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Breast cancer risk skyrockets when you gain weight (Cancer) - 54 Hours Ago

Scientists have learned how to interrupt cancer cell growth; allowing them to prevent cancer’s adaptation to treatment (Cancer) - 76 Hours Ago

Taking vitamin C and quercetin together can suppress inflammation and decrease cellular damage (Cancer) - 83 Hours Ago

Thyme essential oil identified as an alternative antifungal substance (Cancer)

Aster herb found to inhibit growth of cancer cells (Cancer)

Chewing areca nut can prevent cancer (Cancer)

Mechanism identified to explain how tea nutrients halt cancer cell replication in the human body via epigenetic changes (Cancer)

Cacao and maca demonstrated to function as powerful superfoods against cancer (Cancer)

Drinking less alcohol lowers your risk of cancer, researchers conclude (Cancer)

The hidden dangers of dry cleaning exposed (Cancer)

Halve your chances of dying from cancer by supplementing with selenium (Cancer)

Toxic hexavalent chromium tested to be present in the tap water of 218 million Americans (Cancer)

COVER-UP: Scientists who find glyphosate herbicide in common foods are silenced or reassigned (Cancer)

Researchers decipher the antitumor mechanism of an Amazonian plant (Cancer)

Inositol has a long and rich history of preventing cancer (Cancer)

Turmeric studied for its ability to seek out and destroy cancer stem cells, the source of all tumors (Cancer)

Modified citrus pectin can inhibit the growth and metastasis of prostate cancer and kill leukemia cells (Cancer)

Natural cancer solutions: Aloe vera and honey can reduce tumor progression (Cancer)

Signs, symptoms, and sources of arsenic poisoning (Cancer)

The real link between sugar consumption and cancer (Cancer)

Curcumin: A major breakthrough in cancer prevention and treatment? (Cancer)

Biosludged feature film launched at and - watch it now (Cancer)

Licorice contains powerful cancer-killing phytochemicals (Cancer)

Chemotherapy revealed as toxic poison for every living cell in the human body: Mitochondrial dysfunction warning from researchers (Cancer)

Toxic sewage: is it on your dinner plate? (Cancer)

12 reasons why even a low level of glyphosate exposure is unsafe (Cancer) - 55 Hours Ago

Leukemia cells "steal" glucose from normal cells to feed their own growth (Cancer) - 78 Hours Ago

Studies link cell phone radiation to health issues in children and unborn babies (Cancer) - 83 Hours Ago

Cheese from hormone-treated cows found to raise the risk of breast cancer by over 50%... one more reason to buy organic (Cancer)

Sushi lovers, rejoice: Wasabi can help prevent cancer (Cancer)

Healing touch and oncology massage lessen cancer pain (Cancer)

Eating a lot of processed meat can increase your risk of cancer (Cancer)

Aster protects against oral squamous carcinoma (Cancer)

An anthocyanin found in camu camu fruit demonstrates anti-tumor effects (Cancer)

Independent research confirms that rampant glyphosate use has contributed to the increase in chronic diseases worldwide (Cancer)

Many store-bought "fertilizer" products for home use are LOADED with toxic biosludge (Cancer)

Vitamin D deficiency directly linked to your risk for cancer (Cancer)

Chemotherapy linked to mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle (Cancer)

Cockspur grass destroys four human cancer cell lines: Study (Cancer)

Eat these naturally pink anti-breast cancer foods (Cancer)

Physicist warns: Newly approved 5G tech could "irradiate everyone" (Cancer)

How drinking coffee reduces cancer risk (Cancer)

Patients with radiation proctitis benefit from aloe vera therapy (Cancer)

Molecules created when the body metabolizes omega-3s demonstrate anticancer activity (Cancer)

New study suggests that reformulated nail polishes are not necessarily safer (Cancer)

Emulsifiers added to food may be causing cancer, new study finds (Cancer)

Moringa shows powerful antiproliferative effects on cancer cells (Cancer)

High doses of vitamin C can reduce inflammation in cancer patients (Cancer)

New study links deficiency of CoQ10 to an increased risk of melanoma metastasis (Cancer)

Aloe vera reduces acute radiation proctitis in patients receiving radiotherapy (Cancer)

