Weird News

Shut the front door! 7 Percent of Americans think brown cows produce chocolate milk (

The caffeine you urinate is harming the environment, study warns (

Vegan pet dogs? Yes it's happening (

MONKEY MARKETING: Indonesian monkeys STEAL objects from tourists, then BARTER them to other people for food (

American Airlines forgets double amputee's wheelchair, has him kicked off the plane for being "a drunk" (

Farmer faces $2.8 million fine for plowing his own land (

STUPID TECH on parade as company releases bluetooth-connected salt shaker controlled by Amazon Alexa? is this really necessary? (

SICK: Gloria Steinem says that allowing a human child to be born instead of murdering it will cause global warming (

Hundreds of thousands of British pounds spent by the NHS on super-sized ambulances for the obese (

Models in France now required to get a doctor's note before hitting the catwalk (

Millennials under the impression they will RETIRE at 59, according to shocking new statistics (

Young boy almost dies after getting impaled in the chest with a PENCIL (

SHOCKING: Chinese man has emergency surgery to remove a live eel from his intestines (

Shocking study reveals patients who go to the hospital on a weekend are more likely to die within 30 days (

UNSOLVED: 1,600 people have mysteriously gone missing in public parks (

Report: UFO sightings are at an all-time high (

Massive, strange anomaly discovered under the frozen ice of Antarctica (

Miracle: 101-year-old woman with dementia remains talented pianist, playing 400 songs by ear (

Big Pharma hit job? Hedge funder 'commits suicide' by slashing his own throat after implicating the FDA (

A talking parrot could help solve a murder case (

Short people are paying black market surgeons to lengthen their legs so that they appear taller (

'Fearless' feminists launch #ShoutYourStatus campaign to glorify? STDs and STIs? because preventable, harmful diseases are 'empowering'? (

Food analysis lab censors findings showing hotdogs contain human DNA (

Man becomes math savant after violent attack alters his brain (

Mentally ill man now living out fantasy as 7-year-old girl's 'little sister,' after abandoning his wife and children (

Harvard dean's next target: Banning all-male clubs and freedom of association (

Biotech scientists now raising human-animal chimeras on U.S. farms (

How the Beatles plotted to destroy America through the most cunning, diabolical conspiracy in human history (

Have you ever heard of the mysterious "Suicide Forest" in Japan? (

Bernie Sanders praises communist mass murderer on video - this is the true philosophy of the extreme left (

Teen recovers from Walking Corpse Syndrome: some people believe they are the living dead (

Protesters from University of Texas wave dildos while chanting fart noises to mock gun-rights activists (

University of Vermont holds "white privilege" retreat to help white students come to terms with being white (

Is Seattle about to say goodbye to single-family homes? (

Katy Perry is the new climate change fraud weathergirl (

How to tell if someone is lying to you! (

Susan Sarandon: Pope will be assassinated for his progressive views (

Amazon now plastering Nazi symbolism across NYC while banning books that question the government (

Author says everyone has an inner psychic ability (

Mizzou hunger strike student came from family that achieved the American Dream (

Biohackers insert cyborg chips under skin to make tattoos glow (

Paranoid hysteria strikes University of Missouri campus as crazed, delusional Mizzou students start hallucinating KKK members that don't exist (

Your blood might be someone else's medication... Vampires are REAL and living in New Orleans (

Satellite images reveal mysterious, ancient superstructures built in Kazakhstan thousands of years before the Egyptian pyramids (

Bullet scam: Filipino airport security personnel extorting passengers over planted contraband (

Volkswagen: Emissions scandal brings reminder of automaker's Nazi lineage (

Monsanto douchebag Kevin Folta from Univ. of Florida outed as fake podcast alter ego who interviewed himself! (

Skeptics say hypnosis doesn't work, but blame schoolteacher's hypnosis sessions for student suicides (

Liberal university now pushing roasted crickets as food source... let the 'Soylent Green' propaganda begin! (

How to communicate with the deceased (

Women found to purchase more flirtatious clothing when they shop during their fertile window, say scientists (

Dietitian singles out ground-up insects in red velvet cupcakes as the cause for growing food allergies (

