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Climate change on Earth is "significantly" impacted by solar activity, profound new study confirms (Space) - 23 Hours Ago

Scientists theorize how we could grow crops on Mars (Space)

New study shows evidence that ancient Mars could have supported underground microbial life (Space)

Neil deGrasse Tyson the Bill Cosby of science? He drugged and raped an astronomy student; sexually assaulted two other women, say claims (Space)

Does Planet Nine really exist? Astronomers say that a ghost planet is hiding in the depths of our solar system (Space)

The hottest known exoplanet found to have skies made out of iron and titanium (Space)

The hottest alien world ever discovered: Exoplanet so hot, iron and titanium glow in it (Space)

Organic matter found in ancient meteorites may hold clues to understanding the birth of life on Earth (Space)

The Milky Way had a large sibling that we never knew existed, because Andromeda ate it billions of years ago (Space)

The iron-rich rocks found on Mars may contain billions of kilograms of fatty acids (Space)

Asteroid that killed the dinosaurs also cooled Earth's climate; more proof temperatures have ebbed and flowed over eons (Space)

Space probe records Saturn "singing" to its weirdest moon (Space)

Space tech companies developing ultra-small plasma-propulsion system for future interplanetary travel (Space)

The faint stream emanating from star systems could be caused by DIAMONDS (Space)

New evidence helps astronomers determine when life could have existed on Mars (Space)

Fighting antibiotic resistance in space: NASA sent E.coli into space to see how the superbug fares in hostile conditions (Space)

Jupiter's red spot: What's inside the storm that's “one-and-a-half Earth's wide” (Space)

Star Wars: Oil giants look to space in race for natural resources (Space)

Understanding the breathtaking power of solar wind (Space)

IAC researcher proposes a new technomarker to detect alien civilizations (Space)

The answer to the Fermi paradox? Physicist says that humans might eradicate aliens unwittingly (Space)

Supernova, resurrected: Scientists are puzzled by “the star that wouldn't die” (Space)

Space manufacturing: Scientists looking toward the stars to create stronger materials (Space)

NASA finds plume of water from one of Jupiter's moons, signifying that it could theoretically support alien life (Space)

Scientists create superionic ice – an ice 60x denser than ordinary water ice and forms at temperatures almost as hot as the sun (Space)

Is Earth on the verge of undergoing a magnetic pole shift? Scientists say SOON (Space) - 80 Hours Ago

Some supernova explosions produce large quantities of manganese and nickel (Space)

Deep space travel can significantly damage GI function in astronauts, study finds (Space)

Strongest known material in the universe found in the crust of neutron stars (Space)

U.K. govt. agency warning that coming massive space storms will wipe out modern society by killing all electronics (Space)

ESA researchers look at lunar dust as a potential raw material for constructing future manned outposts on the moon (Space)

Space junk poses severe hazard to astronauts and satellites and must be cleaned up, warn experts (Space)

Einstein's theory of general relativity proven again as researchers watch a star race past a supermassive black hole (Space)

Astronomers say that Europa may have alien life, and it won't be hard to find (Space)

Dust in the wind might have brought us life: Research suggests life on our planet may have begun with tiny organisms brought here by space dust (Space)

Scientists produce oxygen from water in zero gravity, making sustained space travel a real possibility (Space)

NASA appoints "planetary protection officer" to act as an intermediary between humans and extraterrestrial life (Space)

NASA developing technology to help find astronauts lost in space (Space)

Astronomers: 'Oumuamua, our first known interstellar visitor, is a comet, after all (Space)

Interstellar space is filled with "toxic grease" that would make future space travel very difficult, say researchers (Space)

New evidence helps astronomers determine when life might have existed on Mars (Space)

Ancient stone carvings depict a massive comet strike 13,000 years ago that nearly made humans extinct (Space)

Understanding massive black hole formation: Researchers believe supersonic gas streams from the Big Bang may provide the answer (Space)

The mysterious glow in the Milky Way may be coming from clouds of DIAMONDS in space (Space)

The sound of your voice has a therapeutic effect on human cells – and can be transformed into light to be sent into space (Space)

NASA announcement of liquid water on Mars confirms what we've been reporting for years (Space)

Full color HD surveillance videos: First satellite of its kind gives “Big Brother” a whole new dimension with capability to record individuals from space (Space)

Space mining could turn out to be a trillion-dollar industry, say experts (Space)

Can small stars support alien life? An astrophysicist talks about the potential these exoplanets may have (Space)

