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Super popular "Think About It" video channel announces move to as YouTube accelerates censorship and demonetization of truthful speech (NewsTarget) - 15 Hours Ago

From Native American DNA to the spread of STDs via anal sex, here's PROOF that Leftists are scientifically illiterate (NewsTarget) - 22 Hours Ago

FDA goes paramilitary, now revealed to own 390 pistols, 122 shotguns and 200,000 rounds of ammunition... while pushing toxic vaccines and deadly chemotherapy on children (NewsTarget) - 40 Hours Ago

Cucumbers prevent memory loss (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

Chinese researchers develop a shape-shifting robot inspired by the Terminator (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

Retired climate scientist-turned-skeptic says global warming narrative is completely bogus (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

Here's a list of pandemic supplies to stock up on for your quarantine room (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

Big tech's Communist China BETA test for America: We're caught in an electronic prison of our own making (NewsTarget) - 55 Hours Ago

Ruth Bader Ginsburg "will retire from the U.S. Supreme Court in January, 2019" says same news source that accurately reported her cancer (NewsTarget) - 64 Hours Ago

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson suing Eric Holder, other Obama officials for hacking her computer (NewsTarget) - 66 Hours Ago

Chinese officials recently announced plans to build an artificial moon, which will be 8x brighter than our natural satellite (NewsTarget) - 73 Hours Ago

Is Earth on the verge of undergoing a magnetic pole shift? Scientists say SOON (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

YES, The IRS has an emergency apocalypse plan to collect taxes (NewsTarget) - 83 Hours Ago

Illegal migrants bringing a wave of infectious DISEASE into the United States while Democrats cheer and demand mass vaccinations of Americans (NewsTarget) - 88 Hours Ago

Soros-funded group tied to Fusion GPS staged “Russian-style” false flag operation to steal Senate seat from Roy Moore (NewsTarget) - 88 Hours Ago

A timeless survival bread recipe (that every prepper should know) (NewsTarget)

Here are the specific actions you can take to protect yourself from vaccines and smart meters (NewsTarget)

Science proves that fluoride is a neurotoxin that harms children ... so why are state and local governments still polluting the public water supply with poison? (NewsTarget)

According to the deranged Left, talking about wanting to kill your unborn baby isn't "Hate Speech" ... it's LOVE (NewsTarget)

Hillary supporting professor who drove Trump-Russia bank hoax to spy on Trump campaign received multi-million dollar grant from Obama (NewsTarget)

PG&E going bankrupt is just the beginning of the financial collapse of California under suicidal liberal economic policies (NewsTarget)

Discover the world's most amazing collection of vaccine truth videos on this channel at (NewsTarget)

Listen in as Ginger Taylor talks with Robert Scott Bell about "Liability Free Vaccines" (NewsTarget)

Bombshell report shows Johnson & Johnson talc baby powder products are contaminated with cancer-causing asbestos – and the company has known for nearly 50 years (NewsTarget)

Starbucks installing drug needle disposal boxes so that all the heroin addicts who "live" in their public restrooms can toss their needle waste "safely" (NewsTarget)

Google employees consider the word "family" to be hate speech... it "triggers" liberals into a total meltdown (NewsTarget) - 17 Hours Ago

Climate change on Earth is "significantly" impacted by solar activity, profound new study confirms (NewsTarget) - 22 Hours Ago

Parents sound alarm over children being indoctrinated into transgender cults at universities... "daughters come home with their breasts cut off" (NewsTarget) - 40 Hours Ago

America hater Nancy Pelosi now trying to CENSOR President Trump and prevent him from giving a State of the Union address (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

Where’s the investigation into Senator Feinstein’s Chinese spy? (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

Proposed Boston law would REQUIRE doctors to interrogate patients about gun ownership ... Medicine now becomes Big Brother (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

Virtue-signaling Ford corporation fires worker for criticizing transgender propaganda (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

Autism begins during pregnancy, may be caused by mercury in dental amalgam and Thimerosal in flu shots, warns science paper (NewsTarget) - 58 Hours Ago