"Butt" of course: Man sticks drinking glass in anus for sexual stimulation; needed surgery after it broke (

Herd of cows leaps to its death off a 50-meter cliff? is humanity any different? (

University launches a "hate bias" task force that won't do anything to prevent "hate" or "bias" (

Germany plans to introduce fines of $2,800 for parents who refuse to get their children vaccinated (

LAPD convinces citizens to surrender their self-defense firearms in exchange for TARGET gift cards (

School insanity on parade as student gets 10-day suspension for LIKING an online photo of an airsoft gun (

National Park Service bans scientist from studying the Grand Canyon because he's a Christian (

Venezuelan protesters have begun pelting government police with POOP bombs (

Scientists now pushing FAITH as the most important factor in "climate change" - if you believe it's real, then it's real (

Iraq war veteran faces 21 years in prison for possession of pistol magazines (

Bill Nye the "science guy" abandons all science, implies transgenderism is "evolution" (

Scientists say eating your own boogers boosts immune function (

Bill Nye goes FULL LUNATIC with vulgar transgender music video singing about "moist vagina" and how transgenderism is "evolution" (

REAL or HOAX? UFO experts warn of "cosmic false flag" event, claiming deep state will fake alien invasion to achieve totalitarian control over humanity (

Chinese political dissidents are having their organs cut from their bodies for 'transplant tourists' (

'Kush' outbreak causes devastation in Houston park (

Omar Mateen's GUN was homophobic, not his religion (

Spirit apparitions of Fukushima now hitching rides with Japanese taxi drivers (

Tyson Foods runs slave camp as workers are forced to wear diapers, denied bathroom breaks (

Warning: Using too many condoms could place you on a government watchlist! (

Fashion model returns to catwalk four years after toxic tampon caused her to lose her leg (

FACT: Food industry uses beaver anal secretions to "flavor" your food! (

FACT: Most breads contain human hair sourced from China (

Meet the "vampire girl" who drinks only her boyfriend's BLOOD (

Women in America claim extraterrestrials fathered HYBRID children with them (

Children being indoctrinated into surveillance police state with Elf on the Shelf toy (

Was a professor fired for speaking out about Sandy Hook? (

Meet the blood-drinking, "real vampires" of New Orleans (

Washington group proposes composting the dead to use as garden soil (

Did global warming cause San Bernardino shooting? Liberal narratives more loony than the shooters themselves (

Disney's ABC now whoring out the Muppets to market sexual perversion to children (

Worker tells CNN health center was going through active shooter exercises as attacks took place (

Adult sex store offends residents with sexually explicit skeleton display (

Joker creates fake Facebook username "Phuc Dat Bich" to trick mainstream media and Internet at large (

What's the secret to influencing others to do what you want them to do? (

University of Vermont tells white students to attend three-day 'privilege retreat' so they can confront their white privilege (

Jared Fogle's attorneys blame "Subway diet" for client's child molesting tendencies (

Mentally deranged academic Monsanto shill disguises voice to interview himself and sing song duets defending GMOs (

Vatican secretly operates brothels for priests, leaked documents reveals (

FAKEBOOK: Desperate need to be socially accepted drives Facebook users to stage fake photos, vacations and fashion accessories (

Southern Poverty Law Center self-destructs into paranoid frenzy of leftist idiocy, naming nearly everyone a conspiracy theorist (

Bogus smartwatch claims it can measure your sexual performance (

Loopy liberals now trying to say the definition of a 'woman' is merely a decision not rooted in biological reality (

SPLC's paranoia: Everyone's part of a "conspiracy theory" (

Are women more psychic than men? (

Why are commercial airline pilots suddenly passing out or dying at the wheel? (

Democratic congresswoman claims global warming will force American women into prostitution (

University of Texas alumnus fights guns with gigantic swinging dildos (

UNREAL: Universities now paying students to bully classmates guilty of 'thought crimes' (

FDA bans natural substance manufactured by the body itself (

Offshore wind farms found to be vulnerable to? yep? WINDS (

Aerospace company founder says extraterrestrials are already HERE on Earth (

Man arrested for selling vegetables without a permit in police state USA (

Not even kidding: College will require "Abolition of Whiteness" course for political science majors (

