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In a Cashless World, You'd Better Pray the Power Never Goes Out (Newstarget.com)

Corn, the GM poster crop, will soon be nutritionally engineered to try to increase its value (Naturalnews.com)

Ocean pollution threatens food supply: British mussels found to be full of microplastics (Naturalnews.com)

Hurricane wildlife victims: One hurricane washed away thousands of sea turtle nests, another destroyed monkey habitat (Naturalnews.com)

Monsanto continues to look for a way around California's labeling of glyphosate as a probable carcinogen ? but there is NO "safe level" of exposure (Naturalnews.com)

Mold in Florida school sickens 700? is your home air safe to breathe? (Naturalnews.com)

Volcanic activity in Antarctica responsible for changes in climate in the region; not global warming (Naturalnews.com)

Environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries: Scientists have invented a new material that conducts and stores electricity efficiently (Naturalnews.com)

Don't look now, but Arctic sea ice mass has grown almost 40% since 2012 (Naturalnews.com)

Consumers being poisoned to death from "cumulative risk" of pesticide and chemical exposure, warns legal expert (Naturalnews.com)

Biodiversity results in healthier, more productive ecosystems and can even help guard against extreme weather (Naturalnews.com)

Climate alarmists demand imprisonment of climate change skeptics ? want to charge them with MURDER (Naturalnews.com)

New study concludes modern living is more of a health risk than exposure to low-level radiation (Naturalnews.com)

How high demand for chocolate is wiping out Africa's rainforests (Naturalnews.com)

The 7 most common toxins people apply to their skin DAILY without even knowing it (Naturalnews.com)

More radioactive material to be released into the Pacific Ocean from the failed Fukushima power plant (Newstarget.com)

Here's why America's chicken meats have to be washed with toxic chlorine (Naturalnews.com)

CLAIM: Hurricane Irma a "man-made storm" created via "weather weaponization" technology ? new video released (Newstarget.com)

Reef fish found to be surprisingly resilient to ocean acidification caused by carbon dioxide (climate change) (Naturalnews.com)

Hurricane Irma headed for "catastrophic" impact? fuel shortages strand Floridians? no escape for many (Naturalnews.com)

Amazon accused of price gouging those in the destruction path of Hurricane Irma (Naturalnews.com)

Seattle Leftists DENY Atrazine is harming the environment while being totally obsessed with fictional "Nazi" takeover threat (Newstarget.com)

Hurricane Harvey disruptions reveal key to Texas winning America's next civil war (Naturalnews.com)

WeatherWar101 posts new analysis video of Hurricane Harvey, appearing to show artificial augmentation of the storm's intensity and movements (Naturalnews.com)

Global warming temperature changes found to be "entirely natural" ? they would have happened with or without human activity (Naturalnews.com)

Just one asteroid strike thrust the planet into YEARS of darkness, killing almost everything (Naturalnews.com)

Survival report from inside Hurricane Harvey: The flooding has begun? and it's brutal (Naturalnews.com)

New analysis of global temperatures over several centuries finds the Earth would have warmed the SAME amount even without industrialization (Naturalnews.com)

Contaminated HOUSE DUST found to promote growth of body fat (Naturalnews.com)

Every residential home could be its own power station, dramatically cutting dependence on the power grid (Naturalnews.com)

Vertical-axis wind turbines potential sources of cheaper electricity in urban and suburban areas, researchers discover (Naturalnews.com)

New York Times retroactively swaps documents to rig climate change article (Naturalnews.com)

Disturbing discovery: Replacing old water pipes with NEW pipes causes the unleashing of toxic lead and other heavy metals (Naturalnews.com)

Air pollution confirmed to have multi-generational damaging effect on future offspring (Naturalnews.com)

False climate change narrative now being used to push genetically modified "drought resistant" corn on Africa (Naturalnews.com)

Niagara Falls now a "torrent of sewage" as human waste takes over the river (Naturalnews.com)

Factory chickens grown in the U.S. are too heavy to stand on their own feet; meat begins ROTTING even before they're killed (Naturalnews.com)

Eco-friendly LED light bulbs found to cause increase in headaches (Naturalnews.com)

Antibiotic drugs found to cause harmful damage to the environment, even after being consumed by patients (Naturalnews.com)

Cities dumping human sewage on farm land across America is contaminating the food supply and destroying the ecosystem (Naturalnews.com)

NASA spacecraft missions have proven that Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus have all suffered "climate change" ? without any human activity whatsoever (Naturalnews.com)

