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Talking cars: New app will allow your car to tell you what it needs (like the car's software does) ( - 10 Hours Ago

Have scientists programmed GMO food to reduce the population? Evidence suggests reduced sperm counts, especially in black men, are a result of weaponized food (

Doctors bring nearly DEAD heart back to life using revolutionary new "box" that can keep it beating for eight hours (

Sci-fi in real life: Scientists have developed a "smart fabric" that can store data in your clothes, without electronics (

Choose trick over treat this Halloween: Thousands of candy brands found to contain lead, according to new study (

Sensationalized science: New study suggests more than a quarter of scientific papers "spin" results (

California passes legislation allowing the liquification of human bodies (

New study examines complexity of dolphin culture; researchers determine that brain size correlates with "human-like" behaviors and societies (

New hope for old antibiotics: Scientists have found a way to supercharge them for increased effectiveness against superbugs (

Technology from the movies is on the way: A look at the many ways it will change our future (

Your future vehicle will monitor your body fluids: New car monitors hydration levels and tells you when to drink water (

Scientific group says fingerprint evidence in crimes is practically worthless (

Ancient technology provides solution for energy storage (

Bionic spider silk: Researchers have developed a super strong "biocomposite" with the potential to revolutionize numerous industries (

Big brother in the car: New software detects when a driver is distracted or texting (

New AI can diagnose Alzheimer's 10 years before human doctors (

Tesla caught "crippling" the battery life of cars, then controlling their discharge capacity from headquarters (

Technology in the classroom: Robots could replace teachers in 10 years (

Roads are too restrictive: Unmanned ghost ships are next on the automation radar (

Same company that manufactures "Smart" TVs that spy on you now rolling out refrigerators that record everything you say (

Real-time language translation device whispers into your ear in real time as it's listening to the person speaking (

Human echolocation using mouth clicks is possible, study finds (

Now SOUNDCLOUD joins anti-free speech zealots by censoring podcasts against Swedish migration (

Was the USS John S. McCain warship "GPS spoofed" to cause collision? (

Neighborhood watch goes CYBER surveillance: New device reads and logs license plates of all vehicles traveling private streets (

AI vehicles easily confused by simple stickers placed on road signs (

Google's "diversity indoctrination meetings" held in secret to avoid leaving any paper trail (

Rise of the robots: Bricklaying human labor nearly obsolete by 2020 (

Cryogenically frozen organisms brought back to life by scientists (

Wisconsin company throws party to celebrate microchipping of its employees (

Amazon awarded patent for "friendly" robot that stalks you around airports and retail outlets (

Chimpanzees found to accumulate and transfer cultural knowledge from one generation to the next (

Secure quantum transmission of data from orbiting satellites has now been confirmed (

Inventor claims device will enable tech-augmented "telepathy" to function within a decade (

Check out this list of once-common skills that have been destroyed by technology (

Revealed: How Google almost killed ProtonMail and anyone else who challenges the system (

Caterpillar gets behind massive brick-laying construction robot that can lay 1,000 bricks per hour (

Right out of science fiction: New elevator can move people horizontally as well as vertically (

NASA working on Earth defense technology to destroy asteroids that could obliterate human civilization (

Mad scientists can erase memories from a snail's brain ? are humans next? (

Insect-killing "laser battle robot" can zap 20 insects per second (

Cyborg: Filmmaker installs video camera in his eye socket (

New device detects presence of life-threatening superbugs in just two minutes (

Amazon Echo devices can be exploited by hackers to steal your bank account information (

Astronauts extremely likely to die from cancer if they travel to Mars, warns new science study (

AI system claims to read minds of crime witnesses to reconstruct FACES of the criminals (

Human farmers obsolete? Drones and driverless tractors now being used to harvest crops autonomously (

One with the machines: Man has compass implanted into his chest, becomes a cyborg (

Job killer: MIT robot can print a building in 14 hours (

Orwellian audio editing breakthrough allows your audio recordings to be edited like text to insert words you never said (

Engineers are developing robot farmers that may make widespread pesticide spraying obsolete (

Explosions? Not a problem for the new Russian "Superman suit" for soldiers (

Lifestyle choices affect multiple generations: Studies show that environmental memories are stored at a cellular level (

SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Flu vaccine found to be completely ineffective because of how it is made, new study finds (

Feminist California professor goes full libtard: "Science" is racist because so much of it was developed by white men (

Screen time found to have direct impact on speech delays in babies, reveals new research (

Expert warns that AI brains are not infallible and have even been found to "make bad decisions" that can harm humans (

To infinity and beyond - Pence says the U.S. is returning to the moon (

Drivers no longer wanted: From trucking convoys to tractors, "smart" driverless tech is set to revolutionize industry (

New fingerprint technology will hint at "offender's state of mind" - it also detects gender, recent diet and sexual activity (

Scientists unable to find any proof that cancer drugs improve or extend life, prompting them to demand evidence before approval (

Science journal "Whiteness and Education" turns out to be politicized junk science with fake peer reviews (

Nearly all medical studies are "totally bogus," warns science writer who echoes the Health Ranger's criticism of sloppy science (

Exercise in frustration: Microsoft is exchanging its foreign customer service agents for chatbots (

Healthcare industry next to be targeted by massive cyberattacks via the "Internet of Things" (

Sugar over sex? Almost half of those polled would rather give up sex for a year than sacrifice their daily sugar hit (

Apple accused of deliberately slowing older products to persuade people to buy new iPhones (

BRAINWASHED: One-third of Americans say conservative websites should be completely blacklisted and cut off from the internet (

Latest facial recognition software can identify you even if your face is COVERED, exchanging even more privacy for "safety" (

Be your own generator: New technology converts energy from bloodflow into electricity (

Rise of the robots will force employers to have "human hiring quotas" even if robots can do their job better (

99% of U.S. preschool children don't get enough physical activity, scientists warn (

New science reveals "consensus" theory of how Earth was formed is TOTALLY WRONG? but scientists are sure they're not wrong about anything else (

A comprehensive list of "tech tyrants" who are censoring websites and violating net neutrality because they don't like the content of their speech (

Plasma fuel breakthrough means unlimited fusion energy is now closer than ever (

Even TINY traces of pesticides found to cause infertility in insects, scientists discover (

After banning "conspiracy theory" websites from its search engine, will Google remove CNN for pushing Russia collusion fake conspiracy? (

Science bombshell as new research confirms non-genetic inheritance factors are carried through multiple generations (

Google-Youtube goes full Nazi against independent media, hiding 'controversial content' and 'redirecting' searches (

Interior of the moon likely contains billions of gallons of water (

ATMs found to be easily hacked in minutes because they run on Windows (

Experts warn robots are growing in consciousness and should be classified as an "invasive species" (

Military announces "brain chip" allowing humans to plug into a computer (

Stephen Hawking widely criticized by scientists for his doomsday claim that Trump will push the planet "over the brink" (

Natural News releases new app for Android and iPhone ? get it here (

Beat that traffic ticket with the help of the world's first robot lawyer (

World's first non-battery cell phone "harvests" ambient radio waves to power itself (

The "cocaine" of technology just turned 10? here's why we shouldn't celebrate (

Colorado group pushes to ban smartphone sale to under-13 kids (

Swimming nanobots developed that can hunt down and destroy bacteria in water (

Quadbike flying drone announced that carries a human passenger to heights of 3,000 feet (

Amazon now looking to put clothing retailers out of business with new "Prime wardrobe" service (

Medical system goes full "mark of the beast" with Unique Patient Identifier tracking (

Scientists developing laser robot that can zap weeds without using pesticides (

Google just sold its robotics division Boston Dynamics to a Japanese mega-corporation (

UK police will start using AI to assign threat levels to criminals; ultimately deciding how long suspects should be kept in custody (

New watchdog website seeks to counter Left-wing extremism and fake news in the "mainstream" (

Scientists will likely be able to create a baby from human skin cells in a decade or two, says report (

Lockheed Martin's "truck-sized" fusion reactor for unlimited energy turns out to actually be 100 times larger than originally claimed ? but will it work? (

7-Eleven Korea launches "smart store" allowing customers to pay with parts of their body linked to a credit card (

Robot-controlled vehicles could soon be restocking military front lines with ammo, food, fuel (

