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FBI has suddenly "found" scores of documents related to infamous tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch (Newstarget.com)

Now that Left-wing mega-producer Harvey Weinstein has been exposed as a serial sexual cretin, will dear friends the Obamas and Clintons call him out? (Naturalnews.com)

FEMA found to be 75 percent ineffective, according to new analysis (Newstarget.com)

Chuck Todd Fails Constitution 101: Believes Rights Come from Govt, Not God (Has Chuck ever read a founding document?) (Newstarget.com)

Disgusting Democrats waste NO time politicizing Las Vegas shooting in blatant attempt to confiscate ALL guns (Newstarget.com)

Black NFL players "protesting" our flag and National Anthem are upset over a MYTH (Newstarget.com)

CNN now claims EVERYONE who voted for Trump is a "White supremacist" ? insanity takes hold across the liberal media (Newstarget.com)

California bows to communist China pressure to halt a resolution on human rights (Naturalnews.com)

LOL: Hillary Says She Believes in Evidence and The Rule of Law (Newstarget.com)

Insane liberal snowflakes invent a whole new way to feel offended: "Invisibility microaggressions" fabricated out of thin air (Newstarget.com)

Trans activists attack Caitlyn Jenner for her political views? so much for "tolerance" (Newstarget.com)

Two Major Antifa Groups Spout North Korean Propaganda (and yet they operate unmolested) (Newstarget.com)

These are the 45 goals of communism's takeover of America? more than half have already been achieved (Newstarget.com)

Obama administration KNEW Antifa was a terrorist organization and was behind nearly ALL violence at Trump campaign events (Newstarget.com)

Scientists declare that testosterone impacts stock market trading decisions, but reject the politically incorrect notion that estrogen feminizes males (Naturalnews.com)

Radical left-wing activist group hosts "Our Enemies in Blue" anti-police workshop that teaches murder of cops (Newstarget.com)

A federal judge reaffirms that the Democratic Party cheated Sanders supporters by rigging primaries to favor Hillary?then says there's nothing he can do about it (Newstarget.com)

PROOF that "Alt-Right" Nazi flag holders are actually Leftist actors pretending to be Nazis (Newstarget.com)

Idiotic Leftists are now burning statues of Abraham Lincoln because they're too stupid to know he emancipated the slaves (Newstarget.com)

Nazi Germany and the Third Reich got their start in the racist eugenics policies of the American Left: New book reveals the evidence (Newstarget.com)

Mainstream media now "normalizing" left-wing violence, absurdly comparing it to World War II soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy (Newstarget.com)

Liberal mob "doxxing" of innocent people goes into overdrive as hatred and intolerance of the Left knows no bounds (Newstarget.com)

"Mainstream" media stoking hatred and division by calling for MORE violence against patriotic Americans (Naturalnews.com)

WAKE UP, people! Alt-Left and Alt-Right are run by the same forces? the goal is "divide and conquer" (Naturalnews.com)

African-American Trump supporters "Diamond and Silk" just got 95% demonetized by YouTube as Google's assault against speech accelerates (Naturalnews.com)

Why this all ends in civil war: Radical Left-wing fascism and intolerance meets right-wing nationalism and resistance (Naturalnews.com)

Justice Dept. reopening Hillary's email case and offering plea bargain to keep (Newstarget.com)

Psychiatric association violates its own ethics, urges members to attack the mental health of Donald Trump ? ANYTHING goes (Newstarget.com)

Draining the swamp: Sessions memo orders probe into Dept. of Justice 'slush fund' over payments to dismantled Left-wing groups (Newstarget.com)

Special counsel Mueller gave Clintons a pass over foundation scandals tied to Russia's purchase of U.S. strategic uranium (Newstarget.com)

Mueller gave Clintons a pass on foundation scams in Russia Uranium deal http://newstarget.com/2017-08-02-mueller-gave-clintons-a-pass-on-foundation-scams-in-russia-uranium-deal.html China's anti-satellite missile test proves it is attempting to develop capability to knock out ALL communications in wartime http://newstarget.com/2017-08-02-chinas-anti-satellite-missile-test-proves-it-is-attempting-to-develop-capability-to-knock-out-all-communications-in-wartime.html Pulitzer Prize-winning report (Newstarget.com)

