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Hurricane Maria just wiped out ALL power on the entire island of Puerto Rico ? still think prepping is a waste of time? (

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Stay cool without electricity: New "radiative sky cooling" system may prove useful for preppers (

Health Ranger Store announces donation distributions to aid Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas: $63,218.79 in relief funds distributed (

Hair conditioner found to bind radioactive elements to your hair, functioning as a MAGNET for nuclear fallout (

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Natural antibiotic remedies for surviving pandemics revealed in upcoming talks with immune system experts (

Learn how to survive superbug infections, pandemics and prevent disease in the "Immune Defense Summit" beginning in just a few days (

Want to solve the violent shootings problem in Chicago? Let law-abiding citizens defend themselves with concealed carry (

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Yellowstone supervolcano eruption would bury most of North America in three feet of ash, instantly collapsing the entire food supply (

EXPERIMENT: I sank four ammo cans full of ammunition to the bottom of a pond for one year? here's what happened when I opened them (

Life-saving tips: How to prepare your home for a nuclear attack (

Billionaires now preparing for the day when stuff hits the fan by purchasing large tracts of property in the American heartland (

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Now or never: Time to reclaim our food independence ( - 10 Hours Ago

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The benefits of square foot gardening: Less weeding, high yields, consistent results, and more (

Working hand-in-hand: How sustainable food independence helps the U.S. and developing countries acquire their own agricultural knowledge (

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Russia holds the world's largest stockpile of highly-enriched uranium: 680 tons of weapons-grade material (

FEMA director says all Americans should be preppers? where is the apology from the media for mocking preppers and survivalists? (

Another reason to get your kid outside: Kids who play outdoors can SEE better, study finds (

5 reasons why you're totally crazy if you aren't growing your own food (

Eight-legged tardigrades are the ultimate doomsday survivors and can live 30 years without food or water (

Nuke prepping: 10 foods you must grow to reduce the damaging effect of radiation (

Why prepping is the best way to ensure you have the supplies you need before the NEXT disaster (

U.S. Virgin Islands governor signs order authorizing Natl. Guard to seize guns, ammo and supplies ahead of Hurricane Irma (

Preppers see Hurricane Harvey as a precursor for what's coming: Some disasters are just too big even for governments to handle (

Combating health tyranny with knowledge: "Defensive eating" strategies with Mike Adams (

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Why a former Facebook executive QUIT the tech industry, moved to the woods and bought guns and ammo? COLLAPSE is coming (

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Natural News author to tour the East Coast, teaching people a breakthrough "stop smoking" method that saves lives and ends addiction (

Why and how to use diatomaceous earth for your body and home (

Here are the key supplies you'll need to survive a nuclear attack (

New report notes even a LIMITED nuclear attack could lead to one billion deaths and the collapse of the global food order (

Why you shouldn't try to escape America to avoid the coming collapse (and subsequent chaos) (

What to look for when shopping for bugout or prepper real estate (

Fake news media hyping up "purple rice" because it's GMO, but won't talk about anti-cancer benefits of purple carrots (

As North Korea tests new ICBM capable of reaching Alaska, Trump phones leaders of Japan, China: Is war on the horizon? Preppers be warned (

Preppers in California get a rare self-defense victory: Federal judge blocks state ban on high-capacity magazines (

There are bunkers to house thousands of people in case of a nuclear war ? but you're not included (

Keep prepping because the Government's plan to survive nuclear war doesn't include you (

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano about to blow? Global food supply would collapse for two years, causing a mass die-off of humans (

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Cheap vitamins are made from GMO glucose syrup fed to bacteria, analysis finds? Don't buy low-grade vitamins (

Late winter storms just wiped out the entire wheat crop of western Kansas? are YOU prepared for food disruptions? (

Prepper builds underground home for less than $50 (

It's TOTALLY possible: How to homestead when you're flat broke (

How to build a portable chicken coop or chicken tractor (

Navy commissions "robosub" that can hide in enemy waters for months at a time (

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BREAKING: Texas church shooter was stopped by armed citizen with rifle (

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Zinc battery breakthrough may allow homes to efficiently store energy for off-grid use (

Keeping preparedness simple: Tips from the Health Ranger (

Keeping your groceries clean: Food safety watchdogs suggest color coding reusable bags to minimize contamination (

Prepping saves lives: Life is hell in Puerto Rico as food, water remains "scarce" and power is nearly nonexistent (

More reason to be a prepper: Aid is arriving by the ton in Puerto Rico, but it's NOT getting to the people because the logistics chain has been destroyed (

Highly intelligent Elephants adopt stealth guerilla warfare tactics to stay alive by avoiding hunters (

You need to know these 8 essential survival tips to prepare you for the next catastrophe (

Prepper alert: North Korea's latest nuke test may have advanced the country's goal of creating grid-busting EMP weapon (

Preparedness supplies WIPED OUT across Florida as Hurricane Irma achieves 180 mph "beast" strength (