Financial industry regulators warn AI must be monitored (

Google's AI is learning human behavior by binge watching YouTube; engineers say the AI will be able to predict human actions AND provide new revenue for advertisers (

Are your appliances spying on you? LG Smart devices are easily hacked warn security experts (

Flexible, eco-friendly AND less expensive: Researchers are one step closer to the smart screen of the future (

Sensationalized science: New study suggests more than a quarter of scientific papers "spin" results (

NASA plans to genetically modify astronauts so they can survive the journey to Mars (

U.S. military invests millions in killer robot technology (

Chasing technology: Pentagon rushes to deal with security risk of enemy drones (

Robots will "know" your gender and personality with one handshake - will the Alt-Left have them destroyed for their "binary" judgments? (

Paving the way to faster power: Scientists discover adding asphalt to lithium-ion batteries makes them charge up to 20 times faster (

Scientists are trying to take the gluten out of wheat in latest attempt to one-up Mother Nature (

Breakthrough in invisibility technology: Scientists have created a material that allows light waves to pass straight through (

Scientists develop Terminator robot "super strength" material that could allow military hunter-killers to strangle you to death (

So, we're ALL aliens? New research suggests that DNA molecules were brought to Earth on meteorites (

Tired of taking those hormone-wrecking birth control pills? There's an app for that - and it's just as effective, according to landmark study (

Latest face-reading AI will detect your IQ, sexual orientation and political beliefs (

Disappearing electronics? Researchers have discovered how to program devices to dissolve (

Blame the victim strategy reaches corporate level: Deutsche Bank plans to replace much of workforce with robots, because they act like robots anyway (

U.S. military to have more ROBOT soldiers than human by the year 2025 (

Traffic lights may soon be obsolete as semi-autonomous cars make driving through intersections easier (

Medical police state: Cops arrest NURSE for refusing to break the law and violate medical consent (

SCIENCE CON: NASA claims it will seek life on Mars in 2020 mission, but it already covered up proof of life from the 1976 Viking mission (

New science confirms: Earth was WARMER during Medieval period (

Google, Facebook and Twitter now routinely violating the First Amendment to silence all non-conforming voices (

Living beings can be turned into programmable computers through "RNA circuits" (

Google has abandoned tech innovation to focus on "social justice" internal wars and feuds, targeting non-compliant employees for termination (

Scientists admit they really have no idea what 75% of human genetic code is actually used for (

"Smart Gun" locks found to be totally useless? defeated in seconds with common magnets (

Carbon nanotube material removes 99% of heavy metals from water (

DARPA unveils gene editing infrastructure to build genetically engineered "super soldiers" (

Private companies to begin mining the moon for valuable minerals? will United Nations intervene? (

SORRY, HUMANS: Amazon will most likely replace Whole Foods cashiers with automated systems (

No genetic engineering needed: Simple VINEGAR can help plants resist drought, scientists find (

California's declaration means Neil deGrasse Tyson is now pushing a deadly herbicide POISON that kills people (

Google will soon obtain private genetic data on hundreds of thousands of medical patients? without their consent (

Wind turbines could be made less noisy by copying serrated wing edges from owls (

Archaeologists discover ancient tombs filled with actual GIANTS? "unusually tall and strong" people once roamed the planet (

Google now says it will block terrorist training content, but isn't it interesting that Google censored natural medicine websites FIRST? (

The 10 worst health HOAXES pushed as "science" over the last 100 years (

Government-funded proton beam cancer treatment WIPES the entire memory of a teenage girl? was this an experiment for memory wiping technology? (

Probiotics found to protect honey bees from toxic effects of pesticides (

Medical system goes full "mark of the beast" with Unique Patient Identifier tracking (

Nearly ALL communications satellites could be obliterated in the next few years from a cascading "explosion" of space debris (

Aerodynamic technology utilizes electric wind to reduce truck fuel consumption by 5% (

BREAKTHROUGH science finds that exposure to toxic heavy metals (and deficiencies in nutritive minerals) linked to AUTISM (

MEMORY HOLE: U.S. scientists have developed a "memory wipe" enzyme that can erase memories forever (

Surviving cyber war: What you can do to help "cyber proof" your life (

New study suggests plants can hear, may be able to detect the sounds of flowing water or munching insects (