Did you know most laundry detergents use a battery of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance? (Naturalnews.com)

Al Gore used "science terrorism" to get rich off global warming scam (Naturalnews.com)

DIESEL engines now cleaner for the environment than gas engines (Naturalnews.com)

Latest climate change scare story: Rising oceans to produce "2 billion climate refugees" by the year 2100, alarmists claim (Naturalnews.com)

Nearly all "warming" evidence found to be based on temperature "adjustments" rigged by people (Naturalnews.com)

Researchers find that concrete structures can actually REDUCE air pollution by adsorbing sulfur dioxide (Naturalnews.com)

Greenland ice melt caused by more sunny days, not catastrophic climate change, scientists discover (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change baloney: Study finds "adjustments" were made to surface temp readings to FAKE "record-setting" warming (Naturalnews.com)

Public schools found to be "toxic tombs" of PCBs being inhaled by students (Naturalnews.com)

Netflix now mentally terrorizing children with scary climate alarmism embedded in "Magic School Bus" propaganda cartoon (Newstarget.com)

Air pollution killing thousands of Europeans every year, according to the EU's environmental authority (Naturalnews.com)

Frankenstein astronauts: NASA wants to alter DNA to protect against space radiation (Naturalnews.com)

SCIENCE WAKE-UP CALL: The "green" in all your green juices is made out of carbon dioxide (Naturalnews.com)

Bone broth lab test findings aren't unusual for animal-derived products that aren't organic (Naturalnews.com)

Is your dog hormonal? Biologists say they could be to blame for aggressive behavior (Naturalnews.com)

By studying ancient evidence, researchers discover that climate change ebbs and flows over time (Naturalnews.com)

One of the world's largest supervolcanoes nearing eruption, scientists warn? would cause global cooling (Naturalnews.com)

Woman dies of flesh-eating bacteria after wading through flood waters in storm-ravaged Houston (Naturalnews.com)

The same sewage spilled all over Houston and Florida is routinely spread on food farms across America (Naturalnews.com)

We're doing it to ourselves: Human activity found to impact weather, weather outcomes (Naturalnews.com)

The big 2010 oil spill killed aquatic life and ecosystems; now it's killing the cleanup crew (Naturalnews.com)

Dane Wigington exposes the globalist geoengineering weather control agenda in fascinating interview with the Health Ranger (Naturalnews.com)

Puerto Rico DIRECT HIT by Hurricane Maria? interview with Dane Wigington reveals "weather weaponization" may be the culprit (Naturalnews.com)

New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists argue that the world needs more natural "biopesticides" rather than synthetic chemical pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

The shocking TRUTH: Where does your favorite bottled water actually come from? (Naturalnews.com)

Are this year's violent, massive storms going to be the trigger for violent social unrest? (Newstarget.com)

California power officials beg customers to stop using air conditioning as West Coast power grid reaches critical failure (Naturalnews.com)

Fifty-eight new science papers published in 2017 reveal NO global warming? "climate change" hoax unravels under scientific scrutiny (Newstarget.com)

Photos of Houston floods from early 1900s prove natural disasters not caused by so-called "climate change" (Naturalnews.com)

Food crops produce more output when they have healthy soil microbes, research confirms? yet glyphosate kills soil life (Naturalnews.com)

Keith Kloor exposed as a biotech industry shill for pimping GMOs (and smearing environmentalists) (Naturalnews.com)

Left-wing environmental groups advancing Russian energy agenda as they fight against U.S. fracking and pipelines (Newstarget.com)

Why "price gouging" helps save lives in disaster zones like the Houston flood? and government price controls can get people KILLED (Naturalnews.com)

Radioactive iodine has been "legally" released by European nuclear power plants for over fifty years? used for "tracking ocean currents" (Naturalnews.com)

New low-tech method developed for instantly testing tap water for toxic contaminants (Naturalnews.com)

Advisory panel says "cyber 9/11" against critical infrastructure is extremely likely - why you need to prepare for it NOW (Naturalnews.com)

Gulf of Mexico DEAD ZONE caused by agricultural runoff from U.S. farms (Naturalnews.com)

Al Gore's electricity bill reveals he consumes 3,400% more power than the average U.S. home (Newstarget.com)

JUNK SCIENCE: Climate change alarmists now claim global warming will overheat pregnant women and kill their babies? but ABORTION is completely ignored (Naturalnews.com)

Now having a pet causes climate change, according to science alarmists? is "pet shaming" next? (Naturalnews.com)