Republicans on Judiciary Committee DEMAND new special counsel to investigate Comey, Lynch and Hillary (Newstarget.com)

Think Trump's bad? Here's actual proof the Democratic Party is RIFE with corruption (Newstarget.com)

SWAMP: Lawyer for Democrat IT worker arrested in D.C. has HUGE ties to the Clintons (Newstarget.com)

EVIL Google has been paying academics to "ghost write" technical papers to win favor with regulators (Naturalnews.com)

SHOWDOWN: Mueller expands his probe into Trump business dealings after president warned him to stick to Russia only (Newstarget.com)

Anti-Trump protesters applaud speech consisting entirely of lines uttered by Adolf Hitler (Newstarget.com)

Liberals not only hate America, they hate all of Western civilization (Newstarget.com)

Trump-Russia "collusion?" Democrats have used Russian-supplied disinformation against president for MONTHS (Newstarget.com)

"Dr. Evil" globalist Jeff Bezos is now getting into the rocket engine business? but still can't manage to get the Washington Post to stop printing fake news (Newstarget.com)

Watch: Weak metrosexual lispy Leftists attempt to train each other in self-defense skills? and FAIL at every level (Newstarget.com)

CONFIRMED: CNN said to have committed extortion crime in effort to blackmail video meme creator (Newstarget.com)

Freak out: Democrats' call for panel to test Trump's "mental" fitness is criticized by former Dem lawmaker who says they are "destroying the party" (Newstarget.com)

Remember when the Left said McCarthy's concern over Russians was "paranoia?" Now, Democrats are leading the new McCarthyism (Newstarget.com)

Surprised? McCain Institute is mirroring Clinton Foundation's donor list (Newstarget.com)

Excerpt - Sharyl Attkisson's 'The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote' (Newstarget.com)

Justice Neil Gorsuch already making history: A Hillary Clinton win would have replaced rule of law with Marxist tyranny (Newstarget.com)

Disgusting Democrats: Nebraska party official ousted after he was overheard praising shooter for critically wounding GOP whip Scalise (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing media and Democrats colluded to create Russia hacking HOAX as an act of TREASON to overthrow the elected president (Newstarget.com)

The REAL obstructors of justice: House Democrats refuse to allow key witness testimony in Intel Committee's Russia probe because they likely will clear Trump (Newstarget.com)

Washington Post: U.S. Congress engineered DEA racket to protect Big Pharma's opioid drug giants (Naturalnews.com)

ALL A SHAM: James Comey wrote exoneration statement for Hillary Clinton BEFORE interviewing witnesses (Newstarget.com)

YouTube moves to shut down all independent media coverage of Las Vegas shooting in desperate maneuver to protect the "official" narrative (Naturalnews.com)

Working Against Trump, Blocking Julian Assange from Providing Proof of Real DNC Hack Culprit (Newstarget.com)

GOP fail on Obamacare may now translate into inability to failure on tax cuts, too - is Trump hate to blame? (Newstarget.com)

Entire narrative regarding NFL players protests over National Anthem based on yet another Left-wing LIE (Newstarget.com)

Fact-check of Bernie Sanders' claims that Americans are in RUSH to adopt his single-payer system reveals they're actually NOT (Naturalnews.com)

Perpetuating cycle: People on government assistance denied even the CHANCE to have a healthy diet (Naturalnews.com)

Former Antifa left-wing terrorist abandons insanity and joins the real world as a reformed conservative (Newstarget.com)

Leftists now pursuing "Reign of Terror" tactic to blacklist all non-liberal websites, corporations and individuals (Newstarget.com)

The best AIM ever? Cops launch rubber projectile that hits gas mask-wearing Leftist right in the junk (Newstarget.com)

Ten journalists who have been violently assaulted by Antifa, a radical left-wing terrorist group that's celebrated by the mainstream media (Naturalnews.com)

After rescinding DACA, there are at least three more Obama power grabs that Trump can - and should - also rescind (Newstarget.com)

