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Iconic retailer Sears is on the brink of collapse (

Remember that black church burned by a 'Trump supporter'? Yeah, a black church member did it (

Civil unrest and war coming to European cities thanks to a Muslim problem their leaders have created (

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Survival expert warns Americans to 'double down' on survival supplies in preparation for a 2017 engineered crisis (

Are Leftist Revolutionaries Planning To Take Over The U.S. Capitol Building On Inauguration Day? (

Bug Wars! Superbugs creating health and environment devastation across America (

From race wars to economic chaos, a collapse is on the horizon (

Collapse: Detroit hospital systems broken; no clean surgical instruments (

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Incredible house for survival and self defense: windows covered by moveable walls to protect you from a zombie apocalypse (

Survival: Learn how to defeat a bear with a handmade spear (

ISIS Terrorist To Feds: 'I Have Jihadist Brothers In Mexico' (

A Simple Toothpaste Recipe - Natural Teeth Whitening With Coconut Oil and Turmeric (

6 things you should do immediately when SHTF and its ride or die (

Our Government Has Gotten Too Big, Too Unwieldy To Manage And It Is Consuming Our Liberty (

Is The Goal Of U.S. Domestic Unrest Behind Putin Helping Trump Win In November? (

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Vehicle For The Collapse (

Nice Attack On A 'Soft Target' Celebration Proves We MUST Be Vigilant And Shun The PC Crowd (

America Is About To Explode And Entire Cities Will Become War Zones (

Here Are Six Laws Of Survival You Won't Like But You'd Better Learn (

US scientist has created a virus capable of wiping out humanity (

Prepping: Do What You NEED To Do, Not What You WANT To Do, And Be Smart With Your Limited Resources (

More Than A Dozen Facts About The Imploding US Economy The Mainstream Media Won't Let You See (

When SHTF, You'll Want To Know These Sniper Basics So You Can Stay Alive (

Can You Bugout From Your Vehicle And Escape Being Trapped On The Highway? (

Florida Gov. Warns That Zika Virus Is A 'Disaster' In The Making Without Help From D.C. (

Health alert: Dawn of the incurable SUPERBUG has arrived (

Anti-government rumblings are so loud and widespread that now even the mainstream media is taking note - but missing the points (

Check out the best American prepper paradises for weathering the apocalypse (

Prepper primer: Get started today with these quick, easy tips (

The Next Employment Crisis Is Here: Job Cuts At U.S. Companies Jump 35 Percent In April (

How organic gardens aren't just healthier, they save you money too (

Build a bigger, better bugout shelter for long-term use (

Bee-keeping survivalist gets candid about prepping: 'Most people would be dead between 30 and 90 days' (

12 lessons for surviving war after a financial collapse (

Why adding Alum to your prepper kit will dramatically increase your water purification ability (

Millionaires fleeing Chicago as threat of civil unrest grows? cities to become 'death zones' when it all hits the fan (

What should your gear do for you in times of need? (

The real Obama legacy: Toxic race relations, fear, social unrest, and collapse of the system (

Can you depend on your neighbors in a crisis? (

6 excellent medicinal herbs you should know how to use (

'Financial Armageddon' approaches as 247 trillion in global derivatives debt now on the verge of unraveling (

LAPD warns citizens that police can't protect them during an emergency (

Summer of political unrest will tear at the fabric of American society (

Are you prepared for the five stages of economic collapse? (

Government will use anti-hoarding laws to take your food, water and supplies (

Why Are People Creating Hundreds Of Places Of Refuge All Over America? (

The rising criminal gang threat from south of the border will impact U.S. communities (

Edible plants you can find in the wild (

It's time to start arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning the mindless, violent mobs on the left (

If you've stopped prepping, it could be the biggest mistake of your life (

Are We Being Set Up For A Crash? Stocks Hit A Level Only Seen During The Bubbles Of 1929, 2000 And 2007 (

Self-sustaining 'off-the-grid' community prepped for a post-apocalyptic America (

Things To Look Out For When Starting A Homestead (

Preparing For Winter On A Homestead (

World's central banks preparing for disaster as the debt bubble implosion nears (

If It's Survival Liberals Are Interested In, Then They'd Better Pray For A Clinton Loss (

The Mainstream Media Is Now America's Biggest Enemy As It Covers Up Hillary Clinton's Obvious Illnesses (

Are you ready? Not everyone will survive if the American power grid fails (

Survival rule #1: Don't follow the crowd! (

The Numbers Don't Lie: We've Reached The Point Of No Return On Our National Debt, Meaning A Collapse Is Imminent (

Two MAJOR implications that our government is worried about a coming societal collapse (

What A Clinton Supreme Court Will Mean: Less Liberty, More Government Oppression And More Civil Unrest (

What Information That Our Enemies Stole From Hillary Clinton's Servers Will They Use Against Her To Harm America? (

Sources claim Hillary Clinton is planning to use food as a weapon to starve political dissenters into submission (

