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Cable companies panic as Netflix subscriptions surpass cable TV for the first time (

Left-wing college students under the spell of "collective psychosis," warns liberal professor who was targeted by an insane student mob (

Doctors demand improved heart emergency guidelines on planes, propose recommendations (

Hampton Creek fires 3 executives for sabotaging company's mission to provide healthy foods (

Transgendered track star proves we're all insane (

Health insurance companies now pushing EUTHANASIA to avoid paying disease treatment coverage costs to doctors and hospitals (

Islamic burqas make women vitamin D deficient, achieving yet another way that Islam demeans and harms women (

Dangerous monopoly on the horizon as five of the "Big 6" agricultural corporations now looking to merge (

It's time to clamp down on college CRYBULLIES and take back America's universities from the lunatic Left (

Tesla owners are going to get punished with higher insurance rates warns AAA (

Caught on video: CNN stages another propaganda video (

It's time to deny all government funding to liberal colleges that can't stand up to their own deranged, intolerant students (

How much sugar is hidden in your glass of wine? It's more than you think (

Racist student mob at Evergreen College just got granted homework exemptions by the snowflake administration after threatening professors (

Globalists are building an army of millennials to destroy sovereignty (

Weaponized snowflakes now look a lot like terrorists as the progressives lose their collective minds (

Alert: Maine approves three types of GMO potatoes (

7 million retail jobs will be lost in the coming years warns alarming report (

China intensifies its Orwellian policies with the world's biggest DNA database (

Absurd online posts reveal how humanity is devolving into a species of hopeless morons (

America's universities have become training camps for violent left-wing extremism (

South Carolina teenager dies after consuming three caffeinated drinks in two hours (

Bag full of aborted baby parts falls off garbage truck? baby arms and legs "flung apart," report witnesses (

Shocking: CNN reports that glyphosate herbicide likely gave thousands cancer, while EPA covered it up (

Dirty dairy industry launches propaganda war on clean food (video) (

California university professor caught on video teaching students how to deface pro-life messages on sidewalks (

Drugged-driving swab tests being used in fascist dictatorship known as California (

More children are admitted to the emergency room each day for cotton tip swab injuries than for firearm injuries (

FDA to push pro-GMO ads paid by taxpayers, even as consumers overwhelmingly reject Frankenfoods (

Video: College Student Has 2 Minute Freak Out After Being Triggered By Trump Sign: "She's Going Nuts!" (

The globalist elites are not playing games, they are playing for keeps - if we continue playing the game by their rules, we will lose (

BOSTON RALLY this Thursday to target the Boston Herald for stating that vaccine skeptics should all be "hanged to death" (

Americans from all economic backgrounds love fast food, according to researchers (

Language controls how people experience time, linguists discover (

Powerful new film on the HPV vaccine being released by ANH-USA (

Pigeons found to have startling ability to "build knowledge" almost like humans (

Tragic: Mother shocked it took SEVEN years to diagnose daughter's Lyme disease (

12 Foods fit for humans but DEADLY for dogs (

Grandmother who dressed up as a witch and abused granddaughter sentenced to three life terms (

Planned Parenthood doctor caught on tape AGAIN, advocating selling of baby parts for profit (

NYT echoes Natural News, says it's time to break up the Google monopoly (

More campus crazy: Student was penalized by instructor for daring to use the word "man" in an essay (

New study reveals that exercise is socially contagious (

Comprehensive list of states with the highest toxic vaccine rates (

CNN is now offering advice on how to approach your kids about being TRANSGENDER (

New Mexico does away with the dark world of "Lunch Shaming" (

NEW REPORT: Millennials prefer marijuana over alcohol (

Starbucks launches TOXIC Unicorn Frappuccino in effort to stay relevant (

Big Pharma propaganda: American Medical Association claims antidepressant use by expectant mothers does NOT raise autism risk in newborns (

How Planned Parenthood uses linguistic tricks to DECEIVE an entire nation about "women's health care" (

Carrie Fisher was on cocaine and heroin at the time of her death, autopsy finds (

EPA exposed: How the agency has sought to avoid ALL responsibility for the toxic Gold King Mine spill (

EXCLUSIVE: Moms Across America releases powerful new documentary exposing toxicity of GMOs and glyphosate (