Former FBI Director James Comey COVERED for Hillary then LIED about it? he should be arrested by the same agency he used to lead (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing terror group "Antifa" holds massive protest demanding George Soros pay the money he owes them for "services" (Newstarget.com)

Was the FBI complicit in a left-wing terrorism cover-up? BOMBSHELL evidence emerges following attempted bombing of Houston statue (Newstarget.com)

EFF warns that banning "extremist" websites based on their content is a "dangerous slippery slope" (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing charity called Charitable Humans refuses to provide assistance to people in Texas, claiming it's a "red state" (Naturalnews.com)

The Alt-Right has been repeatedly disavowed by Trump, but the violent Alt-Left has NEVER been disavowed by Democrats (Newstarget.com)

Why were Charlottesville police called off when radical left-wing protesters were unleashed onto the streets? (Newstarget.com)

CNN's outrageous, defamatory LIES against Jack Posobiec result in wave of death threats against his family ? Retraction demanded (Newstarget.com)

Factions within the U.S. are attempting to normalize political violence and make the country ungovernable (Newstarget.com)

"Start Throwing Rocks": Washington Post Op-Ed Calls For More Violence In The Streets? Time to Arrest WashPost Editors? (Newstarget.com)

Leftists become enraged, mindless MOB determined to deny any conservatives the right to voice their grievances (Naturalnews.com)

Mueller's special counsel effort has become nothing more than taxpayer funded "opposition research" to defeat Trump in 2020 (Newstarget.com)

No left-wing outrage over bake shop refusal to bake "Trump cake" for nine-year-old (Naturalnews.com)

Radical left-wing group "Redneck Revolt" offers downloadable manuals on domestic terrorism and guerrilla warfare (Naturalnews.com)

West Wing feud: Bannon, McMaster allies dueling it out over control of Trump's foreign, military policies (Newstarget.com)

Memo to the angry Left: Mueller's empanelment of a grand jury in Trump-Russia investigation doesn't mean anyone is guilty (Newstarget.com)

Another mysterious death surrounding Hillary Clinton: GOP Operative who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, committed suicide (Newstarget.com)

Beware of "Redneck Revolt," a radical left-wing terrorist organization that's recruiting starry eyed youth to wage war against the government (Naturalnews.com)

House intel chair says Obama political operatives sought unmasking of HUNDREDS of Americans, especially those tied to Trump campaign (Newstarget.com)

Trump threatens to end the "sweet deal" lawmakers are getting for Obamacare subsidies after GOP hypocrites fail to vote for repeal (Naturalnews.com)

Tech aide to former DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz arrested after attempting to flee the country (Newstarget.com)

Democrats introduce absurd bill to muzzle Trump's tweets, release taxes, and stop saying 'fake news' (Newstarget.com)

Establishment resistance to Trump continues, as GOP leaders thwart the president over proposed cuts to Left-wing govt. media (Newstarget.com)

Republican FAIL: Senators who voted for Obamacare repeal TWICE before won't vote to repeal it NOW (Naturalnews.com)

GOP operative searching for missing Hillary emails becomes the latest victim of the "Clinton body count" with "unusual" suicide (Newstarget.com)

Google slapped with $2.7B fine for rigging search results with monopolistic algorithms (Naturalnews.com)

First Hillary Clinton and now Nancy Pelosi? what's happening to the brains of older politicians? (Naturalnews.com)

Watch: Clueless anti-Trump protesters applaud speech that consists of nothing but Hitler quotes (Newstarget.com)

Far-Left Woman's March organizer now calling for JIHAD against so-called "fascists" and "white supremacists" in the "White House" (Newstarget.com)

No, Obamacare didn't "save lives" ? mortality data show the ACA was a health care nightmare that caused many needless deaths (Naturalnews.com)

Trump's Mika tweet over the top? What about ALL her media attacks on the president? (Newstarget.com)

After blowing $24 million in an epic loss, Democrat Jon Ossoff attacks the problem of "money in politics" ? even though he out-spent the Republican candidate by 600% (Newstarget.com)

Undercover video exposing CNN LIES about Trump-Russia "collusion" proves network should lose White House privileges AND be cut from Google, Facebook news feeds (Newstarget.com)