EPA air pollution regulations discovered to be based on fraudulent data FAKED by rogue scientists 25 years ago (Naturalnews.com)

Commercial crabber calls out Al Gore on FAKE SCIENCE, explains sea level hasn't changed at all since 1970 (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change blamed for drying of Great Plains streams, but it's actually caused by groundwater pumping for irrigation (Naturalnews.com)

Humans have already manufactured 8.3 billion tons of plastic with no end in sight? landfill galore (Naturalnews.com)

GMO industry now screaming that delays in government approval of genetically engineered crops are KILLING people (Naturalnews.com)

EPA's Gold King Mine investigation remains SECRET two years after agency blamed for environmental disaster (Naturalnews.com)

Dicamba "drift" destroying crops downwind from application sites of Monsanto's toxic herbicide (Naturalnews.com)

Is your insect repellent made from toxic ingredients? (Naturalnews.com)

NASA confirms: Sea levels have been FALLING across the planet for two years ? media SILENT (Naturalnews.com)

California's cities are being choked to death by POLLUTION, so liberals of course blame global warming instead of themselves (Naturalnews.com)

Scavengers? Footage shows giraffes NIBBLING on dead buffalo bones (Naturalnews.com)

Chemical pesticides, industrial pollution and ecological destruction causing sixth mass extinction on planet Earth (Naturalnews.com)

Humanity's chemical SUICIDE confirmed: Pesticides sprayed on food crops are wiping out food pollinators, leading toward a global food collapse (Naturalnews.com)

Remember the BP Deepwater Horizon oil catastrophe? The oil was eaten up by ocean microbes (because Mother Nature heals itself) (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change scientists launch geoengineering experiment that may accidentally cause global famine (Naturalnews.com)

Bug spray chemical can build up in your home and cause dizziness and brain function problems, scientists find (Naturalnews.com)

One lava field eruption just emitted more climate change aerosols than all 28 European countries COMBINED (Naturalnews.com)

Almost 40 percent of U.S. food production goes to waste? here's how we can do better (Naturalnews.com)

California wildfires burning out of control are natural phenomena, NOT "climate change" - fires have raged on earth for billions of years (Naturalnews.com)

Fake News: Associated Press omits quotes from a professor who doesn't buy into the human-caused "climate change" hoax (Naturalnews.com)

Radioactive material from Fukushima discovered in the sand and groundwater beneath the beach, releasing cesium into the ocean (Naturalnews.com)

False Environmentalism: Exposing the fraud of elite greenies (Naturalnews.com)

California Attorney General sues Gatorade for $300K for teaching children to "avoid water" ? Idiocracy has become reality (it's got electrolytes) (Naturalnews.com)

Blunder at Fukushima: Mistake may have contaminated groundwater with radioactive waste (Naturalnews.com)

Climatologists admit wildfire smoke is already COOLING the planet, just as volcanoes do (Naturalnews.com)

Organic food sales booming in UK, outstripping growth of ALL conventional foods (Naturalnews.com)

Could evaporation provide power and conserve water supplies? Scientists are exploring how to harvest a new renewable energy source (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists have figured out how to produce a fuel that is cheap AND clean (Naturalnews.com)

Whales washed up on Germany's shore found to have stomachs full of plastic trash (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change computer models totally "wrong" ? new science finds models wildly over-projecting rises in global temperature (Naturalnews.com)

Is Mother Nature fighting back? Chemical cloud that poisoned 200 may have been caused by algal bloom (Naturalnews.com)

Extensive list of weather control patents prove the technology exists to augment and control powerful storms (Naturalnews.com)

Fake news Washington Post now claims climate change is causing chemical plants to explode (Naturalnews.com)

Illegal pot farms now creating environmental DISASTER with massive runoff of banned pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

Nightmare scenario for millions in wake of powerful hurricanes as unprepared survivors run out of food and water (Naturalnews.com)

Left-wing "weather weapons" advocates say TRUMP created Hurricane Irma to "drown out" Latinos? seriously (Newstarget.com)

175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL? see the list here (Naturalnews.com)

New "RNA interference" crop technology WEAPONIZES food into the ultimate eugenics weapon? could target Blacks for covert sterilization (Naturalnews.com)

The Roman Empire was poisoning its citizens with toxic lead at least two centuries earlier than believed (Naturalnews.com)

Yes, they're conscious: Chimpanzee learns how to play paper, scissors, rock with a human child (Naturalnews.com)

