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Radical leftist website Salon denounces the Bible as "absurdist" while promoting War on Christianity (Naturalnews.com)

The mysterious skies over Costa Rica: "Cloud iridescence" or sign from God? (Prophecy.news)

End of Days? Christians in the US threatened with rape and being 'burned alive' for following religious beliefs as civil society collapses (Prophecy.news)

You need some "me" time: Experts say 15 minutes of solitude every day eases stress and anxiety (Naturalnews.com)

Meditation changes the structure of your brain, cuts stress in half according to new study (Naturalnews.com)

Legalizing cannabis would dramatically improve public health while depriving criminal gangs of a major revenue source, says U.K. political leader (Naturalnews.com)

Telepathy: Explosive new scientific analysis claims some autistic children have psychic abilities (Newstarget.com)

Europe on edge: Nativity scene could be offensive to Muslims (Newstarget.com)

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What locals believe to be demonic possession strikes 80 children in Peru, causing convulsions, screaming and fainting (Newstarget.com)

http://blogs.naturalnews.com/healing-jewelry-right/ (Is healing jewelry right for you?)

The hidden person behind the 'mark of the beast' (Prophecy.news)

60-year old Christian whipped thirty times with a wooden cane for selling alcohol in Indonesia under Islamic law (Newstarget.com)

Visualize your success and sure enough it's yours (Mindbodyscience.news)

Jesus Christ healed the sick using medical marijuana, researchers claim (Naturalnews.com)

With Mother Teresa on the brink of sainthood, Salon drags her name through the mud (Evil.news)

Archaeologists discover tablet at site where Jesus cast demons into a flock of pigs (Prophecy.news)

ISIS beheads two Syrian women accused of witchcraft (Prophecy.news)

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Act of God Kills Over 100 Worshipers at Islam's Holiest Mosque in Mecca on 14th Anniversary of 9/11 (Collapse.news)

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Priest believes the devil fears him after performing 6,000 exorcisms in 40 years (Naturalnews.com)

BuzzFeed attempts to destroy Christian HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines over attending church (Newstarget.com)

70% of European Jews not attending synagogue during holidays due to targeted terror (Newstarget.com)

Satanist Leads Invocation at Alaska Assembly Meeting (Newstarget.com)

Teenager recovers miraculously after being dead for 45 minutes (Prophecy.news)

White disgruntled Islam convert couple, not shocking as it is the 'go-to' religion for the incarcerated (Newstarget.com)

Pakistani religious body in their OWN words say its "un-Islamic" for women to leave abusive relationships, says men can "lightly beat" wives (Newstarget.com)

Pope warns Europe of looming 'Arab Invasion,' while the number of migrants suggest this prophecy has already come true (Prophecy.news)

NC High School students forced to complete assignment praising Muslims over Christians and demonizing 'imperialistic' Western countries (Prophecy.news)

Supreme Court case will test church-state separation over a playground spat (Freedom.news)

Influential elites revealed as extreme 'Christianophobes' who call for genocide, eugenics (Naturalnews.com)

Rare Christmas full-moon rekindles fears about end times following September blood moon (Prophecy.news)

Psychedelic tea containing DMT will soon be legally available in "churches" across America (Prophecy.news)

Book of Ezekiel: Biblical accounts of Aliens? (Prophecy.news)

Oh, the irony: Global warming cult leaders turning to REAL religion in order to 'convince' non-believers (Freedom.news)

Satanic churches and symbolism increasingly pervade America as nation heads for total collapse (Prophecy.news)

Denver cops sue city over body camera implementation for not consulting them (Stupid.news)

Natural News readers name Health Ranger's newborn donkey 'Hosanna' (Naturalnews.com)

Baby 'Jesus donkey' just born at the Health Ranger ranch in Texas... Natural News readers get to NAME IT! (Naturalnews.com)

Tragedy at Mecca: 717 die, 805 wounded after human stampede in Saudi Arabia (Prophecy.news)

Ted Cruz blasts judge for jailing county clerk for refusing to violate her religious beliefs (Naturalnews.com)

Human consciousness survives even after biological death, research confirms (Naturalnews.com)

The power of thought: New study finds that what depression patients EXPECT is more important than what they actually take (Naturalnews.com)

An Open Letter to the Spiritual Community About Psychiatry (Naturalnews.com)

SCIENCE PROPAGANDA: New study claims that people who believe in religion are "brain damaged" (Naturalnews.com)

Study: Best treatment for anxiety is mindfulness meditation (Naturalnews.com)

BBC plan to counter 'Christian Bias' could include broadcasting Muslim call to prayer (Newstarget.com)

The Depths of Ideolgical Subversion: Communism and Islam (Newstarget.com)

Is caring about what others think holding you back? (Naturalnews.com)

Russia will likely deploy advanced nuclear-capable missiles by 2019 along NATO border (Prophecy.news)

Is paganism gaining popularity? Grand opening for Swiss rail tunnel featured a bizarre mix of satanic imagery (Prophecy.news)

Do you feel the disturbance in The Force? There's nothing wrong with you? it just means you're TUNED IN (Naturalnews.com)

What percentage of Muslims believe Sharia Law should be law of the land? How many believe death is proper punishment for leaving Islam? (Prophecy.news)

The hundredth monkey effect and the approaching revolution of unified consciousness (Prophecy.news)

Oregon now seizing bank accounts of Christians who refuse to abandon their religious beliefs (Prophecy.news)

CNN now openly glorifying Satanists while vilifying Christians and Jews (Naturalnews.com)

Leftist hate group publishes 'hit list' of women who protest religious violence (Naturalnews.com)

Big businesses now at war with Christians over LGBT policies (Twisted.news)

Santa's archnemesis Krampus dominates Christmas in German holiday tradition (Twisted.news)

Linda Stasi, media Nazi, blames Jewish victim for Christmas party massacre by Islamist terrorists in San Bernardino (Naturalnews.com)

Pope Francis warns about the end of world in wake of Paris attacks (Prophecy.news)

Washington school threatens to fire football coach if he prays silently to himself in public or even kneels to honor God (Naturalnews.com)

Was the Fukushima disaster a Biblical prophecy fulfilled? (Prophecy.news)

The 3 biggest "Pope-pocrisies" of Pope Francis's lecture to America (Prophecy.news)

Leftist war on Christianity draws first blood: Oregon campus shooter demanded victims state their religion... Christians were then executed with a bullet to the head (Naturalnews.com)

Dumb luck or divine providence: How God may have been responsible for stopping the Paris train shooting (Prophecy.news)

The first step toward mindful eating (Slender.news)