Mars Helicopter to travel with NASA during Red Planet Rover mission scheduled on 2020 (Space)

Towering blades of ice in Europa could get in the way of our search for alien life, scientists warn (Space)

Scientists suggest that bacteria could survive in salt environments on Mars and Pluto (Space)

Astronomers have, for the first time, detected matter falling into a black hole at 30% of the speed of light (Space)

A trip to Mars would heavily irradiate astronauts with potentially deadly doses of cosmic radiation (Space)

Musk supports Trump’s space directive, says we should already have a "moon base" and astronauts heading to Mars (Space)

A new galaxy cluster has been discovered hiding in plain sight (Space)

Scientists find surface-exposed water ice on the moon (Space)

California-based space company testing a mini propulsion system for planetary microsat missions (Space)

Art project aims to generate music that can be heard by aliens wherever they are in the universe (Space)

Pentagon: Quantum computing is a game-changer for space warfare (Space)

Nearby exoplanet could potentially support life (Space)

Microgravity and radiation: Astronauts headed to Mars will face many health challenges (Space)

Asteroid belt used to be a planet that was destroyed by nuclear war? Analysts hypothesize alternative space history (Space)

Dr. Gil Levin's NASA experiment found PROOF of life on Mars in 1976... but it was memory-holed by the government (Space)

Wind power on Mars is a "feasible" idea, concludes new study (Space)

NASA updates its plan to deflect potentially hazardous Earth-bound asteroids (Space)

New space study shows a surprisingly large number of massive stars across the universe (Space)

Did you miss the lunar trifecta at the end of January? Catch the blood moon lunar eclipse re-run next year (Space)

Experts: More than 100 giant exoplanets may have potentially life-hosting moons (Space)

New mathematical model shows what happens when a black hole devours a star (Space)

The discovery of preserved organics on Mars calls for new tests targeting biosignatures, says scientist (Space)

Green thumb in space: NASA has decided that gardening in space is crucial for the next generation of explorers (Space)

Historical discovery: Astronomers have made the first ever observation of a ripple in space time (Space)

NASA claims it owns all space dust… and is willing to go to court over it (Space)

Scientist believes advanced alien civilization inhabited our solar system long before humans came along (Space)

What you need to know about the Oort Cloud, a giant shell of icy bodies that encircle the solar system (Space)

New technology removes space debris using a revolutionary propulsion system (Space)

Space flight milestone: Next-gen ion engine may one day send Americans to Mars (Space)

Cassini mission reveals another giant, mysterious vortex on Saturn's northern pole (Space)

What happens when galaxies collide? NASA studies the small, dense corpses left after a stellar explosion (Space)

Vice President Mike Pence shares remarks about President Donald Trump's Space Force (Space)

Not an aurora? New research concludes that thin ribbons of purple and white light appearing in the night sky are an entirely new celestial phenomenon (Space)

An introduction to the OMG particle: An ultrahigh-energy cosmic ray that is extremely fast (Space)

NASA scientists discuss the feasibility of humans colonizing Mars (Space)

12 new moons discovered orbiting Jupiter, and one of them is a real oddball (Space)

Australian beer company working on building a special bottle that will allow astronauts to drink their beverage in microgravity (Space)

Presence of microbial life in our stratosphere teaches us about the possibility of life on other worlds (Space)

Say hello to CIMON, the first AI robot to ever fly to space (Space)

UNREAL: Twitter now censoring GIFs of the U.S. flag being planted on the moon... revisionist history run amok (Space)

Astrophysicist claims that aliens are racing against dark energy, capturing stars from other galaxies, reeling them in, and harvesting their resources (Space)

Philip Metzger: Faster data and cleaner planet both achievable by mining asteroids (Space)

Giant black hole blasted out a jet of particles at 125 billion times the amount of energy the sun releases per year, confirms new study (Space)

Scientists believe the sun may enter a calm, slightly cooler period in the next few decades (Space)

Astronomers: Life has a "fighting chance" in planets around Alpha Centauri A and B (Space)

NASA has been covering up the truth about life on Mars (Space)

Uh-oh, astronomers say they've lost track of more than 900 near-Earth asteroids (Space)

Time travel, backward, is "technically possible" according to expert physicist (Space)

Ancient people used shockingly advanced mathematics to erect monuments based on sacred geometry (Space)

The search for life on Mars by the ESA reaches important milestone as ExoMars Rover prepares for its "shake and bake" (Space)

Future missions to Mars being made to detect amino acids (Space)