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Apple, Google, Uber join fight against Trump travel ban (

1,000 science papers challenge the false narrative of man-made climate change (

Researchers have known for decades that cannabis kills cancer cells? yet the cover-up continues (

Graphene achieves superconductivity breakthrough: A whole new way to move electrons without resistance (

Mad scientists to fall back on "CRISPR off switch" in case human gene editing goes horribly wrong (

Russian scientist injects himself with ancient bacteria and claims to be illness-free (

MIT scientists are looking for DNA on Mars (

REINS Act passed; could help make science accountable via elected reps who answer to the voters, not corporations (

Amazon Echo devices spy on you in your own home? police are now trying to acquire those recordings (

Wikileaks hints at huge upcoming revelations: "2017 will blow you away" (

Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20; feds "probe" Drudge Report with DDoS attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars targeted for cyber attack take downs (

Giant terrifying 13 ft avatar robot controlled by human pilot, walks and moves like humans (

Climate Change scientists who faked data are now desperately archiving it to cover their tracks (

New automated restaurant with no servers or cashiers opens in NYC (

New platform allows AI to learn 'how to do almost anything' on a computer - what does this mean for humanity? (

WOT (Web of Trust) browser extension caught sharing private data with third parties (

New law allows government access to hack individual's computers and phones (

The end of silicon? IBM is creating 'carbon chips' that can make computers 1,000 times faster (

New high tech cars may be damaging your health (

Big Pharma tyranny: globalist group wants restrictions on natural health products (

Sparking phone charger emits fumes in Boston school, 7 people hospitalized (

Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle been solved? (

AI takeover: Google's 'DeepMind' platform can learn and think on it's own without human input (

Once banned 'Sex with Robots' conference taking place at London university (

Hacked Podesta email reveals Clinton Foundation "coercing" Saudi billionaire for millions of dollars (

Experts: Either human history is completely wrong or aliens visited Earth 250,000 years ago (

Google CEO met with Hillary, is he rigging search results for her? (

Turkey attempts to control email leaks by blocking Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and GitHub (

Memory hacker reveals how easy it is to implant false memories into anyone's mind (

SpaceX founder Elon Musk plans to get humans to Mars in six years (

Modern education trends show downfall of the system (

PC world insanity as 4-year-old is granted sex change operation (

Big Biotech in aggressive push to memory hole science of glyphosate toxicity and re-approve the cancer-causing herbicide in Europe (

Today's children are being 'drugged' by iPads, iPhones and mobile devices (

The 10 dogmas of scientific materialism, refuted (

Google hides "Clinton body count" search results but tells the truth (

The perfect off-the-grid vehicle has two wheels and can drive underwater (

Introducing the first affordable home robot for "entertainment and companionship" (

Homeland Security Offers To Help Protect States' Voting Systems In November Elections (

Mysterious Online 'Shadow Brokers' Group May Be Selling The NSA Malware, In Preparation For Historic Hack Of The Nation's Top Spy Agency (

If geoengineering is not stopped it will destroy all planetary life (

Without Better Cyber Defenses, Expect More Campaigns, Government Agencies And Corporations To Be Hacked (

ISIS Fight Increasingly Includes Battling In Cyberspace (

National Academy of the Sciences president harasses nonprofit Geoengineering Watch (

From Monsanto to the drone wars: What happened to all of the Obama promises of 2008? (

Finally: White House Breaks Down Response Roles In The Event Of A Crippling Cyberattack (

U.S. Just As Active In Hacking Countries As Russia, Despite Trump's Remarks (

'Designer babies' will be a REALITY in this decade: Scientists announce plan to construct human cells from scratch (

Stung By Terrorism, EU Looking At Israeli Technologies To Spot Militants Online (

Universe potentially 'cosmic zoo' filled with complex plant and animal life, theorize scientists (

How medical 'news' became manipulated, industry-funded science throughout the 20th century (

Stunning scientific breakthrough allows DNA "rebirth" of animals from long-dead, partially decomposed tissue samples (