Science CONFIRMS it: Vaccines spread measles (NewsTarget) - 65 Hours Ago

The different ways of sending a help signal when stranded (NewsTarget) - 66 Hours Ago

Water filtration membranes can be made from vegetable oils, researchers find (NewsTarget) - 76 Hours Ago

Bureaucrats are the "predatory class" that feeds on everybody else... it's time to STOP the predators (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

Food scientists use VR to show how our perception of real food is altered by our surroundings (NewsTarget) - 83 Hours Ago

Apple and other tech giants protect pedophiles and porn but aggressively ban pro-America conservatives as part of insane speech "crackdown" (NewsTarget) - 88 Hours Ago

Trump Derangement Syndrome fueled by these FOUR POISONS: Mass media propaganda, vaccines, fluoridated water, and rapeseed oil (NewsTarget) - 89 Hours Ago

Deep dive into tone deaf Gillette razor ad that stereotypes male masculinity finds it is directed by Kim Gehrig — who hates men (NewsTarget)

Big Tech's censorship is leading to "the takeover of humanity" (NewsTarget)

They eat their own: LGBT activists now at WAR with feminist movement over definition of "woman" (NewsTarget)

Extended shutdown exposes the pathetic laziness and entitled attitudes of 80% of federal workers, says administration insider (NewsTarget)

Basic storage strategies for different bean varieties to help with your long-term survival plan (NewsTarget)

Blatant TREASON: FBI’s probe of President Trump after he fired crooked James Comey was an obvious COUP attempt (NewsTarget)

Fluoride chemicals dumped into the water supply are "unprocessed toxic waste" chemicals, warns Children's Health Defense (NewsTarget)

Democrat false flag operatives caught running fake social media campaigns to discourage conservatives from voting (NewsTarget)

Why are dead black men repeatedly being found at the house of a gay Democrat donor who fronts for the LGBT agenda? (NewsTarget)

FACT CHECK: No, food stamp money won't be halted if the government shut down continues (NewsTarget)

Deep State planning to arrest Alex Jones under cover of false accusations, then depose President Trump and Mike Pence (NewsTarget) - 17 Hours Ago

Researchers turn levitation into reality (NewsTarget) - 28 Hours Ago

Tech giants alter internet search results to appease deranged Leftists (NewsTarget) - 40 Hours Ago

Scientific study of fake news RETRACTED because it was found to be fake science (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

There is a plague of corruption surrounding vaccine safety (NewsTarget) - 48 Hours Ago

PROOF Google stole the 2018 election for Democrats by switching millions of votes... time to arrest Google CEO for election meddling (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

12 reasons why even a low level of glyphosate exposure is unsafe (NewsTarget) - 55 Hours Ago

The way you use Facebook may give clues to your mental health, say researchers (NewsTarget) - 58 Hours Ago

Criminal chaos in Brazil sheds light on likely future for America when Trump starts arresting the criminal traitors of the deep state (NewsTarget) - 65 Hours Ago

Western culture remains under siege as Left-wing French website actually calls for heterosexuality to be BANNED (NewsTarget) - 66 Hours Ago

Pro-abortion speech is HATE speech against babies, yet it's never banned by the same tech giants that claim criticism of abortion is "hate" (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

Vaccines found to contain pig virus DNA and monkey kidney cells... the "dirty" little secret the vaccine industry doesn't want you to know (NewsTarget) - 82 Hours Ago

Supplement alert: Beware of CBD gummies made with GMO corn syrup and toxic artificial colors (NewsTarget) - 86 Hours Ago

Top 5 additives and drugs BANNED from the food supply in Europe and Russia, but approved by the FDA for Americans to eat (NewsTarget) - 88 Hours Ago

Gun Confiscation 101: “Red Flag” laws are really just “glorified SWAT-ing” (NewsTarget) - 89 Hours Ago

The goal in government "is to do nothing," say federal workers who are crying crocodile tears over a single missed paycheck (NewsTarget)

