Ecology News

U.S. Navy to release genetically engineered organisms into the ocean, unleashing mass genetic pollution with devastating consequences (Ecology)

After mocking "chemtrails" for over a decade, global elites suddenly announce geoengineering plan to "dim the sun" with aerial spraying (Ecology)

Changing to a healthy diet is not just good for you, it also saves a lot of fresh water, according to a new study (Ecology)

Brain size linked to ecology: Scientists discover it wasn't a complex social network that grew the prehistoric human brain; it was how far they traveled (Ecology)

Worldwide study reveals that air pollution is cutting global life expectancy by up to 2 years (Ecology)

Researchers develop blend of bioplastics that can decompose under diverse conditions (Ecology)

All our bodies are filled with plastic (Ecology)

Japan announces new plan to drain radioactive Fukushima water DIRECTLY into the Pacific Ocean (Ecology)

Modern agricultural practices destroy the environment’s natural balance: Heavily farmed areas have little biodiversity, more disease (Ecology)

Amid IPCC climate alarmism report, scientists are now calling for CHEMTRAIL spraying to stop "global warming" (Ecology)

Coal plants in Pennsylvania are dumping toxic pollution in rivers under expired permits (Ecology)

Sugarcane is an eco-friendly option for the improved production of biomass in marine algae (Ecology)

New study finds we need to support decentralized, small-scale farming to meet our growing demand for nutritious food (Ecology)

Better recycling of car scraps could yield big money AND help reduce emissions (Ecology)

The herbicidal activity of 3 species of Baccharis (Ecology)

Biofuel challenges: Some green fuels can become contaminated with the wrong microbes (Ecology)

Cyanide-contaminated soil can be treated with agro-waste made from banana, pineapple, and watermelon (Ecology)

Studied: The environmental impacts of the Mediterranean diet (Ecology)

Plants have sophisticated defense systems: They can share proteins, bait and trap pathogens (Ecology)

Fungal strains found naturally in the soil, including a relative of penicillin, could be an alternative to herbicides (Ecology)

Looking at ways to decrease agricultural greenhouse gas emissions by producing eco-friendly animal feed (Ecology)

Mendocino Fire breaks record as LARGEST wildfire in California history – watch at (Ecology)

Understanding the global carbon cycle: Most CO2 is bound up in Earth's core, which is why CO2 levels rise when continents move (Ecology)

Moving away from chemicals: Consumer demand for cleaner food has researchers exploring plant-based extracts to protect against insects (Ecology)

Scientists say that waste from landfills could be recycled as energy or reused as raw materials (Ecology)

Why do Californians keep building their homes in fire zones prone to catastrophe? It all comes down to bad government policy (Ecology)

The government is LYING about the safety of "biosludge" (Ecology)

Biosludged full movie launches Wednesday, Nov. 28th: See trailer 2 here, and prepare to be shocked (Ecology)

How carbon dioxide benefits the planet with accelerated reforestation, improved crop growth and re-greening (Ecology)

Scientists create an autonomous robot that can hunt for lionfish that threaten coral reefs (Ecology)

IQ TEST: If California's fires are caused by climate change, and if driving cars produces CO2 that accelerates climate change, then didn't all the motorists of California cause their own forest fires? (Ecology)

Manure-based fertilizers are ideal alternatives to conventional varieties, according to a study (Ecology)

Are bioplastics really as eco-friendly as they're touted to be? (Ecology)

Looking at alternative approaches to pest control (Ecology)

Natural is always best: Three shrubs native to North America found to be great alternative bioherbicides (Ecology)

Greenhouse gases are natural – mussels and oysters produce high levels every year (Ecology)

Controlling the soil-borne fungus Verticillium dahliae using natural approaches (Ecology)

Trees are good for your emotional health: Study determines living on the edge of a forest is good for your brain (Ecology)

Climate and pollution: De-icing salt has increased salt concentrations in lakes and waterways as much as a hundredfold in the last 50 years (Ecology)

Bombshell: Environmental activism groups operating in the USA may actually be front groups run by communist China (Ecology)

New research finds that the air in national parks is just as toxic as the air in cities (Ecology)

Lasiurus scindicus can be used to improve nutrient quality in soil contaminated with lead (Ecology)

Australian plant discovered to have a self-sealing mechanism to protect against environmental changes (Ecology)

Sea level rise has SLOWED DOWN since 2002, totally contradicting the climate change "science" narrative (Ecology)

Adding cattle to wetland management practices benefits migratory bird populations, environment (Ecology)

Abandoned oil rigs in the sea can become valuable artificial reefs (Ecology)

Researchers identify and investigate the characteristics of gold nanoparticles in two plants (Ecology)

Air pollution in northern China reducing life expectancy (Ecology)