What Would It Take For Obama To Declare Martial Law Before November? (

The Neighborhood 'Watch' Plan You Should Be Devising Right Now (

Know And Understand These Water Survival Myths So You Can Better Protect Your Family (

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Not For The Crazy Or Paranoid: More Families Than Ever Prepping As Chaos, Terrorism Worsens In America (

How Close Is The Bee Population To Being Extinct? Close Enough That Researchers Are Developing A Pollinating Replacement Bot (

How to survive a famine: Ingenious foods your ancestors ate to stay alive (

It's Official: The U.S. Job Market Has Collapsed But You Won't Hear The Mainstream Media Discuss It (

Just a flash: New Chinese ICBM so powerful it can destroy entire U.S. cities with less than 30 minutes' warning (

Plan now for your financial survival after social security, Medicare and government retirement funds all go bankrupt (

Al Qaeda may be sick enough to target U.S. business elites, but it's the Obama administration we should be more worried about (

NRA field editor: Obama has 'divided us on course for a civil war' (

Oxford science report warns of catastrophic wipeout of human civilization from asteroids, viral pandemics and the rise of the robots (

Hollywood has banned a fictional action film called 'Amerigeddon' because it's too close to the truth about the coming collapse (

Bee-keeping survivalist gets candid about prepping: 'Most people would be dead between 30 and 90 days' (

Here is some truth about water survival myths that will save you and your family in an emergency (

Essential oils can be used to make an edible film that protects foods better than plastic (

Grow the ultimate survival garden by investing in these healing herbs that function as natural medicine (

The day the electric grid died (

The world's elite getting more nervous by the day as more resort to building survival bunkers (

America is a bomb waiting to explode (

Choosing the most useful first aid supplies (

Economist says 'contract' between 'rulers and ruled' is broken, portending social unrest and anti-establishment rise (

Building a safe room in your home (

Our industries are being sold to foreign suitors who don't have our best interests in mind: Are you ready for the unrest that is coming? (

How long do you need your food supply to last? (

Start stockpiling these alternative medicines and natural remedies (

Keeping litter, noise and light discipline in a high-risk environment (

Check out these practical emergency uses for soda cans (

How to make 5-gallon emergency buckets and what to put in them (

Six makeshift shelters that you can build on the fly (

Warning: The Elite Are Pushing for Lights out Scenario (Audio) (

Sales of survival food and prepping supplies crash as wave of optimism follows Trump's election victory (

Geopolitical observers see 'World War III' developing once more in Europe, as civil unrest fears grow (

Is the world about to be knocked back to the 18th century? Some experts think so (

Obama Doing His Best To Collapse Our Economy And Ruin Our Future By Adding TRILLIONS In Debt - This Year Alone (

George Soros' attempt to start a Left-wing revolution will end badly when patriots step up to defend liberty (

Total lack of personal preparedness leaves thousands in GRIDLOCK as Hurricane Matthew skim coastline (

Obama declares September 'National Preparedness Month' ? Are you prepared? (

How bad will life get for non-preppers in the near future? (

This Is The Way The World Ends? (

Hillary Clinton's Health Is So Poor She Cannot Lead Us To Victory In The Next World War That Is Coming (

Will Texas Become The First State To Secede If Clinton Wins The Presidential Election? (

Is The Democratic Party Now Resorting To Murdering Political Outsiders And Opponents? (

As The Iran 'Deal' Proves, Obama Is Doing All He Can To Ensure That War Will Come To America's Streets (

Will A Clinton Presidency Finally Result In The Death Of Our Republic? (

Whoever Becomes President Will Inherent An Economic Nightmare (

Basic Survival Weapons That Can Be Easily Made In The Wilderness (

If We Don't Stand With Them, The War On Police Will End In Mass Social Chaos When Cops Start Refusing To Come To Work (

Political Reconciliation Is No Longer A Possibility So It's Best We Go Our Own Separate Ways - Peacefully (

This Nutritious Survival Superfood Will Last For Decades (

Using Pine Trees For Food, Medicine And Shelter (

FEMA 'Game' Lays Out Scenario Involving MAJOR Social Chaos After Massive Spike In Food Prices Caused By Global Drought (

Long-term power grid failures coming to America... do you have the tools to survive? (

Is The Long-Predicted U.S. Economic Collapse Set To Begin? (

Look: This Bugout MOPED Can Get You 500 MILES On A Single Gallon Of Gas (

Review: How To Pack Your Bugout Bag Like A Boss (

Want To Know What Anarchy Looks Like? Take A Gander At Daily Life In Chicago (

FLASHBACK: 'Homeland Security' monitoring the Web for any signs of social unrest (

Anti-government rumblings are so loud and widespread that now even the mainstream media is taking note - but missing the points (

6 ways to prepare for an EMP event (

'Prepping,' 'panic rooms,' and 'going off-grid' now mainstreaming as record numbers of Americans get ready for chaos (