Is the Democratic Party behind the bogus "Trump dossier" used to justify so many Russia investigations? (Newstarget.com)

Anti-Trump Patagonia clothing company hates the democratic process? just one more reason to stop buying products from insane left-wing corporations (Naturalnews.com)

COVER UP: Did Susan Rice's records get moved to the Obama prez library to avoid having them released to public? (Newstarget.com)

Recent attack against Republican congressmen make it clear the violent Left is the new domestic terrorism threat: Be aware and be prepared (Newstarget.com)

NYT buried story on Harvey Weinstein's sexual predator behavior in 2004 to protect a top Democrat donor (Naturalnews.com)

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton drops BOMBSHELL, echoes the Health Ranger: "I don't trust the FBI" (Naturalnews.com)

Are police withholding information suggesting the Vegas killer had POLITICAL motives? (Naturalnews.com)

Remember when Barack Obama and Eric Holder allowed guns to be put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels in order to cause maximum violence? (Naturalnews.com)

Undercover Antifa video unveils coordinated plans to trap conservatives in "kill zones" to be stabbed and murdered by deranged Left-wing weirdos (Naturalnews.com)

After hallucinating Russians everywhere, the hysterical mainstream media is now imagining Nazis behind every corner (Newstarget.com)

According to the intolerant Left, "hate speech" means anything that doesn't agree with left-wing narratives and delusions (Newstarget.com)

How the SPLC's "hate map" is actually a MURDER MAP for radical left-wing extremists (Newstarget.com)

GOP senators making a last-ditch effort to repeal the worst healthcare law ever - will it succeed? (Naturalnews.com)

Shocking new data show Hillary Clinton nearly won the 2016 election due to fraudulent votes (Newstarget.com)

Are left-wing attacks against statues "hate crimes?" (Newstarget.com)

Chelsea Clinton wants the same EPA that caused the Gold King Mine disaster to somehow clean up Houston (Naturalnews.com)

Deep State now so MASSIVE that Congress has to hire EX-spooks and spies just to keep up (Newstarget.com)

Antifa's top ten violent assaults on journalists (so far) (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing media suddenly discovers they've created a MONSTER called "Antifa" - and now they're truly afraid of losing the 2018 elections (Newstarget.com)

BOMBSHELL: United Nations admits latest outbreak of polio in Syria was caused by polio vaccines (Naturalnews.com)

Bay-area TV reporter says he saw "hate" up close and personal as Antifa thugs threatened him at Berkeley protest (Newstarget.com)

Racially paranoid Leftists now claim soap dispensers are racist because they only respond to white skin (Naturalnews.com)

We may have reached a point where Americans holding different political views CANNOT reconcile without resorting to violence (Naturalnews.com)

Flashback: The Left vowed to "make America ungovernable" after Trump's historic election victory (Newstarget.com)

2018 Will be a bloodbath - for Democrats (Newstarget.com)

Los Angeles teachers receive gigantic 174% raise to teach your kids liberal ideologies (Newstarget.com)

FACT CHECK: "Nazi" stands for "national socialism" and Adolf Hitler was a radical Left-wing fascist, not a "far right" leader (Naturalnews.com)

BREAKING: "Unite the Right" was actually STAGED by the Left? (Newstarget.com)

Memo to GOP Congress: Voters are blaming YOU, not Trump, for lack of progress on the president's agenda (Newstarget.com)

NYT, WashPost reporters abandoned journalism ethics to spin the story of Loretta Lynch / Bill Clinton tarmac meeting (Newstarget.com)

Delusional Left goes insane over William Shatner using the term "SJW" in a tweet (Naturalnews.com)

Illegal alien released by sanctuary city Portland goes on to rape woman; insane Left rejoices (Newstarget.com)

Psychiatric association violates its own ethics, urges members to attack the mental health of Donald Trump ? ANYTHING goes (Naturalnews.com)

Arizona Republican calls on special counsel Mueller to resign as AP falsely claims he's NOT a close friend of James Comey (Newstarget.com)

Mainstream media legend Carl Bernstein laments the loss of the false narrative ? Suddenly their false "facts" aren't believed anymore (Newstarget.com)

