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Compelling research concludes sesame seed paste can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by 39% in only 6 weeks (Health) - 17 Hours Ago

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Employers push wellness programs to boost health of employees (Health) - 76 Hours Ago

Leukemia cells "steal" glucose from normal cells to feed their own growth (Health) - 78 Hours Ago

Lack of physical activity cause teens' bones to become weak and fragile (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Studies link cell phone radiation to health issues in children and unborn babies (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

The science is pouring in: You're probably eating Roundup herbicide in "excessive" levels (Health) - 88 Hours Ago

Not just good for your gut: Probiotics found to eliminate certain bacteria (Health)

A great reason to consume quercetin? It blocks the flu virus from entering cells (Health)

Mass vaccination for influenza a failed strategy, scientists admit... it simply doesn't reduce influenza-related hospital admissions at all (Health)

Physical exercise reduces the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease (Health)

Learn how gotu kola reduces stress and anxiety (Health)

Leaked documents show that GSK's 6-in-1 "Infanrix Hexa" vaccine KILLED 36 infants (Health)

PPIs (acid reflux drugs) linked to serious and sudden kidney damage (Health)

A guide to the foods you should and shouldn't be eating when you have arthritis (Health)

Assessing the long-term health of vegetarians and vegans and their risk of certain conditions and diseases (Health)

Exposure to high caffeine levels in the womb can increase a child's risk of excess weight, researchers find (Health)

BREAKTHROUGH: Vitamin D supplements taken during pregnancy found to prevent autism in children (Health) - 22 Hours Ago

Japanese study concludes that boysenberries help maintain vascular stability (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

Should you be switching to goat milk instead of cow milk? (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

NSAID consumption associated with an increased risk of myocardial infarction (Health) - 36 Hours Ago

Meat proteins do very little for your cardiovascular health -- proteins from nuts and seeds are healthier for the heart (Health) - 50 Hours Ago

Are fungi set to become a new source of antibiotics? (Health) - 52 Hours Ago

Autism begins during pregnancy, may be caused by mercury in dental amalgam and Thimerosal in flu shots, warns science paper (Health) - 58 Hours Ago

5 Dietary recommendations that relieve your anxiety (Health) - 59 Hours Ago

Leaves of the persimmon tree found to improve blood circulation (Health) - 60 Hours Ago

Keep your eyesight healthy well beyond your sunset years with the Mediterranean diet (Health) - 73 Hours Ago

Researchers find that warmer or cooler indoor temperatures can lower the risk of Type 2 diabetes (Health) - 76 Hours Ago

Vaccines found to contain pig virus DNA and monkey kidney cells... the "dirty" little secret the vaccine industry doesn't want you to know (Health) - 82 Hours Ago

The powerful antihyperlipidemic effect of celery seeds (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Pomegranates are a delicious way to reduce oxidative stress (Health) - 84 Hours Ago

Quitting Facebook can significantly improve your mental health, researchers conclude (Health) - 88 Hours Ago

Six decades of research concludes that gluten grain consumption increases the risk of both neurological and psychiatric problems (Health)

Here’s why you need a tropical vacation this winter: Study finds a link between sun exposure and weight loss (Health)

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The top 10 immune system KILLERS of all time (Health)

Beriba found to be cytotoxic against human cancer cells (Health)

Science proves that fluoride is a neurotoxin that harms children ... so why are state and local governments still polluting the public water supply with poison? (Health)

Not all fats are bad for you – learn which ones you should include in your diet (Health)

Chrysanthemums hold potential for use as a natural pesticide (Health)

Study reveals that eating bright yellow foods can make you happy (Health)

Feeling down and moody? Lift your spirits by taking fish oil supplements (Health)

Research suggests that even short term exposure to the standard Western diet increases risk for disease (Health) - 24 Hours Ago

Loners suffer from isolation and small social networks: Men who live alone have a 94% chance of developing diabetes (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

These fruits found to raise blood platelet levels in patients with dengue fever (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

Depression: Another side effect of toxic vaccinations? (Health) - 41 Hours Ago

Couldn't sleep last night? A cup of cocoa for breakfast can reduce the negative effects of sleep deprivation (Health) - 50 Hours Ago

TCM preparation found to prevent influenza at a cellular level (Health) - 52 Hours Ago

The way you use Facebook may give clues to your mental health, say researchers (Health) - 58 Hours Ago

Orchids found to hold anti-cancer potential (Health) - 59 Hours Ago

Science CONFIRMS it: Vaccines spread measles (Health) - 65 Hours Ago

Can acupuncture be used to treat peripheral neuropathy? (Health) - 73 Hours Ago

Scientists have learned how to interrupt cancer cell growth; allowing them to prevent cancer’s adaptation to treatment (Health) - 76 Hours Ago

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Wormwood is a natural remedy for treating intestinal parasites (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Pilates reduces chronic musculoskeletal conditions (Health) - 84 Hours Ago

Cannabis found to reduce the symptoms of IBD (Health) - 89 Hours Ago

The medicinal benefits of L-carnitine include natural hormone regulation (Health)

The medicinal use of vitamin D and zinc in treating psoriasis (Health)

Cheese from hormone-treated cows found to raise the risk of breast cancer by over 50%... one more reason to buy organic (Health)

Long-term use of benzodiazepine may lead to increased suicide risk (Health)

Augment your cardiovascular health with more plant proteins (Health)

The new "organic" meat: HUNTING animals suddenly popular among young hipsters looking for clean food (Health)

Encouraging younger people to follow a healthier lifestyle can help curb early-onset depression (Health)

This Brazilian plant is a great natural antidiarrheal agent (Health)

Recent research finds that rural homes in NY are contaminated with pesticides (Health)

Moringa is a nutrient-dense superfood that protects you from oxidative damage (Health)

Reishi mushroom show tremendous promise in strengthening the immune system (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

Emerging research finds inositol to be an effective treatment for panic disorder (Health) - 28 Hours Ago

Study finds that chili peppers and marijuana can help reduce inflammation in the gut (Health) - 35 Hours Ago

Cucumbers prevent memory loss (Health) - 41 Hours Ago

Scientists warn city dwellers to stock up on B vitamins after discovering they protect human health from air pollution (Health) - 52 Hours Ago

Breast cancer risk skyrockets when you gain weight (Health) - 54 Hours Ago

Food, herbs, and spices that can control blood sugar (Health) - 58 Hours Ago

Growing body of evidence supports eating cranberries for urinary tract health (Health) - 60 Hours Ago

Fracking gas wells linked to migraines, fatigue and chronic nasal problems... are people being mass poisoned by airborne chemicals? (Health) - 66 Hours Ago

Arctic root found to be a natural antidepressant (Health) - 74 Hours Ago

Aloe vera reduces fasting blood glucose (Health) - 76 Hours Ago

Evidence suggests glyphosate standards are failing to protect the public (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Taking vitamin C and quercetin together can suppress inflammation and decrease cellular damage (Health) - 83 Hours Ago

Supplement alert: Beware of CBD gummies made with GMO corn syrup and toxic artificial colors (Health) - 86 Hours Ago

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