Health Ranger Store announces massive fundraiser for Texas flood victims: 50% of all sales revenues this WED-THURS get donated to rescue and aid groups (

Alarmists who oppose off-grid living now claim wood-burning stoves have killed 3 million people (

18 low-cost REPAIR items preppers are stockpiling to keep things running once the civil war begins (

Top 10 edible roots to help keep you alive and healthy in a survival situation (

How to take your own money out the bank without being arrested by the feds for violating money laundering laws (

Ravens are PREPPERS? Common bird found to engage in complex resource planning that exceeds the intelligence of many humans (

How to easily grow turmeric in the comfort of your own home (

U.S. power grid continues to be vulnerable to cyber attack: Millions would die if it were to fail, so are you prepared? (

The power grid is failing in Central America (

The 7 ways you can accidentally sabotage your own SHTF plans (

Elon Musk warns world population is "accelerating toward collapse" (

Seriously, what CAN we expect from government when SHTF? (

Here's why you should NEVER reuse your plastic water bottles (

10 Healthy alternatives to toxic processed table salt you can start using today (

Why preppers should expect a war between the U.S. and North Korea in the near future, and why you can't waste any time getting ready (

Apocalypse insurance? Billionaires buying up land at staggering pace (

23 Items you're probably throwing away but SHOULDN'T (

Beware of the summer bugout: Prepare to stay hydrated or the heat might literally kill you (

This secret weapon hidden in your kitchen is an excellent natural insect repellent (

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DHS chief says if we knew all he does about terrorist threats, we'd "never leave the house" - don't stop prepping (

Five must-have communications devices for any emergency (

10 super affordable survival items you can stock up on NOW without breaking your wallet (

5 Survival techniques you need to know when society breaks down into chaos (

These spring and summer activities will help you stay sharp and fit as you become a better prepper (

Miraculous: Hiker found alive after seven weeks with little food or water in the Himalayas (

Health Ranger: EPA, FDA building their own private armies with body armor and military weapons (

How to decide which animals to raise on your small farm (

How to stop a mass shooter: Shoot back! (

20 Easy-to-grow crops you can raise at home (

Self-reliance in the city: One family proves it's possible (

A family's incredible story of surviving a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness (

A beginner's guide to gardening: 10 Expert tips everyone must consider (

It's easier than you think: How to grow a vegetable garden (

How to find water sources in the wild like a pro (

Be prepared: 3 Tips to better communicate with your family during an emergency (

Don't have a Go Bag yet? Here's a quick and easy start list: 14 items recommended by the Red Cross for surviving a natural disaster (

Today's youth have zero real-world skills, warns the Health Ranger - how will they survive? (

Most of us are not ready for the zombie apocalypse, according to new poll - are YOU prepared? (

5 Everyday items you can use to protect yourself in a dangerous situation (

Do you worry? Put down your phone and pick up your diary (

Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water (

Keep your home ant free with these 5 all-natural ant repellents (

Billionaires preparing for doomsday with huge purchases of land in Texas, Wyoming, Montana and Colorado (

Health Ranger Store fundraiser beats goal, raises $60,000+ for Hurricane Harvey victims (

Hurricane Harvey proves again why it is foolish if you don't become a prepper (

15 Items you should NEVER spend money on when prepping (

Americans are suddenly preparing like crazy for World War III and nuclear fallout (

Government energy report concludes power grid highly vulnerable to failures that would cause mass die-offs of U.S. citizens (

Why more women are joining gun clubs to learn self-defense skills (

Top five guns you should own when ammo is scarce (

Forging neighborhood relationships and alliances may be the only way to survive when SHTF (

Practice means SURVIVAL: Why you can't be a good prepper by sitting on the couch (

Is your city SURVIVABLE in a collapse, civil war or natural disaster? (

Brandon Smith: The next great collapse will decimate the dollar and obliterate the Fed (

6 Ways to conserve water and money when watering your garden (

10 ways to prep when you're completely broke (

Everyday carry: Here's what a former SAS special operator carries in case of a terrorist attack (

Health Ranger demonstrates EMP-proof John Deere tractor repair and maintenance (VIDEO) (

5 Survival lessons we can learn from people who haven't had power in their homes for hundreds of years (

Preppers: Protect your stash from these four pests (

Flu Vaccine virtually worthless in people 65 years and older last winter: Here's what you can do instead (

Astrophysicist warns humanity will eventually be wiped out by an asteroid strike? "just a matter of time" (

DEBATE: Is concealed carry better than open carry? (

10 loans or grants you can use to build your prepper dream retreat with little or NO money down (

Guess which state wants to limit your gun purchases to one a month (

Protect yourself with top notch pistol for less than $300 (

Health Ranger teaches wild foods: Yaupon Holly for "coffee" and Nopal cactus fruit for nutrition (

Sunscreen 101: What to wear (and what not to wear) this summer (

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Prepper food: Two breads you can stockpile and make in your own home (

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Reconnect with the earth by kicking your shoes off and trying barefoot running (

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Here are 8 seeds that are great for long term storage (