How did Susan Rice acquire $50 million in assets while "serving the people" as a government worker? (Newstarget.com)

Citing the scientific research of white men now blamed for "marginalization" of women and people of color, claim delusional left-wing academics (Naturalnews.com)

Florida election official being sued over suspicious registration rate as more evidence supports Trump's claim of widespread voter fraud (Newstarget.com)

Trump son-in-law Kushner to Congress and the Deep State: Russian "collusion" is completely BOGUS (Newstarget.com)

COLLUSION: Hillary Clinton opposed sanctions on RUSSIA while hubby Bill raked in $500,000 in "speaking" fees (Newstarget.com)

How did Maxine Waters afford a $4.3 million dollar mansion in Los Angeles? (Newstarget.com)

Six ways Republican senators are BETRAYING Americans with latest healthcare "reform" bill (Naturalnews.com)

Wolf Blitzer's network (CNN) is an enemy of the people, but he insists it's "dangerous" to point that out (Newstarget.com)

Rachel Maddow caught fabricating fake news? BUSTED by Glenn Greenwald (Newstarget.com)

Insidious leaders: How the last five U.S. Presidents royally screwed up American food and medicine (Naturalnews.com)

"TOLERANT" GENOCIDE: Today the insane Left is calling for college campuses with NO WHITE PEOPLE? tomorrow they will call for all Whites to be eliminated from society (Newstarget.com)

Kellyanne Conway: Mika Brzezinski's claim is "rich" whiny hypocrisy considering her constant trashing of Trump's female supporters (Newstarget.com)

Left-wing publisher Mother Jones wants you to eat more toxic GMOs, inject your children with more vaccines and hate Donald Trump (Naturalnews.com)

Obama accidentally exposes Russia HOAX: "No serious person" believes the Russians could "rig America's elections" (Naturalnews.com)

ANOTHER Obamacare co-op collapses leaving members NO options: When is Congress going to give us back our healthcare freedom? (Naturalnews.com)

Finally: Senate to probe illicit behavior by Obama AG Loretta Lynch in covering up for the Clintons (Newstarget.com)

Hysterical Democrats who say health care reform will "kill people" don't seem to realize how many Americans are already killed every year by the medical system (Naturalnews.com)

Voters shun Hollywood Left and Democrats once again after they spent RECORD amount in Georgia House race (Newstarget.com)

Did Hillary Clinton exploit black prison labor while her husband ran Arkansas? (Newstarget.com)

HATE on display: School librarian rejects donation of books because they came from Melania Trump (Newstarget.com)

Obama admin deliberately put firearms into the hands of drug dealers who killed more people than died in Las Vegas (Naturalnews.com)

Obamacare FAIL: Half of Americans can't afford more than $100 per month for health insurance (Naturalnews.com)

CONFIRMED: Obama used secret government surveillance on his political enemies during the 2016 election to help Hillary get elected (Newstarget.com)

Republican liars sink latest effort to dismantle Obamacare, even though it would have stabilized insurance rates (Naturalnews.com)

CNN is Fake News: Claimed Trump Never Wiretapped, Now Eating Crow (Saying "Trump was right" probably tastes pretty bitter right about now) (Newstarget.com)

Safety not a major concern as House gives self driving car bill the fast lane (Naturalnews.com)

The NSA has all of Clinton's "lost" emails? but James Comey rejected them in order to obstruct justice (Newstarget.com)

Son of vice presidential contender Tim Kaine discovered to be a member of a left-wing domestic terrorism group (Newstarget.com)

Radical left-wing protesters in California are now literally chanting for the end of the USA? civil war won't be far behind (Newstarget.com)

Washington Post publishes instruction manual telling other journalists to cover up the left-wing politics of Antifa, a domestic terrorism resistance group (Newstarget.com)

Chelsea Clinton wants the same EPA that caused the Gold King Mine disaster to somehow clean up Houston (Newstarget.com)

As Trump rescinds DACA, whining crybullies on the Left are discovering what happens when lawbreakers like Obama bypass Congress (Newstarget.com)

Obamacare's implosion rolls on: Americans face ANOTHER double-digit increase in healthcare premiums in 2018 (Naturalnews.com)

