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Christian group demands tech giants stop censorship or face tidal wave of lawsuits (Glitch) - 12 Hours Ago

Now even Left-wing authors are decrying the dangerous online fascism of Amazon, Google and tech giants (Glitch)

BOMBSHELL: Google covering up Big Pharma opioid deaths by altering search autocomplete... more proof that Google protects Pharma (Glitch)

The safety of 5G technology is finally being brought into serious question (Glitch)

Here's what digital devices are really doing to our brains (Glitch)

Google admits in court documents that it believes free speech is "disastrous" for society (Glitch)

Massive double standard: Twitter never acted on hundreds of death threats from mail bomber while Gab singled out for synagogue shooting (Glitch)

Silicon Valley tech giants PANIC as their deep state ties to communist China revealed (Glitch)

"Smart" meters are wildly inaccurate: Study finds that readings can be 581% higher than actual use (Glitch)

Study suggests a direct link between screen time and ADHD in teens (Glitch)

PROOF of Google interference in elections... Leaked emails: Senior Google search engineer advocates for censorship of 'terrorist' Marsha Blackburn (Glitch)

BREAKING: Louisiana Attorney General calls for dismantling Google and Facebook to protect America (Glitch)

The crypto bubble has burst: 80% plunge unfolds exactly as Adams warned over a year ago (Glitch)

Too much screen time alters the brain: Overuse of electronic devices leads to addiction, imbalance in brain chemistry (Glitch)

Facebook now banning Holocaust posts from the Anne Frank Center, claiming they "violate standards" ... HISTORY is no longer tolerated (Glitch)

BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton's illegal email server was hacked by Chinese spies, exposing America's secrets to communist enemies (Glitch)

Experts: Hackers can find out your personal info from your smartphone battery (Glitch)

Period-tracking apps found to be inaccurate, most women disappointed with results (Glitch)

Remember the promise of net neutrality? It was a power grab by tech giants who now decide what you get to see… or not (Glitch)

Social media's self-regulation is "very dangerous" for society, warns President Trump (Glitch)

Secure quantum communication could soon be available for all, says new research (Glitch)

Mike Adams reveals list of tech alternatives to the Google / Facebook / YouTube censorship regime (Glitch)

Big Brother Microsoft threatening to revoke cloud computing infrastructure from in latest escalation of insane censorship (Glitch)

ORWELLIAN: Amazon AWS computing infrastructure now being denied to gun groups that post 3D printing gun files (Glitch)

Total ban of InfoWars means CNN now has power to silence anyone who criticizes CNN (Glitch)

Why it's time to break up the oppressive tech giants: Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple (Glitch) - 29 Hours Ago

Equal justice: ARREST Google CEO Sundar Pichai for lying to Congress (Glitch)

Why Google's extreme bias against conservative content is even more dangerous than communist China's police state censorship (Glitch)

Is your cellphone a psychotronic weapon that's controlling your mind? Some experts think so (Glitch)

Court rules that your 4th amendment right to privacy, especially when it comes to smart meters, is a "privilege" (Glitch)

Two NY Democrats pushing bill that could ban you from buying guns based on what you've posted on Facebook would require social media checks before gun purchases (Glitch)

Soros-linked Leftist groups double down on effort to force conservatives off dominant social media platforms under guise of ending “hate speech” (Glitch)

Twitter won't ban Farrakhan for calling Jews "termites," but bans patriots for calling liberals mindless NPCs (Glitch)

Facebook, Google declare all pro-liberty speech to be "political spam" or "Russian bots" as pretext to censor conservatives (Glitch)

Is social media addiction a new type of psychiatric condition? (Glitch)

Facebook "likes" don't make you feel any better, study finds… maybe you need REAL friends instead of FAKE FB friends (Glitch)

Same tech giants that refuse to display Alex Jones content are thrilled to help the communist Chinese government commit gross human rights violations (Glitch)

Natural News calls for the arrest, prosecution of Google executives for racketeering and fraud (Glitch)

Yes, Twitter is a "public square" according to CEO Jack Dorsey, meaning political speech CANNOT be selectively banned (Glitch)

Tesla car owners suddenly discover the NIGHTMARE of trying to get repairs for a vehicle that's out of warranty (Glitch)

Tech giants are LYING when they claim they don't censor conservative content... and the President knows it (Glitch)

Confirmed: Tech giants meeting in secret to plot "final solution" for stealing ALL future elections (Glitch)

Is communist China behind Big Tech's sweeping censorship of free speech? Watch at (Glitch)

Evil Facebook now threatening the media: Work with us or DIE! (Glitch)

What would happen if Twitter censored all black people? Watch at (Glitch)

China Is The Blueprint For The Censorship Tyranny Rollout In America (Glitch)

BOMBSHELL: Google tracks your physical location even if you turn off location data on your mobile device (Glitch)

Vimeo, Criteo and Shopify join the BANNING bandwagon to de-platform Alex Jones in massive, coordinated purge of pro-America speech (Glitch)

Twitter monitoring "off platform" behavior to BAN people who haven't violated anything on Twitter (Glitch)