From preventing bloating to reduced cancer risk, here are 5 health benefits of eating pineapples (Cancer) - 59 Hours Ago

Vaccines found to contain pig virus DNA and monkey kidney cells... the "dirty" little secret the vaccine industry doesn't want you to know (Cancer) - 82 Hours Ago

The science is pouring in: You're probably eating Roundup herbicide in "excessive" levels (Cancer) - 88 Hours Ago

Beriba found to be cytotoxic against human cancer cells (Cancer)

Strength training can reduce your risk of cancer-related death by a substantial 31% (Cancer)

Endocannabinoids: Molecules that are formed when your body metabolizes omega-3s inhibit cancer growth (Cancer)

Experts WARN: 5G technology will blanket the Earth with ultra-high microwave frequencies (Cancer)

These food heating and reheating techniques may damage your health (Cancer)

Exposed: Toxic biosludge spread on food crops is contaminated with RADIOACTIVE medical waste (Cancer)

Italian style coffee found to significantly reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer (Cancer)

First-ever comprehensive project finds that 93% of Americans have glyphosate in their bodies (Cancer)

3 Saudi Arabian plants show potential for treating cancer (Cancer)

Study confirms the antitumor effects of pomegranates (Cancer)

Pomegranates studied as a nutritious way to prevent cancer (Cancer)

Compounds in pomegranate juice found to trigger cancer cell death (Cancer)

Research confirms a link between chemical hair colors and cancer (Cancer)

The 5 things you need to do to prevent liver cancer (Cancer)

Could coffee reduce your risk of liver cancer? (Cancer)

Monsanto's secret: Claims about glyphosate safety were junk science myths promoted for financial gain (Cancer)

Smart meters may be "smart," but they're making the world STUPID (Cancer)

Sewage sludge industry panics as Biosludged movie files posted for immediate downloading and sharing... get the files here (Cancer)

Researchers study this unknown Chinese herb for its potential anticancer properties (Cancer)

Dandelion root detoxifies your liver and fights cancer (Cancer)

The government is LYING about the safety of "biosludge" (Cancer)

Biosludged full movie launches Wednesday, Nov. 28th: See trailer 2 here, and prepare to be shocked (Cancer)

Orchids found to hold anti-cancer potential (Cancer) - 59 Hours Ago

Evidence suggests glyphosate standards are failing to protect the public (Cancer) - 83 Hours Ago

Researchers look at the anticancer potential of cockspur grass (Cancer)

Bombshell report shows Johnson & Johnson talc baby powder products are contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos – and the company has known for nearly 50 years (Cancer)

Antioxidant-rich matcha green tea found to help beat breast cancer (Cancer)

Ford vehicles to deploy 5G brain cancer technology in vehicles by 2020, frying your brain while you drive (Cancer)

Camu camu fruits are rich in an anthocyanin that stops tumors from growing (Cancer)

Cancer loves fat: Almost 800,000 new cases a year are attributed to diabetes and being overweight in a recent study (Cancer)

Garcinia demonstrates potential anticancer activity (Cancer)

Emerging research shows that a natural citrus fruit extract can prevent cancer growth (Cancer)

New alternative cancer remedies found in yarrow and marigold (Cancer)

Omega-3 fatty acids found to suppress the growth and spread of breast cancer (Cancer)

Quercetin is one of the most potent natural antioxidants on the planet (Cancer)

Consuming highly processed foods linked to a higher likelihood of cancer (Cancer)

Actos, a commonly prescribed drug for diabetes, can give you bladder cancer (Cancer)

Compounds found in guava observed to display potent anticancer activity (Cancer)

Could inflammation be the core cause of all chronic disease? (Cancer)

Guava demonstrates powerful anticancer effects (Cancer)

The science speaks for itself: Artificial sweeteners trigger glucose intolerance (Cancer)

Better than chemo: These 5 foods are known to KILL cancer cells – watch at (Cancer)

Research: Eating lentils twice a week can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 24% (Cancer)

Researchers study senna makkai as a potential candidate for cancer treatment (Cancer)

Yarrow and marigold extracts inhibit pancreatic cancer cell growth, study finds (Cancer)

Moringa prevents cancer cells from proliferating, new research finds (Cancer)

Medical myth busted: Cancer is primarily a metabolic disorder, NOT a genetic disease (Cancer)