it one of the biggest chumps in online news (Naturalnews.com)

BEWARE: The Empire will strike back in 2017 with an orchestrated, apocalyptic market crash to try to destroy Trump (Naturalnews.com)

WikiLeaks uncovers Clinton money laundering operation - 'If this story gets out, we are screwed.' (Newstarget.com)

Forbes.com goes full retard, says Mark Zuckerberg should be President? seriously (Newstarget.com)

Podesta email: 'Where would you stick the knife in' to destroy Bernie? (Newstarget.com)

'Treason': Homeland Security Chairman Blasts Hillary Over Emails [VIDEO] (Newstarget.com)

We the People are TAKING AMERICA BACK from the lawless, corrupt, incompetent criminals running Washington and the media (Naturalnews.com)

Black box voting machines PROGRAMMED to switch Trump votes to Hillary... blatant theft of democracy under way in Pennsylvania (Naturalnews.com)

Guccifer: Hillary Clinton is a high priest in satanic shadow group (Newstarget.com)

Anti-Trump protester sets himself on fire outside Trump's D.C. hotel (Newstarget.com)

The truth about Trump: CIA completely discredited after caught peddling BuzzFeed false smears as facts (Newstarget.com)

Trump defends Cabinet picks disagreeing with him: They should "express their own thoughts" (Newstarget.com)

Orchestrated witch hunt? BuzzFeed publishing unverified claims about Trump (Naturalnews.com)

Sick video surfaces on social media showing slashing and beating of kidnapped Trump supporter (Newstarget.com)

Are violent Left-wing anarchists plotting major disruptions during Trump's inauguration? (Bugout.news)

Dolce & Gabbana face backlash from liberals after thanking Melania Trump for donning the designer (Newstarget.com)

OUTRAGEOUS: Election hacks traced back to Obama's Department of Homeland Security (Newstarget.com)

Democrat donors just paid $3.5 million to help Trump gain 131 votes in Wisconsin's official recount (Newstarget.com)

Texas husband and wife stand their ground together, shooting muggers after attempted assault (Newstarget.com)

Congratulations-and a warning-for President-elect Donald Trump (Freedom.news)

Simplicity of DNC email hack proves politicians know nothing about national security (Newstarget.com)

'Hamilton Electors' plan to strip presidency from Trump (Newstarget.com)

Financial fallout beginning after Italian voters rejected another globalist leader (Newstarget.com)

Hillary reemerges, slams "dangerous epidemic" of fake news (Newstarget.com)

HuffPost editor jokes about destroying Trump ballots; FBI investigates (Newstarget.com)

Will President Trump dismantle dangerous vaccine mandates that harm children across America? (Naturalnews.com)

Donald Trump will attempt to dismantle the EPA ?is it possible? (Naturalnews.com)

Trump's hip-pocket diplomacy has the media freaking out (Freedom.news)

This law could allow Trump to undo all of Obama's recently passed 'last-minute' regulations (Newstarget.com)

Reddit CEO admits changing comments to direct users' insults at pro-Trump moderators (Newstarget.com)

Symone Sanders: More proof that Democrats are the party of racism and racists (Freedom.news)

How the Washington Post lost its Pulitzer Prize by faking the news (Naturalnews.com)

Hillary's open borders policy was perfect strategy for Al Qaeda to overrun the USA, admits terrorist mastermind (Newstarget.com)

Trump Effect: Ford announces it will keep manufacturing plant in Kentucky (Newstarget.com)

Trump Women vs. Hillary Women (Video) (Talknetwork.com)

Flashback: Trump-trashing journalists oozed over Obama's '08 transition (Newstarget.com)

Draining the swamp gets underway as Trump bans corporate lobbyists from his administration (Newstarget.com)

Hilarious: self-proclaimed 'communist comrades' arrested after attacking Trump supporters in Texas (Newstarget.com)

Trump to push for nationwide concealed carry so that citizens everywhere can defend themselves against violence (Newstarget.com)

Federal authorities say they will investigate all Twitter death threats against Trump (Newstarget.com)

BROADWAY BULLIES: 'Safe space' liberal actors target theater GUESTS for mass humiliation in the name of 'tolerance' (Naturalnews.com)

Why Trump should pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden (Newstarget.com)

Trump confirms he will not accept the $400,000 presidential salary or be taking many vacations (Newstarget.com)

President of university founded by Jefferson asked to not quote Jefferson (Newstarget.com)

Delusional bubble of uninformed voters just shattered by ULTIMATE reality check (Naturalnews.com)

Where's the feminist outrage as #RapeMelania trends on Twitter? (Naturalnews.com)

Donald Trump picks Reince Priebus as chief of staff and Stephen Bannon as strategist (Newstarget.com)

World leaders praise Trump, vow to 'work with America' again (Naturalnews.com)

Trump's Reply to Saudi Prince Proves "America Made the Right Choice" (Video) (Talknetwork.com)

How the democrats' coddling of SJWs and political correctness LOST them the election (Newstarget.com)

FALSE FLAGS AVERTED: No massive false flag attacks took place because the globalists mistakenly thought they would win the vote (Naturalnews.com)

Love Wins (Naturalnews.com)

Why Hillary Clinton's fact-less 'feminist arguments' are anything BUT women's rights (Newstarget.com)

Report: Woman Who Accused Trump Of Rape 'Made It All Up' (Newstarget.com)

Voter fraud: CA resident finds about 90 ballots marked with the same address, mysterious names (Newstarget.com)

The smoking gun email: Clinton Foundation was warned it was breaking the law (Freedom.news)

LEFTIST POLITBURO ON DISPLAY: Hillary Clinton salutes Lady Gaga in full Nazi uniform as twisted media celebrates genocidal symbolism (Naturalnews.com)

'Gunman' at Trump rally apprehended just feet from candidate (Newstarget.com)

Once upon a time, race-baiter Jesse Jackson praised Donald Trump for 'commitment' to diversity (Newstarget.com)