The owner of the Washington Post trafficks in ANTIFA "hate gear" (Newstarget.com)

Radical left-wing activist group hosts "Our Enemies in Blue" anti-police workshop that teaches murder of cops (Naturalnews.com)

The unhinged Left is now arguing that VIOLENCE against political opponents is no longer a crime (Newstarget.com)

According to Maxine Waters, Ben Carson is a "White Nationalist" ? even though he's black (Newstarget.com)

Antifa has a new cell in Philly, and they're calling for property seizures, violence on police, and all-out revolution (Naturalnews.com)

Four inconvenient FACTS the hysterical Left cannot accept (Newstarget.com)

CNN scrubs headline that correctly identified Antifa as violent (Newstarget.com)

House conservatives planning reboot of Obamacare repeal and replace - and it just might work (Naturalnews.com)

CNN just openly endorsed the Antifa terrorist organization and called for more violence on the streets of America (Newstarget.com)

Groups insist the ONLY way Americans can retake power from Congress is to change the Constitution - Here's how it can be done SAFELY (Newstarget.com)

Robert Mueller is a deep state MONSTER who is complicit in the deaths of at least half a million people (Newstarget.com)

PROOF that Hillary's "popular vote victory" was a total fraud: Local voter registrations found to exceed population (Newstarget.com)

AG Lynch used email ALIAS to hide details of her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton days before Hillary was cleared by FBI (Newstarget.com)

Sessions vows crackdown on leakers of classified information and may FORCE traitor "journalists" to reveal sources of illegally obtained information (Newstarget.com)

Human Rights groups urge Congress to ban gender alteration surgery on "intersex" youth (Naturalnews.com)

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Seymour Hersh says FBI report PROVES Seth Rich, not the Russians, gave DNC emails to Wikileaks (Newstarget.com)

WAIT ? Maybe the DEMOCRATS have been "colluding" with Russia all along (Newstarget.com)

Judicial Watch continues to dig up damning dirt on Hillary Clinton only to have the corporate media TOTALLY ignore it (Newstarget.com)

Melinda Gates makes a $375 MILLION donation to the abortion industry to accelerate DEPOPULATION of blacks (Naturalnews.com)

Former CIA director Brennan just called for a COUP against Trump if he exercises his authority as president (Newstarget.com)

Another Clinton body bag: Former Haitian official "suicided" before he can testify against the Clinton Foundation (Newstarget.com)

The Health Ranger was right: Obama really is an anti-American traitor who set up a cyber war with Russia before he left office (Newstarget.com)

Now for the REAL news: Time to investigate John Podesta for ties to Russia (for real) (Newstarget.com)

COLLUSION? Obama's Justice Dept. let Russian lawyer who met with Donald Jr. into U.S. under special circumstances (Newstarget.com)

New meta-data analysis bolsters likelihood that Seth Rich copied and leaked the DNC emails, not the Russians (Newstarget.com)

Remember those times when foreign governments sought to collude with or influence Hillary Clinton's campaign? (Newstarget.com)

Criminal INTENT: That time James Comey should have been busted for mishandling classified information (Newstarget.com)

Ex-Obama cyber security czar exposes "Russian hacking" hoax, says it DIDN'T happen (Newstarget.com)

CNN's Van Jones is a crisis actor! He faked mental anguish over the Russian collusion story that he knew was fake (Newstarget.com)

Did Obamacare Really Save Lives? (Naturalnews.com)

Shady organization run by Democrats may have authored the "Russian dossier" spy fiction that started the entire conspiracy theory (Newstarget.com)

CLAIM: Obama secretly set war with Russia into motion before he left office, handing Trump a global crisis (Newstarget.com)

Wave of bloody violence by the deranged political Left now documented: NINE violent mob attacks in just the last year (Newstarget.com)

A timeline tour of Hillary Clinton's conspiracy theory excuses for why she lost (Newstarget.com)

Dershowitz warns that left-wing media frenzy endangers civil liberties by promoting LIES about Trump and the presidency (Newstarget.com)

New report on Seth Rich murder: Not a "random" robbery attempt? may have been carried out by a "hired killer" (Newstarget.com)