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Good bacteria modify our immune response by changing existing gut flora (Food)

Excessive sugar consumption dramatically increases your risk of cancer (Food)

Beetroot shows potential for improving athletic performance and endurance (Food)

ANALYSIS: How AOC's Green New Deal would unleash a catastrophic food collapse and Venezuela-style mass starvation across America (Food)

If you do only one thing to reduce your risk of diabetes, do this: Cut out sugary drinks (Food)

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Heart-healthy Mediterranean diet reduces stroke risk by 60 percent (Food)

New evidence shows that walnuts optimize the gut microbiome to suppress colon cancer cell growth (Food)

Taro leaves, also known as elephant ears, can be used as prebiotics for animals when pre-treated with enzymes (Food)

Should eggs be prescribed for diabetes and dementia? (Food)

Extracts from pineapple guava exhibit antioxidant activity, may prevent digestive problems caused by disaccharidase deficiency (Food)

It's o-FISH-ial: Ancient people ate mostly fish but not a lot of vegetables (Food)

Ginger naturally suppresses coughs without the addiction-like side effects associated with normal antitussive medicine (Food)

Prevent cancer with proper diet: Compounds in turmeric, red grapes, berries, and apple peels found to shrink prostate tumors (Food) - 28 Hours Ago

Wonder from Down Under: Australian Manuka honey shown just as effective as New Zealand varieties (Food) - 40 Hours Ago

Plant proteins found to help prevent Type 2 diabetes (Food) - 61 Hours Ago

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Prevent food spoilage with bald cypress essential oil (Food)

Capsaicin displays significant antihyperglycemic activity: Study (Food)

"Determined" French farmer who became disabled following exposure to Monsanto's "Lasso" weedkiller now suing chemical giant (Food)

Milk allergies and intolerance are underdiagnosed (Food)

Big Pharma wants us to believe that an artificial antioxidant is "better" than natural nutrients (Food)

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Fight wrinkles the fun way: Scientists discover the antioxidants in red wine and chocolate rejuvenate old cells (Food)

Sweet remedy: Flavanols found in chocolate may contribute to cardiovascular health (Food)

Ginger found to be effective against many different types of cancer (Food)

Rhubarb can destroy cancer cells (Food)

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Blueberries improve communication between brain cells: Study found children's reaction times were almost 10 percent faster (Food)

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Adding amaranth to regular flour improves available nutrition (Food)

"Strongest evidence yet" that obesity causes depression, even in the absence of other health problems (Food)

Why curcumin is cancer's worst enemy (Food) - 28 Hours Ago

New study confirms broccoli to be extremely effective at battling liver cancer (Food) - 47 Hours Ago

The mental and emotional benefits of healthier food: Study finds children who eat well are happier, have better self-esteem, are less likely to get bullied than their peers (Food) - 61 Hours Ago

Curcumin found to be a safe and inexpensive alternative for treating IBD (Food) - 91 Hours Ago

The “family diet” is best for kids: Researchers have found that children who consistently ate with their family were healthier and made better lifestyle choices (Food)

Pediatric cancer patients found to benefit from improved diet and exercise, boosting treatment success (Food)

Can you microwave away glyphosate? Health Ranger releases surprising results from glyphosate experiment at CWC Labs (Food)

Improve cognitive performance and attention with good fats and nutrition (Food)

Senegal saba has powerful anti-inflammatory properties (Food)

Recent analysis finds that atrazine is contaminating the drinking water in corn-growing areas of the Midwest and beyond (Food)

Clean food watch: Organically grown produce contains more antioxidants and lower levels of cadmium and pesticides compared to conventionally grown counterparts (Food)

Preventing food deserts in low-income areas: Research finds regional food sources provide healthier, more plentiful options (Food)

Broccoli is one of the best detoxifying foods you'll ever find (Food)

Lychee fruit found to be a potent source of anti-tumor compounds (Food)

Why lemons are a cheap but effective way to maintain good oral hygiene (Food)

So how much wine is really safe to drink? Experts review the research (Food)

For the guys: Eat more garlic to prevent prostate gland enlargement (Food)

Scientific literature supports using turmeric as an ideal drug alternative for treating and preventing Type 2 diabetes (Food)

We’ve all heard to eat the peel on nutritious fruit; now you can drink it: Wine from fruit peels offers health benefits and eliminates food waste (Food)

Cancer and chronic disease: YOU make it better or worse, depending on what you eat, according to yet another study (Food)

Acorns shown to have neuroprotective properties (Food)

WARNING: Energy drinks increase your risk of a heart attack just 90 minutes after consumption (Food)

Unusual foods that you can pickle now, for use in an emergency (Food)

Study finds nutrient-dense foods lower the risk of cardiometabolic diseases by providing a protective effect (Food)

Eating more citrus fruits is an easy way to prevent dementia (Food)

Eating foods rich in carotenoids significantly reduces your risk of breast cancer (Food) - 34 Hours Ago

Efficient and eco-friendly: Growers are using discarded coffee straw as mulch to great benefit (Food) - 54 Hours Ago

Chitosan: A more environmentally friendly food packaging material than plastic (Food) - 64 Hours Ago

Scientists have found a “whey” to add a boil-fuel element to jet plane fuel (Food)

Weed nutrition: Scientists explore the nutrient profile of duckweed (Food)

High-protein, low-calorie balanced diet found to reduce weight, release toxins, reduce oxidative stress (Food)

As global insect population plunges toward total ecological collapse, the corporate-run media still censors the truth about GMOs and pesticides (Food)

Are ticks causing a "red meat" allergy? Scientists are trying to understand unexplained anaphylaxis incidents (Food)

Compound found in fish and vegetables found to protect hypertensive people from heart disease (Food)

Traditional farming methods in Mexico help keep the maize industry alive (Food)

Garlic, white onion, and purple onion found to possess antihypertensive, antidiabetic properties (Food)

Prevent heart attack and stroke with potassium; it keeps your arteries flexible (Food)

Mangoes have a positive effect on moderating high blood pressure, study finds (Food)

Is WHEN you eat as important as WHAT you eat? (Food)

Eating blueberries and strawberries is a proactive solution for preventing cognitive impairment (Food)

High-fat diet associated with a higher risk of kidney damage (Food)

Kombucha may prevent high blood pressure and enhance liver function (Food)

Sugar addiction is REAL: What you need to know about this scary addictive response (Food)

Systematic review studies the potential of black seed in lowering blood pressure (Food)

Guava’s nutritional and medicinal health benefits confirmed in another study, thanks to its antioxidant content (Food)

Assessing the effects of spirulina extract on lipid and carbohydrate digestion processes (Food)

Powerful natural medicine in broccoli sprouts found to prevent cancer and protect the brain from stroke damage (Food)

New research documents four important benefits of blueberries (Food)

Lemons are a great way to maintain oral health (Food)

Rice eaters beware: Study reveals fungicide and insecticide residues on rice hulls across a majority of samples (Food)