Amazon buys Whole Foods, creating the world's largest marketplace of untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides (

How the mainstream media openly promotes CHEMICAL VIOLENCE against children (video) (

Former NYPD chief: "New normal" terror attacks in Europe are coming soon to a U.S. city near you - it's time to arm yourself (

Holistic doctor gunned down outside organic restaurant in Colorado as war on natural health continues (

War on Weed: Detroit shuts down 167 cannabis retailers, even though Michigan legalized medical marijuana (

Must watch: Tree-climbing goats perch on branches like birds (

Walmart accused of not accepting doctors' notes, punishing workers for sick days (

'Islamophobia' as murder weapon (

New legislation in North Carolina would allow harmful 5G cell towers in neighborhoods; no citizen feedback allowed (

"Driving While Medicated" now a greater danger to society than driving drunk: Crashes from prescription meds up 100% in past decade (

FAKE NEWS: ESPN photoshopped Tiger Woods DUI arrest photo to make him look less ragged and deranged (

High-speed hand dryers in public restrooms found to emit INSANE levels of ear-damaging noise (

CONFIRMED: Living in cities makes people psychotic; they start hearing "voices in their heads," shocking new study finds (

Tiger Woods gets arrested for DUI, then says toxic "mix of medications" made him drive like a dangerous maniac? what if he's RIGHT? (

Why does the Forest Service own a "national junkyard" of thousands of unused buildings that are falling apart? (

Mother of three contracts BOTULISM from disgusting gas station nacho cheese (

Wi-fi signals can be used to see through the walls of your home and invade your privacy (

Secrets revealed: Five daily habits of people who age well (

Drunk dad ARRESTED for letting his child get sunburned at Disney (

After destroying millions of children with psychiatric drugs, the industry now wants the FDA to expand electroshock "therapy" on children (

The real illegal immigrant problem: Legal residents overstaying their visas (

Measles outbreaks caused by suppressed immune systems, not "anti-vaxxers," finds intriguing air pollution study (

This is science? Trayvon Martin awarded degree in 'Aeronautical Science' solely for social justice reasons having nothing to do with academic achievement (

Honest, independent, FEARLESS journalism: Why awakened people love Natural News and the Health Ranger (

There's major fuckery afoot with the Washington Post, and I think I know why (

Sugary drink producers drop prices around the world to keep people addicted to their deadly drinks (

More children harmed by VACCINES than from GUNSHOTS, government statistics reveal (

Black student groups now resorting to terrorism tactics to make insane demands from university administrators (

Why you should think twice before calling an ambulance (

Female medical students found to be worse at administering CPR ? Feminists nearly have a heart attack over new study (

Hate crime HOAX: Hate-filled liberal spray painted a swastika on his own church to blame Trump supporters (

Diesel fumes' nanoparticles cause heart disease by just BREATHING polluted city air (

Researchers have found illegal levels of ARSENIC in baby rice food products (

Fundamental transformation: Study finds that officers are "de-policing" amid "new norm" of anti-cop violence (

Malaria cure "developed" by academic institute found to have been documented in ancient Chinese Medicine text written over five centuries ago (

Leaked Facebook docs reveal Zuckerberg deliberately targeted "vulnerable" youths for exploitation (

Breast cancer detection bra will never see the light of day thanks to the deadly mammogram racket (

Devastating blow to soy processors as Chinese shoppers dump GMOs (

Consumers now demanding their meat be raised "humanely," without growth hormones or GMOs, according to new study (

Hyperactivity in children linked to pregnant mothers who talked on a mobile phone more than four times a day (

Organic certifier warns: Many beauty products in the UK that are labeled "organic" are misleading (

32 Celebrities who have gone vegan (

Alarming statistics reveal "young strokes" are surging across America (

Bill Nye destroyed his "scientific" credibility in a single Netflix episode (

Whole Foods to place satellite markets inside Target stores? (

Eat like a pro: Tom Brady launches his own super clean meal delivery service (

Grid down in San Fran, NYC and LA - what happens when ALL major cities lose power? (

Baltimore drug epidemic rages on as city health officials run low on naloxone (

Advertisers now expertly manipulating gullible liberals to promote global corporate brands (

