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Alfalfa can be used to increase crop production in dryland Mediterranean conditions (Herbs)

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Essential oil of Hinoki cypress inhibits MRSA (Herbs)

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Shirazi thyme holds potential as natural cure for IBS (Herbs) - 19 Hours Ago

Analysis finds 75 percent of reishi mushroom supplements DO NOT contain reishi mushrooms (Herbs) - 89 Hours Ago

Medical marijuana works as a REPLACEMENT for deadly opioid drugs, new science shows (Herbs)

French pine bark, gotu kola combo prevents the buildup of deadly heart plaque by 95% (Herbs)

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Hog plum treats postpartum hemorrhage (Herbs)

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Salvia divinorum, known for its psychoactive properties that induce hallucinations, found to impact physiological sleep (Herbs)

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It's possible: Nutritional recommendations that prevent age-related macular degeneration (Herbs)

Could the cure for cancer be found in orchids? (Herbs)

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Milk thistle reduces your risk of developing NAFLD (Herbs)

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Happy news: Curcumin outperforms prozac for reducing symptoms of depression (Herbs)

Wonder from Down Under: Australian Manuka honey shown just as effective as New Zealand varieties (Herbs) - 39 Hours Ago

Curcumin found to be a safe and inexpensive alternative for treating IBD (Herbs) - 90 Hours Ago

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GREAT news: Cannabis found to reduce diabetic neuropathy pain (Herbs)

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Saffron extract found to promote wound healing (Herbs)

Scientific literature supports using turmeric as an ideal drug alternative for treating and preventing Type 2 diabetes (Herbs)

We’ve all heard to eat the peel on nutritious fruit; now you can drink it: Wine from fruit peels offers health benefits and eliminates food waste (Herbs)

TCM displays extraordinary cardioprotective effects (Herbs)

Saffron hastens healing of burn wounds (Herbs)

An aromatic plant found in the Mediterranean found to have potent antioxidant properties (Herbs)

The silver bullet to enhancing your metabolism, coupled with simple lifestyle habits (Herbs)

Systematic review looks at the medicinal potential of TCM herb, Gynura (Herbs)

Flowering plant from the Amazon rainforest found to have anticancer potential (Herbs)

Sand apple shows potential as a natural cancer treatment (Herbs)

Research confirm you can reduce IBS pain with ginseng (Herbs)

A traditional Chinese formula scientifically proven to improve heart health (Herbs)

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Malabar nut, a plant widely used in Ayurvedic medicine, effectively reduces inflammation in patients with arthritis (Herbs)

Naturally improve glucose metabolism with coastal hog fennel (Herbs)

Korean traditional medicine validated to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent (Herbs)

A powerful wound-healing medicine found in a traditional Indian plant (Herbs)

An Ayurvedic herbal complex found to be effective in managing osteoarthritis symptoms (Herbs)

Dog-rose shows potential as natural remedy for diabetes (Herbs)

African medicinal plant shown to effectively reduce E.coli strains in the body (Herbs)

Unlock powerful healing benefits by consuming these medicinal mushrooms (Herbs) - 39 Hours Ago

Study confirms the medicinal potential of gargal in protecting heart health (Herbs) - 90 Hours Ago

The bark of a mountain tree in India shows antimicrobial properties more powerful than antibiotic drugs (Herbs)

Brazilian plant demonstrates potent antifungal activity (Herbs)

Crete hawthorn controls hyperglycemia and its associated complications (Herbs)

The juice from this cactus exhibits antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activities against ulcerative colitis in rats (Herbs)

Rhubarb can destroy cancer cells (Herbs)

Rhamnazin protects against acute lung injury (Herbs)

Clinical study proves that medical cannabis is better than opioids at easing pain (Herbs)

Cinnamon alleviates primary dysmenorrhea (Herbs)

Garlic extract found to inhibit the proliferation of benign prostatic hyperplasia (Herbs)

Green chiretta (Andrographis) functions as a natural remedy for the common cold (Herbs)

Mexican ethnomedicine holds potential as natural antimicrobial agent (Herbs)

Tasmanian bluegum found to demonstrate hypoglycemic properties (Herbs)

Mangosteen and Indian bay leaf may help promote muscle strength (Herbs)

Traditional folk medicine from Pakistan studied to have great anti-inflammatory potential (Herbs)

Diabetics can benefit from dog-rose (Herbs)

Have you heard of the little known miracle vegetable maca? (Herbs)

Scientists are looking at this African plant as a possible natural treatment for HIV (Herbs)

Comprehensive review finds that Arctic root is a safe and effective natural antidepressant (Herbs)

A South American flowering plant is found to have antidiabetic effects (Herbs)

The persimmon tree shows promise as a natural remedy that can improve blood circulation (Herbs)

Green chiretta found to relieve symptoms of the common cold (Herbs)

Spikenard prevents diseases related to neuron cell inflammation (Herbs)

Mothers can reduce their risk of postpartum depression with saffron (Herbs)