The high cost of being COOL? "Destroyed" sneakers are selling for $1,425 (

California now wants to tax SPACE travel (

Stupid people keep cutting themselves while trying to open avocados, so doctors have called for avocados to come with warning labels (

Transgender LUNACY as biological man shatters women's weightlifting records by claiming he's a woman (

Colleges now offering Play-Doh for students who feel "triggered" by finals week (

Insanity: Now the FDA wants to criminalize pizza toppings (

Google wants to collect your poop, spit, and tears in voluntary health study aimed at knowing all your medical secrets (

Robots may have taken over alien civilizations, astrophysicist claims (

Seattle ballpark begins serving fried insects as a game time snack (

Groundbreaking surgery gives amputee cats a new life with successful 'bionic paws' (

Hospital quarantined after 5 people suffer mysterious hallucinations - illness spread by touch (

50 holistic doctors have mysteriously died in the last year, but what's being done about it? (

Natural human combustion: Is it actually possible for people to spontaneously burst into flames? (

CLAIM: Toddler finds DEAD RAT decomposing in his Dr. Pepper (

An unbreakable bond: Babies in the womb can lend cells to their pregnant mothers if her body becomes injured (

Disgruntled Kellogg's factory worker urinates all over breakfast cereal conveyor belt, films it, and posts video online (

Is the gemstone Tourmaline effective at reducing harmful EMF's? (

Woman returns to life after nearly an hour of clinical death; claims deceased husband spoke to her (

The ultimate RAW food? 5,000 'real vampires' across the USA need to consume raw human blood just to survive (

WATCH: Alex Jones flip-flops on Sarah Palin, calls her "New World Order hooker" before endorsing her as "real deal" (

Wisconsin girl dies from wearing shorts, T-shirt in freezing weather (

British woman has stomach removed after being served two shots of liquid nitrogen at wine bar (

[Explicit] Nude woman stands with sign in Cologne, men interviewed afterward ask, "There was a sign?" (

Transhumanist candidate Zoltan Istvan promises immortality in 2016 presidential election (

Is the Great Bosnian Pyramid actually just a big hill? (

Teacher arrested after assaulting child and stealing food from hungry six-year-olds (

Biological males who identify as females can now freely undress in girls' locker rooms (

Monsanto douchebag, biotech troll and paid-off academic shill Kevin Folta says he's quitting the internet (

The story circulating claiming the Oath Keepers are providing security for Planned Parenthood is completely FALSE. (

Everyone's a psychic: Learn how to "see" into the minds of others! (

Psychologist pours DRAIN CLEANER in woman's eyes to 'treat' her mental disorder (

Secret government program used telepathy to contact aliens, argues investigative journalist Jim Marrs (

Clinical proof that most politicians and CEOs are certifiably insane (

Nepalese tribesmen risk their lives to harvest hallucinogenic honey made by giant bees (

University of Florida an insane asylum staffed by lying Monsanto shill who faked another personality to interview himself defending GMOs (

Woman spontaneously burst into flames as she sat on a park bench in Germany (

Foreign Affairs magazine says Volkswagen lost its corporate soul ? which begs the question - what soul? (

Scientists feverishly working to develop artificial meat as biotech industry's next big product (

Kansas doctor says unborn baby is just like a breast tumor (

Now owned by America-hating Disney, Marvel superhero Captain America beats up 'villains' who seek to protect America's borders (

Sexting reaches new level of excitement with penis and vagina flirtmojis (

Pope Francis hypocrisy: Advocates for open borders while Vatican City fully walled off from public (

Seth Rogen slurs Ben Carson, as the left attacks an apostate to their radical agenda (

How to tell your fortune by the grounds in a tea or coffee cup (

Police State USA: Teens must get business licenses to mow lawns this summer (

U.S. corporation says it can now raise people from the dead, plans first trials this year (

Pepsi now experimenting with ground up insects as a source of protein for its snack products (

Weird: Women are putting ground up WASP NESTS into their vaginas (

STUPID: For people who are too LAZY to open the refrigerator door, there's now a camera and an app for that (