Why it's time to REPEAL Sec. 230 of the CDA that allows social media giants to selectively ban voices they don't like (Glitch)

Researchers confirm excessive screen time can irreversibly harm kids’ brains (Glitch)

Amazon warehouse robot pepper sprays 24 employees, sends them all to the hospital, one in critical condition (Glitch)

Google now SPYING on students using classroom technology, while pretending to be "teaching" them (Glitch)

U.K. govt. agency warning that coming massive space storms will wipe out modern society by killing all electronics (Glitch)

The environmental cost of making a smartphone (Glitch)

PROOF that Google is committing massive election fraud by altering search results for "BLEXIT" (Glitch)

Prolonged exposure to blue light from mobile phones can lead to macular degeneration (Glitch)

Jim Stroud explains why he dumped Google for DuckDuckGo – Watch at (Glitch)

CLAIM: China infiltrated Apple and Amazon with a tiny chip surreptitiously installed on server motherboards (Glitch)

Pentagon: Quantum computing is a game-changer for space warfare (Glitch)

Technology and social media are feeding addictive behaviors and mental illness in society (Glitch)

ORWELLIAN: Apple monitors your phone calls and emails, then calculates a "trust score" just like the communist Chinese government... it's happening NOW, in America (Glitch)

Blue light from digital devices causes eye strain and increased risk of macular degeneration (Glitch)

Google, Facebook and Amazon are just extensions of the surveillance state; dangerous mafia heads of a fascist corporate regime (Glitch)

Which evil corporation is more dangerous: Google or Amazon? (Glitch)

YouTube's search algorithm now shows you what Google WANTS you to see rather than what you're searching for (Glitch)

Economic sabotage against pro-America voices escalates; VISA / Mastercard declare war on Horowitz' Freedom Center (Glitch)

Tech giants' evil censorship plan was a coordinated, premeditated attack on America's liberties (Glitch)

Cryptocurrency plunge continues as the late-2017 bubble takes them all down, including Bitcoin (Glitch)

Radical left-wing groups colluded with tech giants to censor conservatives and steal the mid-term elections (Glitch)

Tech Alternatives To The Evil Tech Giants (Glitch)

Scott from MFA TV News exposes social media SPYING through smartphones – WATCH at (Glitch)

MailChimp goes full FASCIST; de-platforms Alex Jones but can't cite a single violation of terms and conditions (Glitch)

REPORT: The U.S. intelligence community wants to use DNA as the next data storage trove (Glitch)

Huge outpouring of support for Alex Jones after censorship purge by tech giants (Glitch)

MORE proof emerges that Google employees plotted to demonetize conservative publishers; use censorship as a weapon (Glitch)

More Zuckerberg crimes EXPOSED: Internal documents prove that Facebook is a lawless, data-mining criminal operation (Glitch)

How the tech giants are rapidly becoming an extension of the State... online fascism now a global reality (Glitch)

Absolute scientific PROOF that cell phone radiation causes cancer (Glitch)

World Wide Web founder confirms evil tech giants will need to be split up to protect humanity (Glitch)

Shooting sports group considering class-action lawsuit against Google for discrimination over Adwords/Adsense ban against firearms companies (Glitch)

The carbon footprint of smartphone use and data centers is growing, harming the environment according to new study (Glitch)

The dangers of blue light from digital devices: It can harm your eye health (Glitch)

Massive Google cover-up exposed: Hundreds of thousands of users compromised; Google tried to sweep it under the rug (Glitch)

Cryptocurrency can NEVER work as a nationwide transaction system warns the BIS; blockchain will explode to over 100 TERABYTES of ledger data (Glitch)

What's the best way to protect cars from theft? Wrap key fob signals in aluminum foil (Glitch)

Google engineers and scientists flee the company as EVIL takes over (Glitch)

Creepy Google now tracking your credit card statements and retail purchases (Glitch)

Yahoo email caught secretly scanning user emails to build psych profiles to sell to advertisers (Glitch)

Tech companies caught LYING: Yes, they're censoring conservative content, and here's how they do it (Glitch)

CENSORED: How online media companies are suppressing conservative speech (Glitch)

40% of teenagers sleep 7 hours or less, trading sleep for more time on their smartphones (Glitch)

Dr. Gabriel Cousens warns the world about the toxic effects of 5G wireless (coming soon to your neighborhood) (Glitch)

Apple licks the boots of communist China, pulls 25,000 apps the communists don't like (Glitch)

Experts warn about future uses of self-driving cars for heinous crimes (Glitch)

The Evil Of Communist China Is Infiltrating Every Level Of Technology And Software (Glitch)

Mozilla / Firefox goes all in for EVIL... pushes corporate news collusion to silence independent media (Glitch)

Boycott MailChimp: All customers can be cut off at a moment's notice, without warning (Glitch)

BREAKING: Communist China is now running Apple and determining what apps will be banned (Glitch)

REVEALED: Tech giants censor whomever they want, based on totally bogus, made-up rules that they can't even explain (Glitch)