Counterthink: Government has been weaponized against humanity to achieve "efficient extermination" of humanity - full show (NewsTarget)

The new "organic" meat: HUNTING animals suddenly popular among young hipsters looking for clean food (NewsTarget)

In Western media, publishing fake news about Russia is a good career move… with no consequences (NewsTarget)

Winter survival skills: How to heat your house even if the power goes out (NewsTarget)

House bill removes liability protection from tech giants, forcing social media to pay for political discrimination (NewsTarget)

Game-changing research reveals that parental experience is epigenetically imprinted onto 14 successive generations (NewsTarget)

Democrats pushing hard to RIG all elections with mandatory voter registration for all entitlement recipients; legalizing voting for felons nationwide (NewsTarget)

Horrifying predictions for 2019 - 2020 revealed in this six-minute video (NewsTarget)

Antifa MUST be declared a terrorist group after attempted assassination of German politician (NewsTarget)

The west's descent into 'cultural revolution' (NewsTarget) - 17 Hours Ago

Alert to all Americans: Prepare for emergency action in the 3D world... the orchestrated assault on your mind, your country and your president is approaching its final chapter (NewsTarget) - 40 Hours Ago

Depression: Another side effect of toxic vaccinations? (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

President Trump has a constitutional MANDATE to use the military to protect our southern border - Richard Sacks (NewsTarget) - 41 Hours Ago

How prepping benefits you, both physically and mentally (NewsTarget) - 52 Hours Ago

Michael Cohen’s claims about rigging online polls for Trump pale in comparison to Google’s CRIMINAL vote-stealing for Democrats (NewsTarget) - 54 Hours Ago

How gun control became an instrument of tyranny in Venezuela (NewsTarget) - 55 Hours Ago

Next generation of green cement to be made from CARROTS (NewsTarget) - 60 Hours Ago

Fracking gas wells linked to migraines, fatigue and chronic nasal problems... are people being mass poisoned by airborne chemicals? (NewsTarget) - 66 Hours Ago

The New York Times smears the president (NewsTarget) - 66 Hours Ago

DEBT is the Achilles Heel of the globalist establishment... and pulling your money out of the banking system is the way to deal a DEATH BLOW to tyranny (NewsTarget) - 79 Hours Ago

Evidence suggests glyphosate standards are failing to protect the public (NewsTarget) - 83 Hours Ago

Arrest Google CEO Sundar Pichai for lying under oath to Congress: Yes, Google manually alters search results (NewsTarget) - 87 Hours Ago

Quitting Facebook can significantly improve your mental health, researchers conclude (NewsTarget) - 88 Hours Ago

Five foods to add to your “forever food” prepper pantry (NewsTarget)

Mass vaccination for influenza a failed strategy, scientists admit... it simply doesn't reduce influenza-related hospital admissions at all (NewsTarget)

Leaked documents show that GSK's 6-in-1 "Infanrix Hexa" vaccine KILLED 36 infants (NewsTarget)

Why isn't left-wing LinkedIn co-founder who bankrolled Russia hoax election meddling being ARRESTED for the very same crimes Mueller claims the Russians committed? (NewsTarget)

I'm a senior Trump official, and I hope a long shutdown smokes out the resistance (NewsTarget)

"Green New Deal" pushed by Democrats would cost 3,600 times the price of a border wall (NewsTarget)

Doomsday report warns Americans to prepare for six-month grid-down scenario filled with chaos and disruption (NewsTarget)

Democrats claim compassion for illegal immigrant children ravaged by sexual predators but do NOTHING to protect American children from vaccine predators (NewsTarget)

Biosludge isn't just a rural problem – it's now invading people's suburban homes (NewsTarget)

Gov. Gavin Newsom commits financial suicide for the state of California by expanding taxpayer-funded health care coverage to illegal immigrants (NewsTarget)

SKELETON CREW only for FDA inspections of "high risk" U.S. food-processing facilities while government in shutdown – Domestic food gets even scarier (NewsTarget)