Scientists explore using sugarcane as alternative bio-jet fuel (Ecology)

The first farmers were ants... and they've been farming for millions of years (Ecology)

Journal corrections on glyphosate review confirms what we've been saying for years: Monsanto released ghostwritten papers declaring supposed "safety" of their pesticides (Ecology)

Recycling platinum: Researchers achieve breakthrough in developing fuel cells for the next wave of green energy (Ecology)

New satellite data from NASA show how carbon links everything on Earth (Ecology)

Startup develops AI tool that will strengthen efforts to protect endangered elephants (Ecology)

Green for green: Organic fertilizers improve crop quality (Ecology)

New study explains why winter air pollution in the U.S. has remained high over the last decade (Ecology)

Insect population COLLAPSE a death warning for all humanity (Ecology)

Agricultural areas surrounded by natural habitat buffers show reduced negative impact on wildlife, new study finds (Ecology)

Organic farming promotes better plant biodiversity (Ecology)

Ozone can potentially replace insecticides to control pests in various crops (Ecology)

Organic vineyard plots are more biodiverse than conventional crop management plots (Ecology)

The environmental impact of dying: Current burial practices have a huge carbon footprint - are eco-friendly solutions on the horizon? (Ecology)

Use of compost and cover crops improves soil nutrients, helps mitigate the impact of extreme weather on vegetable crops (Ecology)

New report finds that WiFi radiation is damaging the environment and wildlife (Ecology)

Ice sheets have always melted quickly when the climate warms, according to research (Ecology)

Researchers look into more ways of turning food waste into good livestock feed (Ecology)

Why the US military is the world's largest polluter (Ecology)

Protecting old trees: Self-contained ecosystems, the majestic giants clean more air and produce more offspring than younger trees (Ecology)

Is Fukushima radiation affecting the West Coast? Consider these signs (Ecology)

Researchers demonstrate efficient solar energy storage in a chemical liquid (Ecology)

First quantitative evidence PROVES the role of seagrass meadows in supporting world fisheries productivity (Ecology)

Latest research suggests that microplastics are wreaking havoc all the way up to the marine food web (Ecology)

Researchers find way to fight exotic plant invasions of forests through allelopathy (Ecology)

Growing vegetables sustainably is possible on a large scale without conventional fertilizer, with proper soil management (Ecology)

Science study: Rising CO2 producing "miracle" re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly EXPANDS (Ecology)

EPA exposed as criminal pollution enterprise engaged in bioterrorism, food contamination and the destruction of ecosystems across North America (Ecology)

World renowned physicist Freeman Dyson echoes the Health Ranger in touting the benefits of carbon dioxide for our planet (Ecology)

SHOCK: 50% of freshwater insects are contaminated with microplastics (Ecology)

The greatest environmental crime you've never heard about: Biosludged film launches Nov. 28th - see the first trailer here (Ecology)

Removing chemical pollution in surface water using wood chip denitrification (Ecology)

Self-induced DISASTER: California fires the direct result of shortsighted environmentalist policies that prohibit forest management (Ecology)

The carbon footprint of smartphone use and data centers is growing, harming the environment according to new study (Ecology)

Oak tree adaptation: Trees found to coordinate volume of acorns released each year in an effort to produce better reproductive results (Ecology)

Study: Marine algae thrive when given sugarcane bagasse (Ecology)

Colombia works towards achieving deforestation-free cocoa production by 2020 (Ecology)

A tropical fruit found to be an effective natural fruit fly killer (Ecology)

Researchers look at how some tropical tree-hugging lizards are able to survive severe wind storms (Ecology)

Scientists discover marbled crayfish that didn't exist 25 years ago but are somehow able to clone themselves (Ecology)

Swimming with sunscreen damages the environment AND wildlife: Study (Ecology)

China’s environmental minister vows to clean up polluted land by 2020, making it safe for agriculture (Ecology)

Simple changes in conventional farming practices, particularly those that repair soil, could be the key to feeding the world (Ecology)

Natural cycles: Cover crops bring balance to ecology (Ecology)

Killing grass instead of cutting it: America's toxic laziness – Watch at (Ecology)

Evidence proves the EPA downplayed the toxic threat of PFAs (Ecology)

Balance is key: Farmers must maintain soil health to successfully grow both free-range pigs and energy crops (Ecology)

Experts: Preserving old villages and farm buildings could help halt the decline of certain bird populations (Ecology)

Are the world's protected lands really being protected? A study concludes "no" (Ecology)

Comparing organic vs. conventional farming on plant yield and nutritional content (Ecology)

Wind farm construction may harm marine populations (Ecology)

The fake news media has begun banning content that questions the global warming hoax... because DEBATE cannot be tolerated by the arrogant Left (Ecology)