Doctors say putting mushrooms in the MICROWAVE increases availability of antioxidants (seriously?) (

JUNK SCIENCE: Climate change now being blamed for mental health problems? is there anything it doesn't cause? (

Oregon to completely remove GENDER from driver's licenses because binary decisions are too difficult for progressives All those times when Barack Obama committed impeachable offenses Google "smart cities" could lead to violations of privacy (

VAMPIRE facials the newest sick rage, as women have their facial skin injected with their own BLOOD (

Freak snowfall destroys 100 MILLION pounds of onions in Idaho and Oregon] (

Female store mannequins blasted for being "medically unhealthy" (

UNHINGED: Sweden media now demanding total ban of MEN in CARS because they might use them as weapons of terror (

Cuban man treats arthritis pain with scorpion venom? and he says it works (

Police brutality on display as cops force catheter into man's penis while he's handcuffed and hooded? to "test for drugs" (

Nobel Prizes were awarded to Nazi scientists who developed Zyklon B to exterminate Jews (

Halftime HELL: Satan speaks through Lady Gaga to declare dominion over the Earth (while Pope Francis blesses) (satire) (

Organ donor wakes up during harvesting of her body parts after doctors jumped to conclusions (

New JC Penney advertisement shamefully promotes obesity (

McDonald's unveils a $1.5K golden chicken McNugget in Japan (

Burgers contain rat and human DNA, study finds (

Child born in China with 15 fingers and 16 toes... This is the place where a lot of your 'organic' food gets smothered in chemicals, then imported into the USA (

Modern-day mummy mystery: experienced sailor found dead in the Pacific (

Three major reasons why intelligent people talk to themselves (

Mere months after Health Ranger jokes about 'trans species' claims, a Norwegian woman says she's a cat trapped in a human body (

Coyotes on psychedelic mushrooms are staring down and attacking cars (

Yes, 'anal hazing' is a thing in America's high schools ... Sodomy now a rite of passage (

Chinese government bulldozes hospital and morgue with patients and doctors still inside to make room for a road expansion project (

Mafia running olive oil thefts, stealing 'liquid gold' extra virgin oil from Spanish orchards and processors (

Burglar stuck in chimney dies after unsuspecting homeowner lights fireplace (

Worst eyewitness sketch in history actually helps investigators arrest suspected murderer (

Wikipedia, co-founded by a porn peddler, is now exposed as a massive blackmail engine run by criminal editors (

Target sells sex toys near children's toothbrushes to promote sex-obsessed pop culture (

New tattoo trend gives scar face a whole new meaning (

The Iron Maiden: Medieval Torture Device and Satanic 666 Ale (

Parents, beware: Mattel's interactive "Hello Barbie" may be susceptible to computer hacks (

After defending abortion organ harvesting, the NYT now defends radical Islam (

Monsignor Meth: Priest turned drug dealer Kevin Wallin receives 65 months in prison for peddling meth (

Facebook now discriminating against Vietnamese users with non-English names (

Female cops win discrimination lawsuit after failing fitness exam; forces city to hire fat, weak, unfit slobs as police officers (

College leftists now acting just like Stalinist and Maoist operatives with 'purge' demands for conservative thinkers (

REAL LIFE "X-MEN"? 5-year-old prodigy exhibits telepathic abilities, knows seven languages and recites numbers "written in secret" (

Tabloids stir up controversy between Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono (

Gwyneth Paltrow considering freezing herself for possible resurrection in the future (

Former UK politician claims he stopped sinister Illuminati plot to unlock the gates of hell with LHC (

SPLC plans to use Common Core to indoctrinate kids with LGBT propaganda (

What are they hiding? Police order BBC reporter to destroy evidence of VA shooter's crashed vehicle (

How to get a good psychic reading (

"I Lived In Mercury": Frank Zappa family poisoned by Pentagon toxins during childhood, pre-death confession reveals (

Rosie O'Donnell's wayward daughter reveals home life of unbridled banality, in exclusive tell-nothing interview (

Yes, you can DIE in a McDonald's restaurant and not be noticed for 24 hours (