Stunning scientific discovery finds that gut bacteria control your brain chemistry, altering moods and more (

NASA 'cuts live feed from international space station' after mysterious object appears on camera (

Tesla's keyless remote app fails and leaves driver stranded with no vehicle or cell service (

Study: Childhood experiences in kindergarten have a long-lasting effect on future engagement in activities (

Scientist shares sobering story about how climate change pushers forced her to quit academia (

AI takeover: Insurance firm replaces workers with artificial intelligence set to increase productivity by 30% (

NSA pushing to obliterate all email privacy in the USA, let bureaucrats read everything you write (

"Machine consciousness" debunked in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger (

Marines bringing future tech to the modern battlefield with 'GuardBot' (

Important tips on how to protect your private online information (

Tech industry trying to censor to shut down free speech and control the narrative (

Surveillance: Chinese manufacturers are installing backdoor spyware onto Android phones (

Concerns rise in both AI's tremendous power and intelligence, and the lack of intelligence in the humans controlling them (

New cyber-intelligence leaks reveal US government targeting journalists (

5 mind-boggling Moon mysteries that science cannot explain (

Mysterious Manhattan skyscraper exposed by former AT&T employees as major NSA spy hub (

Massive science fraud at Theranos exposed by whistleblower who was viciously threated to stay silent (

NASA simulates the aftermath of a small asteroid striking Los Angeles... and it's not pretty (

JOURNO-TERRORISM: The goal of the left-wing media has always been to terrorize voters and hypnotically control them using orchestrated fear programming (

Tesla is creating a new kind of consumer tech with solar roof tiles, powerwalls and electric cars (

Top 10 internet cybersecurity threats - and how you can fight back (

Once banned 'Sex with Robots' conference taking place at London university (

Are you at risk from solar storms? Map reveals Minnesota is worst hit by blasts that can knock out power for millions (

Brain-to-text system will transfer your thoughts to text (

Robots will replace 5 million human jobs by 2020 (

Health Ranger to unveil revolutionary scientific synthesis of atomic physics and musical harmonics (

EPIC IDIOCY: NBC News journo Ron Allen announces that Obama's climate change deal will stop hurricanes forever... even the hurricanes on Saturn? (

Scientists claim they can now make babies without female eggs (

iPhone 7 users: How to add a 3.5mm headphone jack to your iPhone in less than 60 seconds (satire) (

New computer game trains you to spy on citizens - just like the government (

5G Cell Phone Radiation is Harming Your Body (Video) (

Longstanding security lapses lead to hack of NOAA weather computers (

Pentagon concern over remote controlled weapons rising as Islamic militants get more creative (

FAA approves airborne poison-spraying pesticide drones (

Security researcher accuses Microsoft of 'sneaky data mining' in Windows 10 (

Critics Pan Major Loophole In Pentagon's New Guidelines For Electronic Surveillance (

Clinton Foundation Hired Cybersecurity Firm After It Was Possibly Hacked By The Russians (

Coming soon: Big rigs driving themselves across America's highways using self-driving tech (

Security Threat To Many Internet Users Has Been Identified (

Alternative Health Scientist Receives ISO Accreditation for Lab - Challenges 'Science Elite' for Science Freedom (

Proof's Doctor David Gorski is a liar - And if you find a bigger Gorski Lie to better this example let us know (

Hidden science: Library intern discovers long-lost rainmaking device invented 70 years ago (

Could solar panels in outer space power the whole Earth in the future? (

Russian Cyber Crime: Clinton Campaign Hacked Along With DNC (

Scientists Make the World's First Discovery on the Cause of Many Types of Birth Defects (

Harvard Medical School scientists need a female volunteer willing to give birth to a genetically modified Neanderthal (

THE END OF PRIVACY: How Quantum Computing Now Threatens To Turn The Entire Planet Into A Digital Police State (

Three-Year Modernization Program Aims To Dramatically Bolster Power Grid Cybersecurity (

Scientist develops biodegradable, edible non-plastic bags to halt the continued plastic pollution of the world (