Global obesity now affecting 2 BILLION people as processed junk food causes global epidemic (

Scalise shooter "liked" far-Left extremist smear organization that was tied to domestic terrorism attack against Family Research Council (

UCLA Medical Center doctor under investigation in organ harvesting case (

Babies born today will probably never experience the freedom of driving (

Why exiting the Paris Climate Accord helps America's poorest (

Three powerful, transformative questions you are NOT ALLOWED to ask in our fascist, totalitarian society (

Could your pet be your new probiotic? (

Switzerland may BAN aluminum salts used in deodorants because they cause cancer (

America's colleges have become INSANE ASYLUMS run by deranged, mentally ill students trained in the art of CRYBULLY tactics (

Deranged liberal college students who waged genocidal "No Whites Day" event at Evergreen College are now crying and demanding the video be scrubbed from the 'net (

Planned Parenthood abortionist caught on video joking about aborted baby EYEBALLS "rolling into our laps" (

Six things the hit TV show "The Walking Dead" gets right about a post-apocalypse world (

Evergreen State College caves in to Alt-Left student mob's demand for absurd homework exemption (

Traces of THC lands woman in jail for fatal crash she was NOT responsible for (

FDA extends public comment period on genetically engineered foods and animals? post your comments here (

Same media outraged over Manchester bombing of little girl totally SILENT when 100,000 U.S. children are maimed or killed by vaccines every year (

SUGAR BOMB: General Mills set to raffle off 10,000 boxes of "Marshmallow Only" Lucky Charms (

Was Soundgarden lead singer killed by FDA-approved prescription drugs? (

Dangerous tattoo removal cream leaves student with horrific scar (

On video: Confederate flag rugs trigger Portland woman into hysterics (

FBI impersonates journalists to film fake documentary to depict the Bundy family as nut jobs; liberal media cheers (

Qantas Flight 72 pilot speaks out: The computer "went psycho" (

Mott's sued over labeling pesticide-laced applesauce products "natural" (

Fascist Twitter labels Drudge Report tweets "sensitive" (

Vegan diets can kill your children, claims Big Food propaganda campaign (

Hong Kong now renting out "coffin homes" that have less than 120 square feet of living space (

The Boston Herald's Rachelle Cohen wants you dead, but you are not to respond in kind (

UN advisor declared female genital mutilation is nothing more than "gender-egalitarian surgery" (

Texas Professor: "Some white people may have to die" to solve racism (

Boston Herald says vaccine skeptics should be HANGED by the medical establishment for daring to say mercury is dangerous to children (

Consumers are giving up germ-covered bar soaps in favor of TOXIC liquid soaps (

City government refuses to return guns to burglary victim after thieves stole them (

Abortion to be labeled "child abuse" in Alaska if landmark measure passes (

Kids are engaging in dangerous diets where they go days without greens and depend on french fries as their only source of vegetables (

Mainstream media pushing malaria vaccine while refusing to mention that wormwood herb has a 100% cure rate (

Bombshell pharma revelation as details emerge about former Merck president's involvement in human biowarfare programs (

YAHOO caught up in political prisoner "group" scheme that siphoned money off for Yahoo itself, claims human rights group (

NYT echoes Natural News, says it's time to break up the Google monopoly (

Feeling sick? The average American home collects 40 pounds of toxic dust per year (

CVS shifting away from unhealthy candy and soda in favor of healthier items (

Organizers of Berkeley anti-free speech riots tied to pro-pedophilia group NAMBLA, documents reveal (

NYC cops bribed with prostitute-filled private jets to offer criminal favors to wealthy businesses (

Singing in the shower every morning will make you happy, experts say (

Amazon wants to watch you get dressed: New "Echo Look" camera to spy on you in your own bedroom and bathroom (

FACT CHECK: Bill Nye is a mechanical engineer, not "Climate Change" specialist (

California hospital fined after taking out a woman's ovaries by accident (

Corrupt medical industry now recommending the very same PSA prostate cancer test they already declared to be useless (

City moves traffic lights to the ground because people keep staring at their phones (

SURVEY: Let us know what products you want us to carry as we expand the Health Ranger Store (

After merger with pro-Monsanto, will Whole Foods still keep its promise to label everything it sells by 2018? (

