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Police go on strike as Brazil edges closer to total collapse (

Cops shock pregnant teen with 50,000 volts from stun gun, just for demanding a search warrant (

A guide to making gunpowder the old fashioned way (

It's time to start arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning the mindless, violent mobs on the left (

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Preparing For Winter On A Homestead (

World's central banks preparing for disaster as the debt bubble implosion nears (

If It's Survival Liberals Are Interested In, Then They'd Better Pray For A Clinton Loss (

The Mainstream Media Is Now America's Biggest Enemy As It Covers Up Hillary Clinton's Obvious Illnesses (

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What Information That Our Enemies Stole From Hillary Clinton's Servers Will They Use Against Her To Harm America? (

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"Space weather" can cause cascading collapse across critical human civilization infrastructure, blocking rail transport, aviation, and food delivery (

Gizmodo wants you to DIE of radiation: Attacks humanitarian scientist who wants to donate anti-radiation patent to the world (

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Make sure you have hard copies of these documents for post-disaster life rebuilding (

Police go on strike as Brazil edges closer to total collapse (

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Sales of survival food and prepping supplies crash as wave of optimism follows Trump's election victory (

Geopolitical observers see 'World War III' developing once more in Europe, as civil unrest fears grow (

Is the world about to be knocked back to the 18th century? Some experts think so (

Obama Doing His Best To Collapse Our Economy And Ruin Our Future By Adding TRILLIONS In Debt - This Year Alone (

George Soros' attempt to start a Left-wing revolution will end badly when patriots step up to defend liberty (

Total lack of personal preparedness leaves thousands in GRIDLOCK as Hurricane Matthew skim coastline (

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Whoever Becomes President Will Inherent An Economic Nightmare (

Basic Survival Weapons That Can Be Easily Made In The Wilderness (

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Using Pine Trees For Food, Medicine And Shelter (

FEMA 'Game' Lays Out Scenario Involving MAJOR Social Chaos After Massive Spike In Food Prices Caused By Global Drought (

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Miraculous: Hiker found alive after seven weeks with little food or water in the Himalayas (

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The chaos-promoting Left has become a powerful ALLY of anti-American terrorists (

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Liberal "science" on parade: Kill off 90 percent of the world population to save the planet (

The Titanic sails at dawn: Warning signs point to danger ahead in 2017 (

Jim Sinclair: Prepare for the biggest financial apocalypse in history (

Don't stop prepping just because Trump won? get ready for the massive financial crash of 2017 (

The world's mega-rich are prepping for something - could it be they are expecting violent revolution? (

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finds time to scold Trump while her country collapses into chaos (

PREPARING TO DIE? Storable survival food may contain slow-kill poison, warns Health Ranger (

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Doomsayers prepare for apocalypse after findings in the Sea of Galilee (

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Not Into 'Preparedness?' Research Firm Says Nearly Half Of All U.S. Homes To Be Hit By Natural Disasters (

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Protect yourself with top notch pistol for less than $300 (

Health Ranger teaches wild foods: Yaupon Holly for "coffee" and Nopal cactus fruit for nutrition (

Sunscreen 101: What to wear (and what not to wear) this summer (

Political unrest and turmoil is here to stay - here's what you can do to be prepared for what's coming (

Prepper food: Two breads you can stockpile and make in your own home (

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Reconnect with the earth by kicking your shoes off and trying barefoot running (

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Get out in the field and learn survival now - because you can't do it "on the job" (

Anti-radiation BREAKTHROUGH invention earns the Health Ranger a U.S. patent that could save millions of lives following nuclear terrorism (

Top UFO scientist warns aliens are "here and will quarantine us" (

This easy-to-set-up emergency water collection system can save your life (

Master these 7 basic skills before SHTF? or you'll wind up begging the government for basic supplies (

Conspiracy theory no more: Harvard reveals big oil-approved "stratospheric injection" geoengineering (

Asteroid strike near New York City would kill 2.5 million people, reveals physics simulation based on NASA data (

Americans Are Fleeing Major Cities to Escape the Coming Civil War (Video) (

How to easily turn your old washing machine into a water powered generator (

Make your own old-fashioned survival lamp (

Off grid living: Grow 25 pounds of sweet potatoes in a bucket (

Cops shock pregnant teen with 50,000 volts from stun gun, just for demanding a search warrant (

The chaos-promoting Left has become a powerful ALLY of anti-American terrorists (

Prepper supplies you can find at the Goodwill (

Iconic retailer Sears is on the brink of collapse (

Remember that black church burned by a 'Trump supporter'? Yeah, a black church member did it (

Civil unrest and war coming to European cities thanks to a Muslim problem their leaders have created (

Are you prepared to survive a famine? (

Survival expert warns Americans to 'double down' on survival supplies in preparation for a 2017 engineered crisis (

Are Leftist Revolutionaries Planning To Take Over The U.S. Capitol Building On Inauguration Day? (

Bug Wars! Superbugs creating health and environment devastation across America (

From race wars to economic chaos, a collapse is on the horizon (

Collapse: Detroit hospital systems broken; no clean surgical instruments (

Ultimate survival: How to hunt in the wilderness using a crossbow (

Incredible house for survival and self defense: windows covered by moveable walls to protect you from a zombie apocalypse (

Survival: Learn how to defeat a bear with a handmade spear (

ISIS Terrorist To Feds: 'I Have Jihadist Brothers In Mexico' (

A Simple Toothpaste Recipe - Natural Teeth Whitening With Coconut Oil and Turmeric (

6 things you should do immediately when SHTF and its ride or die (

Our Government Has Gotten Too Big, Too Unwieldy To Manage And It Is Consuming Our Liberty (

Is The Goal Of U.S. Domestic Unrest Behind Putin Helping Trump Win In November? (

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Vehicle For The Collapse (

Nice Attack On A 'Soft Target' Celebration Proves We MUST Be Vigilant And Shun The PC Crowd (

America Is About To Explode And Entire Cities Will Become War Zones (

Here Are Six Laws Of Survival You Won't Like But You'd Better Learn (

US scientist has created a virus capable of wiping out humanity (

Prepping: Do What You NEED To Do, Not What You WANT To Do, And Be Smart With Your Limited Resources (