Dept. of Energy employees "hack" their own internal documents to hide Bureau's climate change agenda from Trump (

Stunning scientific discovery finds that gut bacteria control your brain chemistry, altering moods and more (

How Scientific American and WIRED promote and endorse chemical violence against children (

All the science 'fact checking' in the world can't change the fact that mercury is toxic to the neurology of children (

Scientists reveal a zombie outbreak could wipe out humanity in 100 days: Here's how to survive if it happens (

Scientist shares sobering story about how climate change pushers forced her to quit academia (

Study: Smartphones linked to rising cases of dry-eye disease and digital eye strain (

Russia claims foreign intelligence preparing to cyber attack its financial sector (

Company works to use 'computer vision' to help the visually impaired see (

The top 10 most outrageous science hoaxes of 2016 (

Second Yahoo security breach reveals more than a billion users' data stolen (

Researchers discover evidence of malaria in 2000-year-old ancient Roman remains (

The danger of selective censorship: Galileo was arrested for spreading 'fake news' that the earth orbits the sun (

The internet of things allows for deadly cyberattacks on webcams, baby monitors, cars, and medical devices (

WOT (Web of Trust) browser extension caught sharing private data with third parties (

Privacy-stealing smartphone app reveals all - using facial recognition (

AnalyticsMD tech innovator gets $13M from investors to accelerate artificial intelligence in hospitals (

Stephen Hawking doubts humans will survive 'our fragile planet' another 1,000 years (

College 'snowflakes' will be removed from the human gene pool, says scientist quoting Darwinism (

WWIII? The US is threatening to shut down Russia's electrical grid (

Surgical robots are impossible to clean, all machines contaminated (

Mark Zuckerberg erecting a massive spy state infrastructure for dictators of the world (

Researchers: First ever fossilized brain tissue from a dinosaur found (

Scientists are growing hundreds of human brains for testing (

'Driverless' beer run; Bud makes shipment with self-driving truck (

Zuckerberg: Animals taste better 'when you've hunted them yourself' (

Mystery of the "alien megastructure star" deepens (

Robot invasion: Self-driving vehicles to destroy 4 million jobs currently held by humans (

China's Tiangong 1 space station will fall to Earth, but we likely won't know where until hours before (

Tech giants form "news cartel" to control official news while discrediting and censoring all stories they don't want you to see (

NY Times 'warned' Clinton to delete her emails (

Top 7 search results hidden by Google but available now on (

Longstanding security lapses lead to hack of NOAA weather computers (

The third Industrial Revolution will see human workers replaced by machines (

10 lessons we can learn from quotes by Nikola Tesla (

NY Times calls on Google to rig search results to hide Hillary's health problems (

Zika fake science back in the news; Con artists at work (

Twisted: The anti-GMO movement is actually science-based, while the pro-GMO movement is propaganda-based (

Planets orbiting black holes could be full of life (

Engineers are debating creating a cloaking device for the whole planet to protect ourselves from alien invasion (

Machines making machines will be the workforce of the future: iPhone and Samsung assembler replaces 60K employees with robots (

Visiting Mars in just 30 minutes: "This technology is NOT science fiction. Things have changed." (

Outsider Meddling With Our Elections And Data Will Continue Until Cyber Defenses Are Improved (

Jeep Hackers Return, Able To Take Control Of Steering And Brakes (

Statement declaring 'No scientific consensus on GMO safety' published in peer-reviewed science journal (

Why the next 'human rights' issue will be inhuman? Oxford mathematician believes Artificial Intelligence should have rights (

DARPA Spent $62 Million Creating Microchips For Humans (

Veterans Affairs Has Been Declaring Thousands Of Veterans Dead To Avoid Giving Them Any Aid Or Benefits (

Help Wanted: U.S. Govt. To Hire Thousands More Cybersecurity Experts By 2017 (

Science shows 'dirty' kids have stronger immune systems (

State of Massachusetts caught using falsified lab tests in convictions; thousands exonerated after fake science exposed (