Space weather radar system to be operational by 2021 hopes to provide advanced warning of power grid-killing CME solar flare (Naturalnews.com)

BREAKTHROUGH add-on hydrogen device boosts vehicle fuel efficiency by 20% while decreasing emissions by 80% (Naturalnews.com)

Founder of Weather Channel blasts total fraud of climate change: Science fraud run by the Left (Naturalnews.com)

"Weather wars" theorists claim Hurricane Harvey was engineered, "steered" toward Houston as a "weather terrorism" weapon (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists think they just invented "multifunctional polyculture" food farms, but it's been around forever as "food forests" and "permaculture" (Naturalnews.com)

Total eclipse of reality now underway (Newstarget.com)

California's hemp farms producing massive tonnage of toxic chemical runoff, polluting thousands of acres of land (Naturalnews.com)

Solar panels made with toxic lead may soon be able to use "green" element BISMUTH instead (Naturalnews.com)

Al Gore's electricity bill reveals he consumes 3,400% more power than the average U.S. home (Naturalnews.com)

Corporations saving BILLIONS as Americans are dying younger from toxic effects of medications, pesticides and herbicides (Naturalnews.com)

Nearly 100 percent of the food coming from China is fraudulent or counterfeit, warns "food spies" expert (Naturalnews.com)

Former Obama officials operating shadow "science" network to push politicized climate data on an unsuspecting public (Naturalnews.com)

Will the upcoming total eclipse of the sun create a national emergency? Some states think so (Naturalnews.com)

Draining the swamp: Top EPA official resigns over climate change hoax (Naturalnews.com)

Sunscreen chemicals are KILLING you (and poisoning the environment) (Naturalnews.com)

Australia used to be home to giant flying turkeys the size of kangaroos (Naturalnews.com)

California may legalize "liquid cremation" in bizarre attempt to fight global warming (Naturalnews.com)

NASA spacecraft missions have proven that Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus have all suffered "climate change" ? without any human activity whatsoever (Newstarget.com)

Why do climate change alarmists want our planet to be cold, icy and devoid of life? A warmer, wetter planet is a GREEN planet (Naturalnews.com)

How Neil deGrasse Tyson destroys the credibility of all science by shilling for the chemical pesticide industry (Naturalnews.com)

Collapsing salmon populations now causing population collapse of killer whales (Naturalnews.com)

Industrial fishing wastes 10 million tons of fish every year while devastating the world's ocean life (Naturalnews.com)

Fracking wastewater found to contaminate lakes (Naturalnews.com)

Due to global human pollution, the arctic has become a toxic reservoir of heavy metals, PCBs and other deadly chemicals (Naturalnews.com)

EXCLUSIVE: Health Ranger offers to take over nationwide water quality testing from the EPA, saving taxpayers millions (Naturalnews.com)

Kroger, Albertsons, Dollar Tree and 99 Cents Only all tested positive for BPA in canned foods (Naturalnews.com)

Snap Inc. just crashed to its IPO price as tech bubble begins to unravel, shocking young, gullible investors who think wealth is generated by magic (Newstarget.com)

CONFIRMED: Pesticides really are decimating honeybee pollinators by killing workers and queens (Naturalnews.com)

Industrial agriculture practices likely to threaten world food supply through heightened risk of crop disease, study finds (Naturalnews.com)

Legacy of Chernobyl: Boar shot in Sweden found to have 10 TIMES the accepted amount of radiation, 30 years after disaster (Naturalnews.com)

Biodegradable (and edible) seaweed may soon replace plastic packaging on food in an effort to reduce pollution (Naturalnews.com)

After mocking weather control theories, mainstream media now admits weather systems can be directly controlled using lasers (Naturalnews.com)

More superbugs on the way: Antibiotic use in animals for human consumption expected to double (Naturalnews.com)

Peer-to-peer energy breakthrough could allow solar and wind energy sources to be shared across entire communities during grid down blackouts (Naturalnews.com)

Massive volcano eruption now imminent in Tanzania? the "Mountain of God" is set to blow (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists develop clean fuel using CO2, proving again how essential carbon dioxide is to human life (Naturalnews.com)

Female ELK becoming super smart, learning how to avoid hunters using stealth tactics that defy humans (Naturalnews.com)

Predicted decline in coffee production may be thwarted - if they save the bees first (Naturalnews.com)

Deforestation impacts climate change more than fossil fuel use, new study finds (Naturalnews.com)