Bill Nye exposed as a genocidal anti-science lunatic who seems to want human civilization exterminated, reveals new science video (

It's real: New evidence proves chronic fatigue syndrome is not psychological - it alters brain chemistry (

Experts warn: Ethical guidelines and regulations are needed for AI technology used to restore or enhance human capabilities (

Domino's pizza developing self-driving vehicles to deliver pizzas (

China leaps ahead of USA on quantum computing research; could spell end to encryption, demolishing crypto currencies and national security (

NASA to announce evidence of "alien life," says Anonymous (

Reducing unnecessary surgeries: New tech identifies lesions most likely to develop into breast cancer (

Alien life could exist BELOW the surface of Mars, shocked scientists discover (

Bad science warning: More than 30,000 studies may have been compromised by contaminated cell lines used for decades (

Get superhero powers on your smartphone: New AI camera lets you see around corners (

Hijack hack: Experts warn terrorists may target digital train systems next time, causing high speed crashes (

Safe surfing: Beware of botnets and the rise in ransomware threats (

It's time to break up big tech, warns Artificial Intelligence pioneer (

Study: Mice with Alzheimer's have their memories reawakened?with lasers (

Would you ride in a drone? Self-flying taxi will have parachutes but no driver (

Virtual pain relief: Researchers believe video games can reprogram your brain, or at least distract you (

Biometric features on new iPhone spark safety and privacy concerns: Owners could be forced to open phones against their will (

Latest lithium-ion battery uses water-salt solution, reducing risk of fire and explosion in household electronics (

Robot replacement begins in fast food industry: Burger flipping robot set to replace humans next year in 50 California restaurants (

Watch out: Your gadgets are smarter than you are, and it's moving you down the food chain (

Researcher discovers way to transform waste aluminum foil into biofuel catalyst (

Magnesium battery breakthrough means safer batteries that won't explode (

Amazon Echo devices now being given to UK retirees to remind them to take toxic medication (

Memories "lost" to Alzheimer's can be retrieved; they're not destroyed after all, new science discovers (

The great outer space LAND GRAB of the near future: Conflicts over space rock mining rights (

Thinking of cosmetic surgery? Think again because this is what the mainstream medical industry WON'T tell you (

New technology to monitor the skies for signals from alien civilizations (

Google whistleblowers: Search engine penalizing all sites that don't conform to political correctness (

Science breakthrough removes nearly all BPA from water at very low cost (

Apple goes all-in for communist China censorship by banning apps that help users bypass state censorship (

Meet Tally, the grocery store shelf auditing robot that's going to put thousands of low-wage grocery workers out of a job (

Microchipping goes mainstream: Wisconsin company announces plan to chip employees (

Former NASA engineer says aliens are hiding in Saturn's rings? seriously (

Scientists uncover "invisible" ancient Hebrew inscription that can only be seen with advanced technology (

Hackers found to be relentlessly trying to breach nuclear power plant computer systems? nuclear terrorism plan in the works? (

Chinese scientists create genetically engineered PET DOGS (

Plant roots grow and spread like neurons in the human brain, shocked scientists discover (

In just one generation, most building construction will be run by robots (

No more human fast-food workers by mid-2020s? Burger-flipping robot replace employees (

European governments launch project to confirm presence of alien life (

Scientists: No detectable limit of human lifespan? people could technically live forever (

Rhode Island to scan highways with license plate readers looking for uninsured motorists (

Toyota planning to put biometric sensors into seat belts to detect when drivers are having heart attacks (

Amazon Echo devices can be exploited by hackers to steal your bank account information (

Nearly ALL communications satellites could be obliterated in the next few years from a cascading "explosion" of space debris (

Breakthrough new material could finally end cracked screens on mobile devices (

Breakthrough new material could finally end cracked screens on mobile devices (

Former SpaceX employee says management forced techs to falsify test results and ignore important protocols (

Toxic blood infections can be eliminated using MAGNETS, says British inventor of machine that's about to begin human clinical trials (

GRRRRR: Study reveals that dogs can talk to humans (

DANGEROUS: UK police now have the power to remotely disable mobile phones, even if the owner hasn't committed a crime (