UNREAL: Universities now paying students to bully classmates guilty of 'thought crimes' (

Monsanto shill proclaims "there is no 'right to know' if a food is GMO considering that GMOs are practically impossible to define" (

Horrifying video shows how opioid addiction has transformed the city of Baltimore into a Third World city (

TOTAL MYTH: No, McDonald's did not stop using all antibiotics in their chicken (

Libtard college campuses now running "political cleansing" campaigns to eliminate all conservatives (

Smart Meters' claimed cost efficiency benefits are mostly BUNK, analysis finds (

States pushing to register animal abusers just like sex offenders (

America's first all-organic fast food restaurant, The Organic Coup, is expanding rapidly by avoiding GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics (

GENDER FLUID SCIENCE: University of Arizona liberal announces "feminist" version of physics, because real physics is dominated by men like Sir Isaac Newton (

Mumps outbreak declared among GAY men in Los Angeles; many already "fully vaccinated" (

Doctor sued for "circumcision assault" of infant? genital mutilation happens to boys, too (

Increasing number of parents are giving their children SLEEPING DRUGS due to chronic sleep problems (

According to the insane, intolerant Left, WHITE women are not allowed to run burrito shops without being labeled racists (

Mark Zuckerburg just called for a communist economic system where everybody gets a "universal basic income" whether they work or not (

Texas lawmaker claims your child "belongs to the state" and can be forcibly vaccinated (

Hypocrisy: Facebook REFUSES to delete videos and images of "violent death," abortions and self-harm (

Evergreen State College students SEIZE campus, begin forced searches of vehicles for white professor who refused to kow-tow to liberal insanity (

California's taxpayers are "freeloaders" according to Governor Jerry Brown (

Plane with family of four goes missing near the Bermuda Triangle (

Five new websites that document the stupid, insane and unexplained events in our twisted world (

Internet ERUPTS over Dove "curvy fat" soap bottles designed to avoid triggering body-shameable women (

Genetics does play a role in social media use, study finds (

Transgenders found to exhibit shockingly high rates of suicidal thoughts and attempts (

From Ali to Sanchez: Coca-Cola is now paying celebrity chefs and food bloggers to endorse their beverages (

Australian parents who don't vaccinate their children will be fined $14 per week by the authoritarian regime (

If you want to escape a possible nuclear attack, better not move to Washington state (

BREAKING: Health food stores raided for CBDs, police ridiculously claim they're narcotics (

Massive global ransomware attack underscores vulnerability of critical infrastructure needed to sustain life (

Mainstream media's call for the mass murder of vaccine skeptics proves the vaccine industry is a terrorist organization (

All mainstream media news that cites "anonymous sources" is FAKE NEWS (

Children who have it rough growing up make better decisions when faced with uncertainty, new science shows (

Be careful of what you buy: not all "organic" milk is really organic, report reveals (

TRUTH: What is really behind the measles outbreak among Somali-Americans in Minnesota? (

Government thugs throw cancer-ridden grandmother in jail for having legal THC in her blood ? the war on molecules continues (

Kellogg's funneled millions of dollars into effort to censor sugar warnings on cereals (

Why I left BuzzFeed: Former employees speak out against media company and fake news outlet (

How safe is your aluminum foil? (

Stunning archaeological find vindicates renegade civilization historian Graham Hancock, author of "Magicians of the Gods" (

EPIDEMIC: 38 States have reported toxic lead levels in children (

Advantages and disadvantages of carrying a concealed handgun in a fanny pack (

Population control? Maine wants to issue a yearly supply of dangerous birth control to women (

Humanity has reached peak idiocy? what happens when the idiocy bubble bursts? (

Women being CONNED into unnecessary double mastectomies by doctors who misrepresent genetic testing, warns Stanford researchers (

Another Muslim doctor arrested for Female Genital Mutilation while the NYT pretends it doesn't exist (

McDonald's says providing antibiotic-free beef "too quickly" will cause meat shortages (

Pushback against smart meters continues to grow across the U.S. (

Skin care expert reveals the 20 most toxic chemical ingredients in beauty products? are you poisoning yourself? (

Making America Great Again: Jobless claims drop most in two years as confidence in Trump drives employment, growth (