An absolutely essential prepping item (Video) (

Our country is in an economic freefall and you'd better get ready for some pain because it's coming (

15 ways to be better prepared for an emergency by tomorrow (

The time is coming when you'll need a secret, high-yield survival garden - here's how to plant one (

Five amazing gardening tricks that will make your life much easier (

Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It's 2008 All Over Again (

Mysterious boardgame cards that illustrated details of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, now predicting WWIII (

Did you know you already have these fire starter materials at home? (

5 tips to make you more prepared that won't cost you a dime (

Be fit enough to fight if you have to (

Surviving America's fragile food supply chain (

Brussels attack demonstrates just how dangerous the threat of radical Islam is to the world and how prepared we must always be (

Camp security measures to keep you safe from intruders (

7 best ways to filter your water (

If You Don't Warn The People, Their Blood Could Be On Your Hands (

A robotic world will mean massive job losses and social unrest (

Vigilance in a time of heightened concern over terrorism is important for improving security (

Patrolling techniques that will help keep you and your loved ones safe (

Western bankers are provoking Russian into starting WWIII (

The Titanic sails at dawn: Warning signs point to danger ahead in 2017 (

Jim Sinclair: Prepare for the biggest financial apocalypse in history (

Don't stop prepping just because Trump won? get ready for the massive financial crash of 2017 (

The world's mega-rich are prepping for something - could it be they are expecting violent revolution? (

German Chancellor Angela Merkel finds time to scold Trump while her country collapses into chaos (

PREPARING TO DIE? Storable survival food may contain slow-kill poison, warns Health Ranger (

Upcoming Collapse: Our Entire World is Going To Change (Video) (

Doomsayers prepare for apocalypse after findings in the Sea of Galilee (

Are U.S. cities about to be targeted with propane bombs? (

Five distinct crises Americans will face after an economic collapse (

What will come first: a chaotic civil war or an advanced police state - complete with martial law? (

'Black Lives Matter' Is Being Used To Foment The Collapse Of The Civil Society And Usher In Authoritarian Government (

Surviving A Societal Collapse In The City Will Be Much Easier If You Master These Basic Steps (

6 things you should do immediately when SHTF and its ride or die (

Why people are buying Motopeds to survive the apocalypse (

Obama Has Put In Place The Mechanisms To Transform America From A Constitutional Republic Into A Socialist Pit Of Chaos And Economic Calamity (

George Soros Should Be Arrested And Charged With Inciting Riots For Financing Protests (

The Top 20 Shortlist Of EVERYTHING You Need To Have In Case An Emergency Strikes (

Here Are 15 Things You MUST Do To Survive This Year And Beyond (

The World's Economies Are Crashing - Why It's A Good Idea To Store Hemp And Other Foods (

Real-World Preppers Train Like They Fight - Condition Stimulus Training Is Superior (

Not Into 'Preparedness?' Research Firm Says Nearly Half Of All U.S. Homes To Be Hit By Natural Disasters (

Is The 'Brexit' Vote A Sign Of Things To Come In America? (

What Have You Done TODAY To Be More Fit To Defend Yourself And Your Country From Terrorists? (

Economic collapse in the USA to cause 25 - 50 million deaths in the first 90 days? from starvation, rioting, murder and more (

Just How Long Would YOU Survive In A 'Zombie Apocalypse?' (

New business formation collapsing as the Obama economy hollows out the once-thriving middle class (

It's undeniable: Evidence shows that the REAL economy is in recession mode (

It's REAL: Concern growing over potential EMP attack against our electric grid, as evidenced by the attention it's receiving from government and industry (

Prepper primer: Get started today with these quick, easy tips (

Ten Health Ranger predictions and warnings for the next 18 months: Medical marijuana, nuclear terrorism, economic turbulence, martial law and more... (

Review: Important considerations for choosing and preparing a 'safe room' (

It's OFFICIAL: We're being invaded by illegal immigrants and what Obama has reaped, we will sow (

How will you keep your clothes clean during a prolonged emergency? (

Convert your garden to organic in just three years (

15 uses for dental floss that will dramatically expand your survival abilities (

FBI warns: America's power grid is highly vulnerable to attack ... Are you prepared to live without electricity? (

Why would Saudi Arabia threaten to liquidate $750 billion of US assets over a so-called '9/11 conspiracy?' (

How to keep your bugout location secure (

Picking the best self-defense shotgun and ammo (

Did you know the government has a real-life zombie defense plan that covers over 8 different types of zombies? (

6 prepping basics every beginner should know (

6 things you should do if you get caught in a riot (

5 must-have solar items that you really should not be without (

Are we, as a country, even capable of unifying at this point? (

The government will not protect you from the coming financial collapse (

10 diseases that will become far more common after the collapse (

A solar event that already happened in 1921 will kill 280 million Americans when it happens again? NASA says it's inevitable (

Make your own fire starters and stockpile them for later (

Moronic central bankers are fueling the next financial Armageddon, says famed investor (