Graphene achieves superconductivity breakthrough: A whole new way to move electrons without resistance (

Health Ranger debunks 'machine consciousness' theory in a new mini-documentary (

Researchers find brain switch to turn rats into killer predators - are humans next? (

Proof that Amazon devices are spies in your own home: Alexa automatically orders product after "hearing" audio in private homes (

REINS Act passed; could help make science accountable via elected reps who answer to the voters, not corporations (

Governor Abbott sends warning tweet that Arms Trade Treaty could allow UN to regulate guns in America (

Woman allergic to WiFi and cell phone signals now permanently housebound (

Medical Lab Quest Diagnostics says 34,000 customer accounts hacked (

BMW and IBM team up to build AI car that can diagnose and fix itself (

Uber's self-driving car runs red light, raises questions on safety (

Amazon PrimeAir's drone delivery service will cover our skies and feed our need for 'instant gratification' (

Cyberattack in LA County nets personal health info on hundreds of thousands (

Robots could take over 3.4 million human jobs thanks to Amazon Go's new grocery stores (

Japanese scientist claims eating ice cream for breakfast can make you more intelligent (

As president, Trump pledges to gut NASA's politicized 'climate research' and refocus again on - SPACE (

Orwellian nightmare: Google to rig search results, eliminating news outlets they consider 'fake' (

Smartphones are keeping kids up at night, damaging their development and alertness during the day (

NASA's "miracle" EM Drive burns no fuel but produces amazing thrust, defying the laws (

Biggest supermoon in decades happening November 14th (

Google chairman wanted to be 'head outside advisor' for Clinton Regime, emails reveal (

UK spy agencies caught with 'unlawful' collection of citizens' data without complying to privacy rights (

Scientists develop implant that transmits visual signals to the brain, helping the blind see (

The amazing AquTru water filter, version 2.0, is now in stock: I've snagged 500 units for Natural News readers at a deep discount (

NASA confirms that planet Nibiru is falling towards Earth (

Science was wrong: 10 times more galaxies found in our universe (

Leonardo DiCaprio: People who believe in the laws of physics should not be allowed to hold public office (

Industry and government researchers are not reporting their trial data; what are they hiding? (

Cellphone radiation hurts men's ability to conceive, study confirms (

Satellites Circling Earth Are Extremely Vulnerable To Cyberattacks: Experts (

David Gorski's cancelled drug trial tainted by institutional conflict of interest (

Russian hackers said to have targeted Arizona's election system (

Scientific study confirms that dogs grasp what their owners are saying (

Aerospace firm launches 'magical school bus' that takes children on a virtual reality trip to Mars to inspire a new generation of space explorers (

Snowden sheds light on recent NSA hack; talks false flags (

Photo: Cataclysmic X-ray beam 200% longer than the Milky Way discovered being emitted from a supermassive black hole (

At civilians' expense: Was a commercial Delta flight a cyber hack test by a foreign government? (

Hacker known as 'Guccifer 2.0' strikes again, steals and publishes cell numbers, email addresses for most Democrat House members (

Technology Groups Urging Congress To Sue Obama Administration To Block Handing Over Control Of Internet To Authoritarian Regimes (

Introducing the Robot Baby Project: Amsterdam researchers have decided to make robots that can mate and reproduce (

Top 4 factors that undermine and threaten off-the-grid living in America (

'Homeland Security' Group Lashes Out At DNC, Clinton Hacks, Calls Them 'Attack On American Democracy' (

Amazon Echo is the ultimate spy device that records everything you say (

More proof NSA dragnet surveillance doesn't keep us safe (

Weird rocks on Mars could be evidence of an ancient oxygen atmosphere (

Clinton Campaign: Hack Of DNC Emails Work Of Russian Intelligence (

WSJ Investigation: America's Power Grid Highly Vulnerable To Low-Cost, Low-Tech Saboteurs (

Cell Phone Radiation From Mobile Phones Cause Cancer (

Gravitational Waves Suggest The Fabric Of Reality Is Laced Together By Cosmic Strings (