Researchers share how to conquer herbicide-resistant superweeds that threaten the food supply in the Midwest (Naturalnews.com)

Future plastics could be made out of sugar and carbon dioxide, making them harmless to the environment (Naturalnews.com)

Climate change science implodes as IPCC climate models found to be "totally wrong" ? temperatures aren't rising as predicted ? hoax unraveling (Naturalnews.com)

New study confirms Bayer's neonic pesticides are destroying honeybee pollinators? yet the EPA does nothing (Naturalnews.com)

Bill Nye slammed by real scientists for blaming hurricanes on "climate change" (Naturalnews.com)

175 U.S. patents prove that geoengineering and weather control technologies are REAL? see the list here (Newstarget.com)

Sunscreen WARNING: Chlorinated water transforms sunscreen ingredients into cancer-causing chemicals while you swim (Naturalnews.com)

Discovery of massive ruins of ancient Roman city hit by a tsunami proves "climate change" isn't responsible for natural disasters (Naturalnews.com)

Massive earthquake is forming under New York City? and it could be unleashed without notice (Naturalnews.com)

Feds claim that thousands of tons of hazardous waste have been illegally dumped in Missouri (Naturalnews.com)

Mass WIPEOUT of insects happening now across the U.K? has Earth been poisoned to death? (Naturalnews.com)

Heartless Leftists politicize Hurricane Harvey, blaming victims for causing "climate change" (Naturalnews.com)

Third World farmers are committing suicide by consuming toxic pesticides (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists now developing ways to turn human waste into plastic and nutrients? is this really our future? (Naturalnews.com)

Oil pipeline company sues Greenpeace for racketeering, defamation, inciting violence and instigating eco-terrorism (Naturalnews.com)

Los Angeles homes, schools and workplaces still heavily contaminated with lead (Naturalnews.com)

NASA may accidentally set off the Yellowstone supervolcano in a risky effort to prevent it from blowing (Naturalnews.com)

Batteries for Apple's new electric car will be made in China using toxic heavy metals (Naturalnews.com)

"Poison Papers" reveal stunning EPA collusion with the chemical industry (Naturalnews.com)

NYT caught in total bulls##t LIE about Trump and a climate change report? WashPost labels "epic screw-up" (Naturalnews.com)

Global warming alarmists terrorize the public over "heat waves" but never mention how many people die from the COLD (Naturalnews.com)

Sewage water from clogged Nashville International Airport toilet soaks hundreds of pieces of passenger luggage (Naturalnews.com)

Artificial lights found to suppress pollination, contributing to destruction of ecosystem (Naturalnews.com)

Trump EPA chief says agency "failed" miserably to "protect the environment" after major damage cause by Gold King Mine disaster (Naturalnews.com)

Scientists conclude the "97% consensus" climate change hoax is backfiring, and they are really, really concerned that the public hasn't swallowed the lie (Naturalnews.com)

Solar cell breakthrough could DOUBLE energy capture efficiency to over 40% (Naturalnews.com)

Rewrite HISTORY? Scientists discover that potatoes were likely domesticated in North America almost 11,000 years ago (Naturalnews.com)

A single volcanic eruption caused one of the planet's most devastating mass extinctions, scientists discover (Naturalnews.com)

California water wells saturated with extremely toxic cancer-causing chemical (Naturalnews.com)

Global Warming BOMBSHELL: Systematic science fraud revealed in alteration of temperature data (Naturalnews.com)

DENIAL: Remember when the scientific "status quo" claimed pesticides didn't harm honeybees? Now the evidence is undeniable (Naturalnews.com)

Yellowstone supervolcano ready to blow? Rational analysis says it's unlikely in your lifetime (Naturalnews.com)

Easter Island ancient people didn't die off from destroying their ecosystem, new study confirms (Naturalnews.com)

After doing the math, California abandons economic suicide plan to provide universal health care to everyone, including non-citizens (Naturalnews.com)

Solar panel manufacturing devastates the environment with toxic heavy metals, warns report (Naturalnews.com)

Globalist freakout at G20 as Trump continues to put American interests first (Newstarget.com)

If Neil deGrasse Tyson were popular a generation ago, he would have shilled for Big Tobacco and insisted that smoking cigarettes doesn't cause cancer (Naturalnews.com)

Yellowstone reaches 878 earthquakes in just two weeks as scientists wonder when the volcano will blow (Naturalnews.com)

North Carolina residents want to know if Dupont is secretly polluting their drinking water (Naturalnews.com)